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i am, am i, who am i
Poems published: 103
online 1 hour ago
poet MarekMonster
I don't really write about one thing it's just what pops in my head at the time.My most written subject is love even though it bites me in the ass more often than not
Poems published: 97
online 1 hour ago
poet darkestdesires
United States
I am on a journey… with my work, my explorations, and a few sad stories. I travel with a suitcase full of outrageous blessings. I am on a quest for truth, beauty and quiet joy. I am an artist, a writer, an explorer.  ~unknown~
Poems published: 233
online 1 hour ago
poet jemac
2awards United States
I am nobody. Who are you? Are you Nobody too?
Poems published: 132
online 1 hour ago
poet PsychicApocalypse
17awards Belize
"Behold, I do not give lectures or a little charity, When I give I give myself."
Poems published: 125
online 1 hour ago
poet TryHarderMartyr
7awards United States
I Am The Monster, The Demon, The Creature That Lurks Within Her Soul.  My Name Is "Turmoil", And I Am Soulfully Hers.
Poems published: 12
online 1 hour ago
poet TurmoilofSoulBond
I have had several poems published in books and online.
Poems published: 145
online 2 hours ago
poet jmerrick73
United States
I am diverse. I am introspective. I am lost.
Poems published: 2
online 2 hours ago
poet AspectsofNyaboth77
In this world every hour wounds, every second seeps dispair, but only if you let it. Choose to be happy my friends.
Poems published: 54
online 2 hours ago
poet Ianhelpless
United States

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"In dreams, one is not tethered by earthly limitations." -Gary the Snail
Poems published: 68
online 2 hours ago
poet m_abbott1999
2awards United States
just trying to keep it laugh and give...peace
Poems published: 162
online 2 hours ago
poet Hashman
15awards United States
Do these lovely eyes above me, truly love me?
Poems published: 29
online 2 hours ago
poet ExercisingDemons
I love words as much as wine,  but both can make me sick if  over done.
Poems published: 892
online 2 hours ago
poet dartford
15awards United Kingdom
Et je m'en vais   Au vent mauvais   Qui m'emporte   De įā, de lā,   Pareil ā la   Feuille morte     -Velaine (I know it's pretentious but I don't care-suck it!)
Poems published: 20
online 2 hours ago
poet edead
United States
I write to express myself.
Poems published: 258
online 2 hours ago
poet KittyFromHell
7awards United States
Crafting Poetess in your midst...
Poems published: 55
online 2 hours ago
poet blue_angel
10awards United States
***Feel free to visit my poetry pages***
Poems published: 232
online 2 hours ago
poet Mourganna
31awards Norway
I Stand At The Edge With My Arms To The Sky I Hold My Breath  And I Take The Dive As I Think To Myself... "Such A Lovely Night To Die."
Poems published: 12
online 2 hours ago
poet ManiacalMark
United States New Member
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