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Making fucking up look easy since the mid-1980's.
Poems published: 88
online 2 hours ago
poet Ghoulie
I have written for myself, and no-one else, but as I turn more to writing in the twilight of my life, I find myself interested in how others find my words. I would be grateful for your comments.
Poems published: 41
online 2 hours ago
poet Harpalycus
United Kingdom
diablia363 aka alisha
Poems published: 196
online 2 hours ago
poet diablia363
United States
i mostly write when im feeling emotional so my poems usually reflect a darker mood.
Poems published: 11
online 2 hours ago
poet ScreamYourHeartOut
United States
Introduce myself as a poet...? Well, I write from the heart. I write about things that effect my everyday life. I always welcome honest critique, in face I encourage it. I love poetry. Nobody knows I write, it's my little secret:)
Poems published: 53
online 3 hours ago
poet mattpiskorowski
United States
In order to have wisdom we must have ignorance.
Poems published: 96
online 3 hours ago
poet Deranged
United States
I am a stream of consciousness writer, who relies on my subliminal awareness to produce.  It seems the harder I try to be a "Poet", the less interesting my work is.
Poems published: 108
online 3 hours ago
poet Dresdamanx
1awards United States
De Poet.. plz know it note it and quote it... wit these keys i thee wed my words to the page u find anotha tongue slicka plz send dat incredibly talented person or poet this way 8^/ RedHot Pepperssss....
Poems published: 195
online 3 hours ago
poet RedHot_Peppers
1awards United States
Poems published: 40
online 3 hours ago
poet naathalie___
United States

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"What but design of darkness to appall?-- If design govern in a thing so small." Robert Frost
Poems published: 4
online 3 hours ago
poet moose17
United States
Jips' Intro:   I am a Black Ice-man. My strength is iceberg strong. I am wiser when my cold mistakes were ice-cold wrong...
Poems published: 25
online 3 hours ago
poet JIPWriter1
United States
I am everything I do, everything I feel, and everything I see. I see pain and anger, desire and love. I see the good and the bad, I bring the light to darkness, the dark to light.
Poems published: 136
online 3 hours ago
poet stormz_of_fire
1awards United States
i'm a poet who loves to write i goto poetry contest and win money i also have well over 8,000poems written on my notebooks
Poems published: 22
online 3 hours ago
poet poetjj
United States
I go to sleep with a pen just in case my words try to jump out my bed, God sends me visions of words in my dreams that are written on the backs of my eyelids,You can have the heart of a Lion in any lyrical battle  but I am the one that they call Daniel
Poems published: 18
online 3 hours ago
poet TinyToon85
United States
I am my own architect who can build my own life.
Poems published: 20
online 3 hours ago
poet gray_child
United States
"PEACE and LOVE" is my ever groovy slogan..... and then some.
Poems published: 9
online 3 hours ago
poet Hallucinostic
My anthem is Welcome the Black Parade by with it, it was chosen by someone special to me! We'll carry on!!!!
Poems published: 34
online 3 hours ago
poet Angels-Remedy
1awards United States
A monster I am, consumed by fear and hate, created by people. Always, I am rejected and hurt by them. My fear of them has turned to hatred for what they have done to me. My only hope is a world without people and the painful memories that I have of them.
Poems published: 17
online 4 hours ago
poet Mourningcloak
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