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I wish you were mine.
Your amazing the way you are
I can't think but only feel amazed when i'm with you.
Your beutiful eyes and soft hair it make it so hard not to stare
I love your smile and rosie cheeks there so soft to the touch and so very sweet
I love to stare into your dark brown eyes.
I think about you all the time.
I wish you were mine..                                                               
I love your shy smile and your giggle and laugh.
I fell inlove with that.
When we talked on the phone I fell inlove with your voice.
It was calming and sweet uber charming to.
 I guess I feel inlove with you.
You have her tho.
I wish I was her.
I'd love you more then her.
Maybe I already do. Who knows.
I just wish you were mine..

Written by Kayla (Green-Eyed-Girl)   View profile Kayla
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Published 15th July 2011 10:21pm  
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