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Mob Mentality

Gut the gutless.
Let’s string ‘em up.
The law is in our hands.
And they’re drenched in blood.
Go on a rampage.
Let’s make the front page.
Get on the T.V.
The best of the freaks.
The strongest of the weak.

Mob Mentality.
‘Cause mobs are cool.
Mob Mentality.
Oiks rule.
We’ll decide what vengeance to reap.
We’re no better than the people we seek.

Foreign objects.
A National scandal.
Jerks show up for the cameras.
Let’s waste the waster.
To make ourselves feel better.
Controlling the others.
‘Cause we can’t control ourselves.
Uneducated, uncouth we’re the scab on the wound.


© 2003 SonofHowarth All Rights Reserved.
(From the collection “How To Hang Yourself With Barbed wire”)

Written by SonofHowarth   View profile SonofHowarth
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Published 3rd November 2011 7:12pm  
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