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I usually write dark poems, I like to use metaphors and sometimes cover many subjects with one write. I write to get out what I want to say or to release emotion.
Poems published: 185
online 1 hour ago
poet anonymouslyhere
1awards United States
Intellectual, romantic, and philosophical... within my writings you will find beauty even in the darkest of places, and light even within the blackness of night itself.
Poems published: 423
online 1 hour ago
poet Kou_Indigo
50awards United States
My motto is: 'I won't claim what's not mine'. Try & keep it original if you can, I say!     (Click image)
Poems published: 80
online 1 hour ago
3awards United Kingdom
"PEACE and LOVE" is my ever groovy slogan..... and then some.
Poems published: 9
online 1 hour ago
poet Hallucinostic
Time and its consequences are a dominate theme in my work. Read my material for whatever reason you need, you may feel inspired.
Poems published: 19
online 1 hour ago
poet Tacete
been writing for years but only just started to write erotic poems. I am enjoying the experience immensely! check out my work...I aim to tease... Stay Tuned...
Poems published: 292
online 1 hour ago
poet Deborahlee3313
6awards United States
I'm just a poet from NYC. I write many different styles of poetry and topics as well, except love poems, those are rare from me.Ugh!
Poems published: 64
online 1 hour ago
poet Zazzles
7awards United States
jus anotha kid kickin his ball around............
Poems published: 366
online 1 hour ago
poet johnrot
20awards United States
Exploring this land and soaking in every experience are constants. Aged nearly a half century, I have recorded many events in verse, always striving to recall specific details. Having never publicly shared ink, this is a new endeavor.
Poems published: 309
online 1 hour ago
poet VegasPoet
6awards United States

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Writing was not always a thing I did but once I found it in me it was ever so hard to walk away.  Now a novice I am but discouraged I'm not for I know I have much to learn and I have a young soul...
Poems published: 51
online 1 hour ago
poet Sar_Val
United States
Amature poet myself but inspired by so many reads on here to write more!!
Poems published: 11
online 1 hour ago
poet init4thecookie
United States
When the cup overflows, words fall onto paper. They are neither good, nor bad...just relief.
Poems published: 23
online 1 hour ago
poet DreamSeed
United States
Hi. I'm a former funeral director assistant and have self-published two books of poetry, one concerning my reactions and experiences within the mortuary business. I'm in love with ghosts, objects, lost girls, the darker, truer realm of reality.
Poems published: 87
online 1 hour ago
poet toniscales
13awards United States
Crazy people call me crazy :-/
Poems published: 37
online 1 hour ago
poet DevilsChild
United States
Words are my life.. And music the background.. Meshed together, in pure magic..
Poems published: 42
online 1 hour ago
poet diamonddave75
5awards United States
Poetry is for assholes.
Poems published: 12
online 1 hour ago
poet Grae
United States
Sinful, syck and sexual. May my twisted erotic words bring annihilating joy to your soul and fibromyalgia pleasures to your flesh.
Poems published: 38
online 1 hour ago
poet CasketSharpe
3awards United States
Jesus said it best in the moments after he died on his feet so I'll not even try re-create  that particular oration
Poems published: 90
online 2 hours ago
poet lepperochan
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