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Hot Sex
Hot sex on a platter
In the car, house it donít matter
Doggie style, on the wall
Edge of the bed, u make the call
Ten minutes, two hours on the floor
It feels so good, Iím going to be sore

Itís so wet I donít want to stop
In and out with this big ole cock
Lickin tits, thighs and neck
Shall I eat the pussy, oh what the heck
Eatin and lickin til my tongue gets tired
Makin u feel like u high and wired

If u want to bullshit then keep on truckin
Fuck makin love, goddamn it we fuckin
Doin this while the clock tock tick
Oh now you want to suck on my dick
Iím down for that shit if you down for that shit
Keep yo composure while I play with yo clit

Oh you tired, me too
Maybe next time we should rest before we screw
Oh yeah by the way u were good
Now I am hungry as hell I need some food
It's about a quarter past two
Damn I like havin sex with you.

poem was originally posted on Deep Underground 04/22/2000

Written by loyalty4life   View profile loyalty4life
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Published 16th July 2009 8:34pm  
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