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poet Van_Alestyne
1awards United States
I enjoy writing and have no particular style I follow. I am trying to grow and expand my diversity. Feel free to read and critique my work. I would appreciate it.
Poems published: 32
online 1 hour ago
poet thepositivelydark
Touched with fire.
Poems published: 91
online 1 hour ago
poet CinnamonandCyanide
United States
Spiller of Ink...Writer of Feelings 💋💋💋
Poems published: 19
online 1 hour ago
poet ShaienneMachale
United States
I'm a dark poet, but I can be very happy and bubbly almost all the time lol(: Poetry in iself is a gift to those who choose to accept it.
Poems published: 34
online 1 hour ago
poet Overlysexual
United States New Member
I don't know if I'd call my self a poet. I just love words and how they can make you feel. So I'm new at this.
Poems published: 8
online 1 hour ago
poet MayRayn
1awards United States
Practicing poetry without a license; semi-professional iconoclast; holding no candles, kissing no ass.
Poems published: 42
online 1 hour ago
poet Jade-Pandora
37awards United States
Don't follow me, but be at my side so we may walk and talk.
Poems published: 203
online 1 hour ago
poet SweetOblivion
United Kingdom
I take pleasure in verse forms, particularly sonnets but find that the phrasing of certain blank verse, at its most powerful, reigns supreme - ah! If only I could write like that more often.
Poems published: 506
online 1 hour ago
poet Artemios
9awards Greece
I am experimenting styles and interests in order to emerge my freedom through writing. Normally I get inspired in the toilet, or when there is no way to save my thought. So, my best thoughts will never be written down, lol.
Poems published: 49
online 2 hours ago
poet Magdalena
53awards Wales
I have a punch bag, boxing gloves and a PT who I train with... I also enjoy writing.
Poems published: 86
online 2 hours ago
poet deadwolf
6awards United States
Nothing there that I can see, nothing there staring back at me; Therefore,there is no more I "I" don't exist anymore there is just me. me am not really a poet so much, as me am just a daydreamer that loves to write… o.0
Poems published: 327
online 2 hours ago
poet dejure

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