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"Mad, Word Scientists" (featuring ElBaby)

Like locusts, our focus  
is causin' a stir  
Mixin' madness with  melody  
so fast it's a blur  
Two men meant to meet,  
our mind's combined comprised this  
It's an experiment that'll prove  
we're certified Mad, Word Scientists...  
We confine tests  
to laboratories best  
yet it's more refined  
to define our mind as we crest,  
fueling the fires  
burning in our chests...  
Hence, we tinker with our scripture  
to craft a verbal picture, to sustain  
the glow, we persistently flow  
discombobulation of substance  
ebbing from our 'pour' adding  
a dash of 'know' as it escapes  
from the pores...
an eminent eruption  
this explosive production  
teetering on the edge  
of a verbal blast...  
Still, I'm just one of two,  
mad word scientists,  
El Baby,  
won't you take this verse  
as the vial I pass...  
El Baby:  
Suffering from a disorder  
of the mind, of me  
Except I'm able to think clearly  
While mixing this potent potion  
I shall call it DUP.  
For it has combined two unique formulas  
From different parts of the world  
Known in poetic science,  
As expressing mad information symbolically.  
For this mathematical equation of formulas  
Poetikmind plus E.L. Baby  
Equals mad-word-scientist.  
A Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde mysteria  
Blended with Albert Einstein brilliance  
Two creative minds formed as one  
Letting of a spark  
That flickers into flames  
My poets,  
Once you've  seen the pairing  
of the two  
You should of known  
Our union would be fire  
Gasoline not needed,  
For this chemical combustion.  
Being I'm the molecular poetic oxygen  
Poetikmind is the poetic heat  
DUP is the hydrogen needed  
To make this chemical combustion complete.
Burn baby burn  
As the world watches  
The workings of true  
Mad Word Scientists...  

Written by Poetikmind   View profile Poetikmind
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Published 16th December 2013 10:47am  Last modified 16th December 2013 3:47pm  
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