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i have one book published and at least 3000 other poems on any any topic almost and i am happy to be a member of du I am very happy with how people have read my poems i am  so happy
Poems published: 115
online 2 hours ago
poet thelovepoet
United States
been writing for years but only just started to write erotic poems in 2013. I am enjoying the experience immensely! check out my work...I aim to tease... Stay Tuned...
Poems published: 313
online 2 hours ago
poet Deborahlee3313
6awards United States
I am a creator, a destroyer, a critic, and an explorer.
Poems published: 20
online 2 hours ago
poet gazellemon
United States
Step over to the Dark Side... we got cookies and nut-free bars.
Poems published: 143
online 2 hours ago
poet PsychicApocalypse
21awards Belize
Poems published: 95
online 2 hours ago
poet sektioN8ty
9awards Nigeria
Poems published: 634
online 2 hours ago
poet seekingkate
12awards Australia
Young different and experienced in some ways more than others.
Poems published: 91
online 3 hours ago
poet UnknownEmo
1awards United States
Don't be scared of the agony that keeps you in fear; let the pen change it all into ink as you write your own story
Poems published: 245
online 3 hours ago
poet Nightcore14
2awards United States
Turbulent waters ahead, sharks behind, shut up and paddle...
Poems published: 200
online 3 hours ago
poet Atakti

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ok im 19... Music is what im best at... I sing, play violin,piano and guitar... I'm shy a probably crazy... So of you like any of that stiff then we just mite be friends haha
Poems published: 98
online 3 hours ago
poet UnhopefulHopes
United States
I like writing but I'm redundant and can be very triggering. Watch out.
Poems published: 240
online 3 hours ago
poet WordsUnspoken
United States
If you like your erotic tension cut with some humor, come on by. I promise, I'll only poke a little fun at you.
Poems published: 423
online 3 hours ago
poet tornado
47awards United States
"After all, it seems to me that the truth, no matter what it is, is not so dreadful as uncertainty."
Poems published: 27
online 3 hours ago
poet Allison_Wonderland
3awards United States
Poems published: 112
online 3 hours ago
poet 0913338
I had slowly closed my heart off, shut down and detached from my passion and isolated myself from connecting with others...
Poems published: 29
online 3 hours ago
poet kissofthedevil
2awards United States
Poems published: 339
online 3 hours ago
poet Poetryman
11awards United States
A thinker and well wisher  for younger generations.The world is more dangerous today than yesterday and maybe  worse tomorrow than today
Poems published: 652
online 3 hours ago
poet again
9awards United States
Smile.....make people wonder about what your thinking. :)
Poems published: 3
online 3 hours ago
poet sunrise
United States
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