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I know you still love her
In your eyes I see your pain
I see how hard it is for you to forget 
I can feel how you struggle trying to be sane 
While your being tortured by her hallucination
I know you picture her and you with Every kiss we share
I know you wish it was her standing there
The taste of my lips are foreign to you
And you search for her sweet flavor
With every hug, I see how much you miss her
You hug me tightly but I know your trying to remember how she felt in your arms 
Im fine with Holding hands even though for you, her hand is something I can't replace
And My touch is lighting, striking you with memories of her face 
Your smile is weak and it looks like your about to fall apart
I know your searching for her scent beneath my aroma
I know you just can't get over her no matter how hard you try
And when you say you love me
I know you still love her...

Written by Jacqueline Payan (JackyIdkk)   View profile Jacqueline Payan
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Published 3rd December 2011 8:43am  
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