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poet A_Conduit
United Kingdom
Writing out of necessity
Poems published: 115
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poet Nix_Nancy
I mainly draw, but there are things and feelings that just can't be captured visually, and that's why I started writing... Mostly I try to explore the landscape of my mind, the subtleties of my emotions, and how I look at things.
Poems published: 26
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poet Blood-flooded-brai
India New Member
I write what I feel, think, and dream by all my heart.
Poems published: 7
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poet JWAthepsycho
1awards United States
Name doesn't matter. I love dark morbid poems, I have a fixation on darkness, I might be insane, but who can say.
Poems published: 113
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poet HadesRising
23awards United States
The devil in the details
Poems published: 591
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poet Mastersgdgurl
United States
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United States
I wouldn't exactly call myself a poet. I write what is in my heart and on my mind to wright at the moment.
Poems published: 22
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poet calamitygin
1awards United States
I write to understand self, to explore and share the beauty and freedom I felt as a Sub, or feel about my sexuality without apology. What a wonderful thing. 💋
Poems published: 31
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poet DiscipleofLife
7awards United States
“If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves."  -Bruce Lee
Poems published: 50
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poet LobodeSanPedro
71awards United States
"One who produces even a single good poem has not spent his life in vain"  ~ Basho                            
Poems published: 343
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poet LordErebus22
United States
I am a poet and musician. Been writing since I was 15. Pleasure to meet you all!
Poems published: 24
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poet JohnnyBlaze
1awards United States
I'm on a ship I'm on a ship Everybody look at me on the motherfucking ship
Poems published: 67

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