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Good Night Prayer (Dedicated to long Distance Love)
I was lying in bed attempting to drift off to sleep,
but intense thoughts of you in my mind continued to creep

So I said I would arise just to say a little prayer,
in hopes that my love would be transported by air

To land in a place deep down inside your heart
to be embedded forever with no means to depart

So is my prayer being answered?  Are you feeling my love?
a phenomenon so wonderful, created from Heaven above

A passion that's long lasting and will forever be true,
a lifelong journey to be led only by you

And I as your Queen, I will follow you to the very end,
trusting and believing in my confidant, lover and friend

You see loving you has made a believer out of me,
that happiness is obtainable and with you I've been set free

Thus in ending this prayer, I give special thanks to thee,
for your kindness and sweetness and for simply loving me.


Written by pinksweetness   View profile pinksweetness
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Published 23rd February 2011 9:41pm  
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