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it is seeds that i try to sow in the words that i write
Poems published: 600
online 3 hours ago
poet drone
1awards Greece
I'm just a poet from NYC. I write many different styles of poetry and topics as well, except love poems, those are rare from me.Ugh!
Poems published: 49
online 3 hours ago
poet Zazzles
7awards United States
Hello! :) I normally write creepypastas but Flaky showed me this website and I might be writing here more often. I am quite young so if you give me critcism by all means be as harsh as you want.
Poems published: 15
online 3 hours ago
poet ilovescarystories
United States
"PEACE and LOVE" is my ever groovy slogan..... and then some.
Poems published: 9
online 3 hours ago
poet Hallucinostic
Poems published: 315
online 3 hours ago
poet Poetryman
10awards United States
I like to pretend that my art has nothing to do with me.  Roy Lichtenstein
Poems published: 144
online 3 hours ago
poet Chiyo
15awards Germany
This is my second profile
Poems published: 20
online 3 hours ago
poet Goth1974
United States
I'm a shadow poet, lost and alone when people notice, they're mind blown because the realisation struck them like arrows the brightest lights, cast the darkest shadows
Poems published: 7
online 3 hours ago
poet VoidShadow
Singapore New Member
I dont write anything chipper or too far out there
Poems published: 30
online 3 hours ago
poet Elavera
Trinidad and Tobago

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One slight poet  Beautiful around the edges
Poems published: 667
online 3 hours ago
poet Lookawaynow
6awards United Kingdom
Writing allows me to creatively express my feelings and sometimes my imagination.
Poems published: 32
online 3 hours ago
poet mike1974
United States
In order to have wisdom we must have ignorance.
Poems published: 86
online 3 hours ago
poet Deranged
United States
Well i'm new to writing poetry the poetry I like to write is usually gruesome and about how I feel at the moment of writing
Poems published: 30
online 3 hours ago
United States
I am a stream of consciousness writer, who relies on my subliminal awareness to produce.  It seems the harder I try to be a "Poet", the less interesting my work is.
Poems published: 102
online 3 hours ago
poet Dresdamanx
1awards United States
Find, seek, explore the depths of God, yourself - and others...
Poems published: 15
online 4 hours ago
poet Easydrops
De Poet.. plz know it note it and quote it... wit these keys i thee wed my words to the page u find anotha tongue slicka plz send dat incredibly talented person or poet this way 8^/ RedHot Pepperssss....
Poems published: 195
online 4 hours ago
poet RedHot_Peppers
1awards United States
Poems published: 54
online 4 hours ago
poet nattyd23
United States
For the protection of the public, the last guy burned the map.
Poems published: 46
online 4 hours ago
poet ScarlettA
4awards United States
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