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American Corruption
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This country….. lay on it’s knees
Greed runs the institution of this land
We pay them to do nothing but fuck us over
They rape us all and line their pockets in wealth
Their endless self lust is a poison to this once free land
They have a teenage sense of invincibility when we’re at our weakest
13 trillion in the hole and they spend as it they are owed it
Economy is fucked now
We all suffer for it
America cannot fix itself
It is doomed for death by it’s own hand
Yet they act as Gods “fixing” where they see fit
How can one do this when they are broken themselves?
They saying “Home of the Free” is no longer true
Poverty, sickness, immigration, paranoia, corruption
They have all ripped our freedom away
The Constitution is now just a sheet of parchment
This land is dying indeed
The death of all we know is coming
America is falling to the grave
The Brave and Free are all stripped of power
Owned by Dustin Smith: Bastardofbodom666

Written by Helvete Blod (bastardofbodom666)   View profile Helvete Blod
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Published 8th April 2011 11:01pm  Last modified 20th March 2012 00:39am  
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