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Occasionally inspiration grips me and I write.
Poems published: 5
online 2 hours ago
poet Anon
Music is my life. I'm country and proud
Poems published: 506
online 2 hours ago
poet zinger
United States
Sometimes life treats you hard, but you can live through it with poetry.
Poems published: 58
online 2 hours ago
poet night-star
United States
Jesus said it best in the moments after he died on his feet so I'll not even try re-create  that particular oration
Poems published: 87
online 2 hours ago
poet lepperochan
My name is James. I'm 30 years old. I've been writing poetry since, hell, ever. At least pre-teens. I write about all different sorts of things, mostly on the human condition. Sometimes my dark side just needs a release, which is why I've come here.
Poems published: 187
online 2 hours ago
poet Lunatic63
United States
Hello world! My name is King-Galaxius Riggoletto-Vladmir Stravinsky. I am a poet.
Poems published: 9
online 2 hours ago
poet King-Galaxius
United States
Eternal student, always learning
Poems published: 7
online 2 hours ago
poet sharneindium
New Member
"The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma." -Patrick Star
Poems published: 43
online 2 hours ago
poet m_abbott1999
2awards United States
Write Sci Fi and am an amatuer Quantum Theory nerd.  see for theory on dark matter. I am 99pc sure it is right...might save billions in research.
Poems published: 47
online 2 hours ago
poet SuiGen
United Kingdom

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I write because I love writing, because my songs are who I am. one day I hope to inspire people with them. I'm shy but if you get to know me I'm really quite funny.
Poems published: 69
online 2 hours ago
poet rachelmae
1awards United States
I unfortunately can't find the way back to my planet.
Poems published: 328
online 2 hours ago
poet Lost_Angel
3awards United States
Crafting Poetess in your midst...
Poems published: 41
online 3 hours ago
poet blue_angel
7awards United States
I'm a strong poet,I love to write i know deepest darkest spaces she tells me my poems are amazing,But i bet i can do much better i have a whole journal full of poems
Poems published: 17
online 3 hours ago
poet Ninja-star194
United States
poetry as a violent act
Poems published: 78
online 3 hours ago
poet Vandel_Viaclovsky
United States
A frostbit redneck.
Poems published: 19
online 3 hours ago
poet snugglebuck
2awards United States
New to poetry, like expressing my emotions for people to see and understand about society. For open mindedness of others personalities and perspectives, perceptions and observations of life in several different civilised places.
Poems published: 56
online 3 hours ago
poet tatennis
I write about whatever comes to mind.
Poems published: 3
online 3 hours ago
poet GirlyHipster
United Kingdom
Jasper Silence
Poems published: 206
online 3 hours ago
poet jaspersilence
5awards United States
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