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Is it true that patience is everything?
That there is happiness in waiting?
They said itís just a matter of timing,
No one knows when true love is coming.

My lifeís been challenged by heavy rains,
My heartís been through a lot of pains,
My eyes had shed too much tears,
Been in circumstances I thought I canít bear.

Sometimes Iím fooling myself telling Iím numb,
But every time Iím doing it I feel so dumb,
Coz my heartís screaming telling itís a lie,
The truth is Iím hurt and I wanna die.

After all the heartaches and the tears,
After all the searching through the years,
A must now end this try-and-error-thing,
Iíll continue believing but Iíll stop expecting.

Iíve been in different places searching,
But until now Iím still here hoping,
Guess I should believe what other people say,
True loveís the one that will find itís way.

Itís not that Iím closing all my doors,
Iíll just allow fate to take its course,
Coz I already did everything for love,
I think waiting is the only option I have.

Now I see loveís not a hide-and-seek game,
You have to wait until it came,
Coz no matter how hard we try to fight for someone,
Itís useless if he is not the real one.

Written by Krixan   View profile Krixan
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Published 5th November 2013 11:32pm  
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