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Relentless Love
Since we first met I never took a single glance away from you
But you would never look at me or my relentless love.

I would walk the world for you, give you anything you ever wanted
But you would ignore me and my relentless love.

Compassion, understanding, tolerance, just a few of the traits I had for you
But you had none for me or my relentless love.

Day after day of compliments and comfort
But you don't compliment me or my relentless love.

Still to this day I love and dream about you
But you don't dream of me or my relentless love.

All these years of me falling head over heels for you
But you don't think one second of me or my relentless love!!!!!!!!

All you care about is you're popularity
But not me or any of my relentless love!!!!!!!!

My relentless love, my relentless love, my relentless love, MY RELENTLESS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more, no more, I can't take this!!!!!!!!
My love for you can last no longer
This pain this agony of my relentless love.
Red eyes and my severed heart are what I now leave behind

Along with my relentless love for you.

Written by Tony214   View profile Tony214
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Published 21st June 2011 4:33pm  
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