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poet vivid_mocha
Stroking through life with the aid of a pen, my mind, heart and soul~
Poems published: 28
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poet DyingxBreed
United States
As a somewhat newer poet, I will not say if I am a good writer or a bad writer because I leave that to the viewers to decide for themselves. Everyone has different opinions, obviously, so for me to critique myself would be pointless.
Poems published: 26
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poet Cannibal_Cain
I'm just trying anything to get by , and happy to take as many of you with me on this trip
Poems published: 5
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3awards United Kingdom
My motto is: 'I won't claim what's not mine'. Try & keep it original if you can, I say!
Poems published: 118
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poet SheCriesInSilence
United States
Hi, i like to write poems, mostly sad and dark ones but i write what inspires me.
Poems published: 35
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poet Poetryman
15awards United States
www.seeds-and-weeds.com poetryman@seeds-and-weeds.com
Poems published: 406
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poet lyricalmiss
3awards Bahamas
Its a blind eye's sight into the darkness that's light, the snow on a warm summer day, the work that secretly plays, the lost that shall never find; the unknowns of a thoughtless mind.
Poems published: 12
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poet drunkenplaywords
I have no art. I do everything as well as I can.
Poems published: 76
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poet again
9awards United States
A thinker and well wisher for younger generations.The world is more dangerous today than yesterday and maybe worse tomorrow than today
Poems published: 709
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poet ElleCole
I write because I'm passionate about 2 things. The written word itself and well...Life is a series of trade-offs. If I can't keep my heart, But I am doomed to keep its secrets I can at least write about it.
Poems published: 27
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poet edead
United States
Et je m'en vais Au vent mauvais Qui m'emporte De , de l, Pareil la Feuille morte   -Velaine (I know it's pretentious but I don't care-suck it!)
Poems published: 29
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poet case28
There's nothing wrong with being delusional, I just don't go telling people I'm a poet.
Poems published: 94

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