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Poems published: 52
online 2 hours ago
poet MichaelMorgue
1awards United States
I love words as much as wine,  but both can make me sick if  over done.
Poems published: 539
online 2 hours ago
poet dartford
9awards United Kingdom
I like to write mysterious and mystical poetry, usually with some paranormal element. Basically, I like to explore.
Poems published: 24
online 2 hours ago
poet Kalcee
I ain't no academic though I've been writing for two score with the typical ups and downs. My work seeks intimacy and passion especially as it pertains to the dark and sometimes ugly side of the street. Thankfully beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Poems published: 39
online 2 hours ago
poet Quill-in-Heart
5awards United States
I'm Dillon, I write mostly sad or unhappy and love poems, I love to branch out into the weird though.
Poems published: 126
online 2 hours ago
poet ConcreteMoon
I like writing but I'm redundant and can be very triggering. Watch out.
Poems published: 211
online 3 hours ago
poet WordsUnspoken
United States
Why do I write? I suffer from depression in the form of Bipolar disorder, writing helps to get the inside stuff outside and onto the page. When I am down I write, when I am up I draw and paint. It all helps.....
Poems published: 33
online 3 hours ago
poet Jonah777
United Kingdom
I'm just a soul, hooked on magic & poetry sandwiches. My words are fools, dancing as they flirt with the life you give them... & then there's the naughty stuff that wakes me in the middle of the night... one day all that cheese'll kill me.
Poems published: 773
online 3 hours ago
poet Abracadabra
Poems published: 11
online 3 hours ago
poet Gonzo69
United States

DU Poets : Latest

Any feedback on my poetry is much appreciated. I If you have any questions or just wanna talk, feel free to message me.
Poems published: 100
online 3 hours ago
poet Chaos_Collector
2awards United States
Imprisoned beneath the world where the soulless dwell lies a place that the damned call home. A place where the virtuous hide in fear, a place we see only in our nightmares. A place where the sun is silent.  ~lullaby of the crucified~ ~Alesana~
Poems published: 16
online 3 hours ago
poet The_Enigma
United Kingdom
I'm just me o.o so give a read.
Poems published: 33
online 3 hours ago
poet Zombie_Twinkie
United States New Member
My erotic poems enable me to express the joys of sex in ways not otherwise possible. My other poems are largely about the beauty of nature and the threats the environment faces.[color=Navy][/color][font=Times New Roman][/font][size=3][/size]
Poems published: 157
online 3 hours ago
poet gardenlover
5awards United Kingdom
I give a commentary on life, the cracks in our society and the trials of everyday life. I often like to explore the topic of religion and athiesm with a joint in one hand and a pen in the other.
Poems published: 22
online 3 hours ago
poet Kezia
Poems published: 75
online 3 hours ago
poet patrickbirdener
United States
Just remember the adage where there's muck there's brass. Look out for a diamond in the rough, see for yourself the glass is crass
Poems published: 61
online 3 hours ago
poet Austin_Rura
3awards United States
I am a beginner in writing poems. The poems that I write all reflect personal experiences that I've gone through.
Poems published: 7
online 3 hours ago
poet Light147
i love to write. im inspired by many diffrent things and write at any change i get. i never thought of myself as a good writer untill my friends pushed me to keep writing so they can read it. im glad i have what talent i have.
Poems published: 27
online 3 hours ago
poet sstruhar
1awards United States
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