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By love, I tried poetry / In french, it is too easy / In english, more sexy / I love to write poesy
Poems published: 281
online 1 hour ago
poet malin69
5awards France
Any criticism is welcome (:  If you read any of my poems, I thank you on for taking the time to do so
Poems published: 73
online 1 hour ago
poet lastday20
United States
Poems published: 3
online 1 hour ago
poet redson
One last line  before I go to bed;  The words bounce off the vapor as they pour from my head...
Poems published: 262
online 1 hour ago
poet CAOS737
4awards United States
Nothing there that I can see, nothing there staring back at me; Therefore,there is no more I "I" don't exist anymore there is just me. me am not really a poet so much, as me am just a daydreamer that loves to write… o.0
Poems published: 125
online 1 hour ago
poet deadwolf
5awards United States
I am a published poet in four different books and about to be a fifth one.
Poems published: 73
online 1 hour ago
poet redrose
2awards United States
I am Marlena. I write poetry. I am spaced out. I am an organism on a destined planet.
Poems published: 12
online 1 hour ago
poet Marlena
I write so I don't go on a murderous rampag.
Poems published: 6
online 1 hour ago
poet HeartheBells
United States New Member
Any word on that missing link yet...?
Poems published: 271
online 1 hour ago
poet Pishashee
4awards United States

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No frills or gimmicks ... Just STRAIGHT LYRICS ...
Poems published: 140
online 1 hour ago
poet BigVirge
One slight poet  Beautiful around the edges
Poems published: 669
online 1 hour ago
poet Lookawaynow
6awards United Kingdom
Love Oh Love! Oh Find Me ...   As I'm Lifting My Breath             Upon Roving Mountains
Poems published: 98
online 2 hours ago
poet Gabriel
29awards Hungary
'never really imagined myself as a poet but i'm cursed with irrepressible mind and ludicrous emotional surge. Combined, they are like a sanity-eating monster and words are all i have to tame it.
Poems published: 11
online 2 hours ago
poet MythKnightSon
I love words as much as wine,  but both can make me sick if  over done.
Poems published: 841
online 2 hours ago
poet dartford
15awards United Kingdom
"Your only given a Little Spark Of Madness... You Musn't Lose It." -Robin Williams.
Poems published: 147
online 2 hours ago
poet Fallen_Angel_194
1awards United States
I like to pretend that my art has nothing to do with me.  Roy Lichtenstein
Poems published: 145
online 2 hours ago
poet Chiyo
15awards Germany
New at allowing people to read my stuff. Just looking for feedback
Poems published: 7
online 2 hours ago
poet hopeless_lover6
United States
For the protection of the public, the last guy burned the map.
Poems published: 46
online 2 hours ago
poet ScarlettA
4awards United States
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