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poet wallyroo92
United States
Inspired by life, literature, love and music, this is a quick look into my soul.
Poems published: 90
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poet TryHarderMartyr
7awards United States
"Behold, I do not give lectures or a little charity, When I give I give myself."
Poems published: 138
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poet Zazzles
17awards United States
I write with weed & music two powerful tools that fuel my imagination.
Poems published: 151
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poet Cannaballester
1awards United States
Poetry Is A Picture,,,Painted With Words,,,Some People Use A Brush,,,Some Use A Rock Or A Straw,,,Some People Like Their Meat Well Done,,,,And Some Like It,,,RAW ???
Poems published: 310
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poet Poetryman
16awards United States
www.seeds-and-weeds.com      poetryman@seeds-and-weeds.com
Poems published: 428
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poet mysteriouslady
4awards United States
what you see isnt always what you get
Poems published: 83
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poet dartford
27awards United Kingdom
I love words as much as wine, but both can make me sick if over done.
Poems published: 1511
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poet Hepcat61
1awards United States
los ojos no ven el pasado,   pero van a revelarlo    (the eyes don't see the past,   but they will reveal it)
Poems published: 52
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poet nikkimoe
11awards United States
everything I write was born in that moment, and will live on forever :)
Poems published: 438
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poet newdaddy56
United States
I'm a son, father, brother and a man who's been given a second chance at doing the right thing.
Poems published: 47
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poet FlameOfFire
United States
I come from a family full of musicians. My Great Great Uncle was a Famous Conductor & Composer. Writing "Songs" & Poetry seems to come very easy. However not quite so when it comes to punctuation. I hope you enjoy my poems..
Poems published: 6
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poet Ronnie2016
hopelessly romantic and personal
Poems published: 3

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