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His Lips
so plump
 so scrumptious
      they way their aftertaste
             hungered me deeper

softly transforming from a
           into a shining
submitting me to their every want
             their every need

     that passionate pink look
     relieving the fresh transfer
           from my colored
          kiss that they took

  and the way those two perfect lips parted  

                 sending my name 
                   blown on a kiss 
               while moans of love
                caught quick breaths

       those strong lips held my attention

                     hanging on ever 

        always knowing my escaping secrets
  would be held forever behind his lips
            I was unaware of their 
                   true strength

                 Those lips

holding many secrets of their own


                     never told

             forever unknown


                safe forever

                                  protected by 
                                    locked lips

          once warm
              now cold to the touch
(secrets carried weighing to much)

         proud lips
               never shared
loving lips
         their burden 

                others spared 

              that dreadful day
            my dancing phone
jangled like loose change in my purse

                his way out

                   His lips
          perhaps his curse?

that day we all say our final goodbyes
                 I see those

              my clouded blind

                    I lean in
    before shutting his casket door
                    never knowing
                            always wondering
                                about those secrets 
                                       I just sealed
                                             with a kiss

                                    secrets safe    


.¸♥¸..¸♥¸..¸♥¸ I miss you .¸♥¸..¸♥¸..¸♥¸.    



Written by DIDchick (Riding_shotgun)   View profile DIDchick
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Published 9th April 2013 7:05pm  
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