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Missing You
A girl I used to be,
I still can't believe,
That, that was me.

So small and shy,
But you taught me to fly.
Do you search the sky?

How are you, how ya been?
Remember way back when,
We were like a pair of twins.

Well, I do.
I don't know about you,
But I miss you.

Are you going to talk to me?
Send a text, please!
Or are you going to ignore me.

Still waiting for a text to send.
You talk to all our friends,
Is our friendship going to end?

Do you remember me?
I hope you will see,
This is me, still me,

Missing you,
It's so very true,
I really do.

Written by pseudonymous   View profile pseudonymous
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Published 13th September 2013 5:48am  
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