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Lost For Words

I feel a deep, aching need
to purge
expel splinters of my pain
in words
because my everything hurts

in words, I presented
accepted promises
in words I attempted
to grasp your attention
and some comprehension
of all we left unsaid

in words I bled
died a million deaths
but never found any depth in you

always one more pledge
to let words carry weight
and realize the power of what they convey

everyday, I cried letters
onto wet pages
until goodbye was all I knew to say

Now, I hate words
and all the empty phrases they mockingly say
I despise the way I could try again
to communicate and to no avail

until my voice went mute
my lips couldn't move
my pen void and dry
in words I lost my very life
as I cried myself into pages, pleas, contracts

now, what remains
is deadly silent
just a raw sense of quiet

I was lost in words
now I am lost for them

Written by mikimoondancer   View profile mikimoondancer
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Published 23rd August 2013 12:11pm  
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