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Her empty thoughts
You don't know her empty thoughts,
How sad her soul is how death has become comforting thought
The simple slip of a Sharp blade ,
Finding it funny how people don't seem to care or understand,
How this poor girl feel inside
The only left to do is drink her sadness away
Holding a bottle to her lips she says "it helps"...
It helps numb the pain inside
She dose not want to feel
All she knows is hate
She knew love once but lost it all
With her twisted little world
She can't stand to live anymore
No one thire to stop her
No one thire to help keep the voices away to keep them
Were they should stay
To help push the pain down in her
She is the blame for everything,
She is the strange she is the insane

Written by her_sad_heart23   View profile her_sad_heart23
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Published 14th July 2013 3:20pm  
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