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Fuck Love Lets Just Be Happy
Fuck love lets just be happy
Bullshit, lies, and not being perfect
This all causes problems. 

I love you, you love me
Together thatís all we need.
I hate this shit when we fight,
It ruins my night.

I feel so bad when we fight
I feel so bad
It makes you cry
It makes me mad

Jealousy and immaturity
Distance and family
All these attribute to our fights
Fuck all this lets just be happy 

Youíre my girl
Iím your man
Forever this will be

Our love is strong
But our trust is weak
All in all we just need to be
Together where ever just not apart 

Weíre always happy when thereís no distance
I need you
I hope you need me 

Iíve loved you since the day I met you
Iíve loved you since our first kiss
Iíll love till the day I die
Iíll love you till the end of time 

I know I love you more than my own life
I know you love me with all your whole heart 

I might question it at times
And Iím really sorry
It just scares me to think I might lose you 

Crushed is what I would be
If I lost my sweet honey
Mi Amor I canít lose
For if I did,
Id be lost
You are mine as I am yours
Thatís is how it should be 

My life sucks when youíre not around
Iím always lost and I never sleep
Your run my mind even when you not with me
I obsess over having you. 

Losing you is not an option
For if I lost you
My life would have no meaning 

I love you, you love me
Thatís how it needs to be.
Fuck love lets just be happy. 

By F&A

Written by hard_workin_man_07   View profile hard_workin_man_07
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Published 27th April 2011 4:59pm  
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