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I Want You, Lust & Desire
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I sit in my bedroom wanting you,    
Wanting to feel your skin and your touch.    
To feel the inside of your wet canal,    
Oh God I can't I'm believe I'm horny this much.    
I want to plant my lips upon yours,    
I want to taste your soft lips.    
I want to rub my hands all over your body,    
Your breast, your stomach, and your hips.    
I want to taste the fire on your lips,  
I want to see the lust in your eyes.  
I want to feel your wet precum,    
Dripping down your sexy thighs.    
I want to strip you of all your clothes,    
Admire your beautiful body in the nude.    
I want to caress every nook and cranny,    
I want to explore everywhere without being rude.    
I want to tease you until you want me inside,    
I want to taste your warm juices in my mouth.    
I want to please you to your hearts desire,    
I want your moans and groans, for you to shout.    
I want the chemical release of your pheromones,    
To intoxicate my blood with lust.    
I want to get high off our love, your my drug,    
And I want to make love to you till dusk.    
I want to "finger fuck" you for lack of better words,    
I want to feel the walls of your insides tighten too.    
I want to massage that special inside spot,    
I want to loosen you up and widen you.    
Then I want to slide into you,    
I want to thrust and plunge myself deeper and deeper.    
I want this feeling to never go away, last forever,    
I knew from the start you were a keeper, keeper    
I want to watch your face full of pleasure,    
I like how it turns me on, gives me the sign.    
That I'm tearing it up, pleasing you,    
Dominating this body that is now mine.    
I want to make love until my body say's enough,    
I want to make this kind of love for its so true.    
I want your wet pleasures to become my treasures,    
Because babe all I Want is You.

Written by Visual Lyricist (lashawnscott92)   View profile Visual Lyricist
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Published 28th April 2011 3:59pm  Last modified 16th May 2012 6:15am  
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