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Gothic Poems

Gothic Poems at Deep Underground Poetry, the darker side of poetry. Share poems, plus forums and poets profiles.

Published on 8th September 2009 5:40am
Written by Tobi (Xaneie_Sweet_Dream)
Oh dear Anna Molly,
How have you been?
We're all still here,
In this beautiful little Wonderland,
But it seems to have gotten a little horrified,
As I shall tell you,
As you shall see
Of course you and the Cheshire,
Left a long time ago,
We still keep the bones of those you've found
We still love you,
As any parent should,
But might I ask dear child,
Why the blood is still so fresh?
It seems like the first time you've spilt it,
Was only yesterday,
Maybe young children shouldn't see,
This awful little...
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poet Xaneie_Sweet_Dream

Published on 17th November 2009 4:46pm
Written by Balrog
She! Talons of a gothic mind,

Steel of blue her chilly stare,

Pitch of black her fetid blood;

And out of this, an evil care

To terrorise the weeping kind

Befogged in mental mire; to rape

The shore with phallic waves –

And all for lust, her one desire:

Corrupt the sand of innocence

Without a case for penitence,

Or cause for such as reticence -

And scream aflamed in priapismic fire.
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poet Balrog

Published on 16th July 2010 9:54pm
Written by Misconducted
Of crucifix, in pride of place,
Of stainéd glass, and greying stone,
Of autumn wind, and white pall-lace.
Oh, to be here, and be alone.
What riches lie beyond the veil,
When hands grow cold, and skin grows pale?
The only wealth that follows you
Is a heart, happy, free and true.
A Hillscape
Swifts array
In sleek diplay
O'er shaded halls,
For Adrian
For admonition, tender-wrought,
For never-tiring heed,
For mindful help whenever sought;
My best...
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poet Misconducted

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Published on 28th April 2011 10:59am
Written by Belle (NyteShade)

In the absence of tranquility

Bewitch me in nights embrace

Grace thy beauty by candlelight

By Silence of sentimental night

Dreary shadows cast upon thee

Possessing my souls captivity

Gentle lady speak not of thoughts

Nor of the flame you hold so dear

Gothic beauty of the night

Bewitch thy soul by candlelight
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poet NyteShade


DU Poetry : Gothic Poems

Published on 20th September 2011 2:40pm
Written by amara13
My crimson life of deep satin,
Rests its head on my tears of black.
Speaking Gothic truths untold.
Whispering secrets humans should never know.
A nightingale sings as stories unfold.
Black tidal waves of essences glow,
Forbidden acts of deceits uncertainty.
Glancing around for 'morrows marquis.
Floating overhead stagnant leftovers of love past,
Entrancing red with goth lovers cast.
Nothing held in midnights shade,
Nobel blood never conveyed.
Crimson dance betrothed in honesty's veil.
Death of the heart as inner beauty's grail.
Tears of...
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poet amara13

Published on 20th March 2013 12:35pm

Rose are black
Violets are violence
I'll tie you up to the rack
And gag you with my silence.
Come step into my life
Step into my lair
I'll dress you all in black
And even dye your hair
I love rock music
Turn it up loud
When you are a Gothic like me
The lyrics will make you proud
Step into the darkness
Say good bye to the light
We live in an eternity
Were every day is night
I know you think I'm freaky
Go analyse me
But in my heart I know
A Gothic is what I want to be
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