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Naughty Poems

Naughty Poems at Deep Underground, the dirtier side of poetry. Read and publish poems, plus forums and poets profiles.

Published on 29th August 2009 9:12am
Written by Bron (Bronstar)
To Perve,
A desired game we all deserve
First, sit and sip your coffee hot
Eyes up scanning, aware their not!
Watch them walk by, hitch up their pants
Sneaking in another glance
Watching, as cake falls from your fork
Glance again, dare to be caught!
Enjoy the game, share with a friend
Some so hot you go round the bend
Hide behind your cake as you throw an eye
Place your fork to mouth release a sigh
Think naughty thoughts and crave in turn
Those sexy bods and bums to burn
Know your limit yet dare to live
To perve again,...
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poet Bronstar

Published on 31st August 2009 1:28am
Written by Ladybriar
We pull closer...closer....
breathe in each others scent..
Our tongues reach out to taste...
to dance together...twisting....turning...
I pull his tongue into my mouth....
taste it....suck it....draw it deeper... deeper.....
the dance continues....
gets more urgent....frenzied...
he draws my tongue into his mouth... sucking it....
I taste him.... the urgency and heat mounts...
my insides clench....tighten...
as we play we tease....
our bodies fused together....
liquid heat runs through me.....
I am...
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poet Ladybriar

Published on 3rd September 2009 10:28am
Written by Mitulsa
She dreams of
Tattos, girls and shiny guns
But in her life
Jesus is a brand name
Her mind is
A movie of naughty fun
But her life
Keeps her free from blame

She wants
To be so Christian good
She wants
All that's 'demonly bad'
Wants to be
Everything she should
She wants all
The porno her mother had

Flashy dancer
               And loud
There to be seen
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poet Mitulsa

Published on 1st April 2011 11:48pm
Written by Infusia
Subtle hints
Naughty comments
Fevered breaths
An imaginery caress
earlobe throbbing at the quake of fantasy
Dominant whispers
So good in so many places
Unshared wetness
Fingers dance until lips make happy faces
Palms glide in search of escape
I can only sense it
Wanting to tease and taste it
And here it cums
Chants turn into relinquished pants
Lost in the moment......
Phone Sex
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poet Infusia


DU Poetry : Naughty Poems

Published on 5th August 2011 5:06pm
Written by JAZZMANOR
I have been thinking about this for awhile now
And crude it may in fact seem
Just something not dare said to strangers
Instead the cause of a naughty dream
You with a sparkle of eye
For what we make of the night
When discovery the theme we share
Best make sure we hold on tight
For you have such a beautiful manner
Energy and grace for that private hour
Perhaps a taste like the nectar of divinity
Natural addiction to the essence of that flower
Hoping that satisfaction is mutual
In the end love to hear you say
That more is in...
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Published on 11th February 2013 00:30am
Written by geminisb (geminisub)
Sir likes me being naughty

He likes to keep lists you see

Well actually a journal

So he has a reason

To put me over his knee


I don’t realize I am naughty

Until he tells me

And then I think..


Bite your lip and count to three!


………and then I smile

Sometimes I like being naughty


I wonder why!

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poet geminisub

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