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Ms.Jackson if ya nasty
Poems published: 93
online 1 hour ago
poet MsRockyJackson
United States
Love composed wordz with flow different elementz of lingo out the box in the box however the clever content present I enjoy the language it sooth to relax my soul itz a welcoming feeling hearing and reading poetz work we are creator of the realm of speech
Poems published: 24
online 1 hour ago
poet Makmillz
United States
Pretty new to this, I like playing around with different styles etc but I usually come off as either disturbed, or as if I'm trying to choke you on a dictionary. I like my stuff to flow right
Poems published: 132
online 1 hour ago
poet DystopianMelody
7awards United Kingdom
I am a dreamer, translating pictures in my mind into words. I am a child in an empty playroom, creating worlds from my own imaginings. I am a Dryad in the woods wandering in a world of my own creation. I am me an aspirant, a novice at the altar to words.
Poems published: 902
online 1 hour ago
poet Grace
“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.”  ― Albert Einstein
Poems published: 299
online 1 hour ago
poet mikimoondancer
62awards United Kingdom
I just graduated high school, I've been writing since I was a freshman. Check my works out if you like not so sappy love and sinister realities.
Poems published: 70
online 2 hours ago
poet Angel_Of_Darkness
2awards United States
I am interested in writing which is so personal that it becomes universal...riffs on fear, failure, joy, on being human. To write is work, but its creation is joy.
Poems published: 77
online 2 hours ago
poet hemihead
10awards Australia
Poems published: 3
online 2 hours ago
poet redson
The experiments continue; elements combine and react; new substances form; old ideas disintegrate; lenses filter, focus and reflect; the scientist and the lab rat – indistinguishable.
Poems published: 148
online 2 hours ago
poet Spanker

DU Poets : Latest

Poems published: 49
online 2 hours ago
poet HollyDove
Josag Femi is a poet. And writer.
Poems published: 5
online 2 hours ago
poet roijosag
I am here to grow as a poet and share my writings.
Poems published: 7
online 2 hours ago
poet Pamelajohn
I'm a songwriter and short story writer. Just looking for a little bit of feedback
Poems published: 414
online 2 hours ago
poet HadesRising
16awards United States
I write from my own visual mind as well as everyday experiences. Designer by day poet and artist by night.   If you comment on mine... I will comment on yours :D
Poems published: 73
online 2 hours ago
poet jdrury245
A 21 year old poet who has been writing for over 7 years. Also a college senior studying to become an elementary teacher.
Poems published: 10
online 2 hours ago
poet BrittanyZedalis
United States
I once used to think poetry was gay and pathetic, then I realised that it wasn't me thinking that but my ego-tistical father. Poetry is strenght, poetry is power. With-out it, I would probably be dead by now.
Poems published: 21
online 2 hours ago
poet StormsWorld
United Kingdom
Entropy fan
Poems published: 40
online 2 hours ago
poet Laurbaerson
'never really imagined myself as a poet but i'm cursed with irrepressible mind and ludicrous emotional surge. Combined, they are like a sanity-eating monster and words are all i have to tame it.
Poems published: 9
online 2 hours ago
poet MythKnightSon
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