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Fuck me
I have dreams of us doing it.
Sexual desire.
Everytime you touch me, my legs, my whole body, I feel like giving in to that desire.
When we kiss, I want more.
So much more.
I want you to spread my legs and enter me.
You don't know how much I really want you.
How much you tease me hurts.
You tease me with your body.
Your smooth skin.
Those nice legs.
The touch of your skin on mine is breathtaking.
When you climb on top of me, I think that this is it.
That this is right, and I'll be able to finally fuck you.
I want to feel your dick inside of me,
making me scream,
Until that hurt stops hurting....... and I get what I want...... what we both want.

Written by demoninthedarkness   View profile demoninthedarkness
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Published 19th January 2011 6:53pm  
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