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Dominate Me
Crack the whip,gagg and tie me down.
Have me completely bound.
Make the pain last ever more longer.
For it makes the pleasure ever more stronger.
Make it so I can't see.
Have you way with me.
Make me beg and scream all night.
Ill do whatever your want if you bite.
Make me your slave.
Ill try not to misbehave.
I have been a noughty kitty.
Don't you dare show me pity.
Punish me as hard as you can.
Show me that your the right man.
Whip my pussy ever so right.
Ill beg for more and wont put up a fight.
Pull my hair,tighten the chain.
I need to feel more pain.
Make me cry make me moan.
Show me that I'm your own.
Feel my Pussy with a hook.
Bask in the pleasure that you took.
Fuck me harder when I can't take any more.
Treat me like your little whore.
Control me so I can't move.
Show me what I want you to prove.
Hold a knife to my throat.
Pleas don't sugar coat.
Make me your pet.
This you Won't  regret.
Choke me harder, bite me till I bleed.
Take your anger out on me.

Written by ginac801   View profile ginac801
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Published 16th April 2013 3:59am  Last modified 19th April 2013 5:39am  
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