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A Friend With Benefits
              To melt with you mentally and maybe a hug would keep me content fully. I'll ask for nothing more and won't take anything less. We share ventures doing what we do. Being true individuals makes our opposites attract. Tasty sweet and earthly conversations are branded into a deep wanting for more and more intellect. You sugar, always have a kind word no matter what the mood. The most supportive of friends, my cheerleader. While together, we don't have to look for anything to get us there moodwise. Petty shit talking is never taken serious as part of a decent discussion. Beautiful you sent me to the very next phase with a very sultry look in deep set eyes. You asked me to be a friend with benefits, with an understanding. It's no coincidence that hunger, edible and apppetite are used for both sex and food. Gorgeous love, I can appreciate the delights of a down home cooked meal, and really enjoy best the delicious taste of such a scrumptious woman. I care how my food tastes, just like sexy you cares about the quality of my love making. Let me gently smother sexy giggles with kisses, as we arouse each other before the evening begins. Total stimulation, is what we proved to one another as we came and came. But to melt with you mentally with a big hug, would keep me content. Fully.

                    Sir Lancelott

Written by Lance (Sir_Lancelott)   View profile Lance
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Published 16th May 2011 3:22am  
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