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Lustful Illuminations, hold me tight ; )  
Through gray mornin' clouds  
the sun did shine and  
Like a brilliant white footlight  
She takes center stage  
illuminating all the dirty little notions.  
rattling around inside my mind  
Inside the initial analysis  
a classy, proper, shy waif of a girl in  
beautiful pearls.....  
........a sexy wildcat,  
a feral woman  
a seductress  
who descended into my lusty world.....  
......mmmm, baby now I want to play  
....24 hours, can I take you around the world  
in one singular day?
Wet, buoyant breast  
hang loosely from your chest  
Hey sexy, hover over me  
let me suck them between my lips  
like ripe cherries from a cherry tree....  
.....perfect, not a miss  
You've such a seductive smile  
Can I lure your lips into a sensual kiss....  
......just like this?  
Perhaps the queen would allow  
me wrap my hands around that  
womanly waist right here, right now  
or let my fingers  
taste the shape of that plush, round ass  
to squeeze it's suppleness between my strong hands  
as if this lusty moment is my last.........  
This morning, the truth simply blew my mind!  
How you wrapped the gift  
in red, white and blue lace  
A singular thread of a thong  
split those clefts as you  
spread that sweet booty open before my face  
My, my,my......caught up between your womanly cleft  
My darkness I press in between those sensual mounds  
Grinding thy womanly flesh to death......  
......something wicked this way cums.  
Can I make love to you  
whilst you wear that sexy, animal-printed dress?  
Hues of blue, white and black  
Hands along your thighs sliding  
the soft fabric over your hips  
revealing the finest feral cat  
this 9 inches of cock can ever get.....  
......can ever obtain  
make a man wanna' slap mamma  
inside the soft flesh of your thigh  
I wanna' tattoo my name.... everyone that might decide to venture near  
they might know the erotic melodies  
you and I made right here  
Dreams....... I lay here between your perfect thighs  
my tongue savoring your nest  
Legs draped across my back  
So soft and wet baby  
I've a hunger; hope I've passed your test  
In the morning light, a revelation  
of all that I've ever fantasized  
A lustful illumination, a revelation  
spread out before my dreamin' eyes.  
Thanks luv.....  
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
Published 30th April 2013 7:34pm 
Last modified 30th April 2013 8:12pm
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