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Thank God!
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Thank God for the guidence      
Those little whispers to my soul.      
For making me to break      
only to come back whole.      
Thank God for humanity      
and reality... the puzzle that it is!      
All the comedy & tragedy      
the sorrow and the bliss.      
Thank God for the family      
that will forever be as one      
No matter who is here or there      
or whats remained but gone.      
Thank God for the music and magic
that got me through
The beat of the heart
that dances is me and you.
Thank God for the wake      
Thank God for the dream      
and the labrynth    
that paved every step inbetween.    
Thank you for the pen      
That could be a feather or a knife      
And thank you for my death      
just as much as I do do      
for my life.

Written by Switchblade   View profile Switchblade
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Published 7th February 2014 00:59am  Last modified 26th September 2014 2:19pm  
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