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Making Love To Her
Sheís lying on her front, all lovely curves and dips
Reading in bed, her eyes absorbed
In characters and places
A million miles from here. I lie next to her
The book is put away, she turns and smiles.
I kiss her, in love, in worship, in pure adoration
Her tongue reminds me
Of her hidden depths, her secret pulses
I stretch out my hand, reach past her buttocks
And touch her between the legs. She grows wet
And continues to sigh as I kiss her.

I suck on her breasts, toying with her nipples
Relishing them as they swell under my tongue.
Her hands are everywhere, stroking, caressing
Holding me closer. Her feet rub up and down my leg
I put my hands on her hips, kiss her belly
And finally slip my tongue
Into the divine wetness of her cunt
Gently working her clitoris, arousing her carefully
Moving with the waves of her body, carried
On the breeze of her moaning.

She feels so good when I enter her.
I canít help but cry out in pleasure
As I move within her, growing harder
Filling her mouth with more kisses
And the plunge of my tongue. I love the way
She holds her hips beneath me, so I can go deeper
Deeper into her body. The way
Her kisses are soft, but yearning. I love her.
Itís as simple as that.

Her cries are louder, her body is speaking
She wants me, faster, harder
Her hands gripping my buttocks,
Her moans rolling out over our bodies,
Billowing like sheets in the wind.
We move together in ecstasy.

I come inside her, a burst of sensation
So sweet, so wonderful, so special.
I kiss the velvet
Of her closed eyes. I tell her I love her.
I feel the mix of my semen and her wetness
And hold her tight, praying
She wonít leave me.

Written by The_Student   View profile The_Student
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Published 20th April 2011 10:53pm  
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