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 End of a Grudge
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He awoke one day in early Spring..
Not knowing what the day would bring..
He knew however his schedule was tight…
For he was a Surgeon and that was his plight..
The OR was busier than usual that day…
And there was a man on a gurney they say..
That brought back memories from another day..
Surely fate has crossed our paths, so the surgeon thought..
For years have passed and I have sought..
A way to end the opportunity at hand..
And on this day I will take a stand…
He began to cut with his surgical knife..
Removing the limbs and the quality of life…
From the body of the man he thought stole his wife….
The next day the surgeon paid a visit to the man…
Who asked “ why did you do this?” I don’t understand..
You are the man who took my wife and I saw an opportunity to change your life..
Good Lord man, you misunderstood ..I never took your wife..
She left you..not for me..but...for my wife ! ever careful when one holds a grudge….
And always give thought before you judge…..

Written by kjforce   View profile kjforce
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Published 22nd March 2014 4:42am  
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