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Ghetto Poems

The harder side of poetry. Read and share ghetto poems. Forums and street poets profiles.

Published on 23rd July 2009 1:44am
Written by Amber
You caught me on the rebound
that was no good
You took me from the suburbs
and you showed me the hood
Getting in your head was never part of the plan
you gassed me up with lies and claimed to be my man
When your boys came around it was on from there
you didn't want them to see that it was for me that you cared
You pushed me away with your nasty ass ways
matter of fact I ain’t spoken to your ass in days
I must admit at first you had my heart
but let me in your ear playa.. you ain't that smart
Now, you got some phat...
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poet Amber

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Published on 29th July 2009 8:05pm
Written by Keith
I come from sanitation strikes,
gutters overflowing with oil-water,
and crack viles.
I lived in an 6 story garbage can,
just west of the Hudson river,
17th street housing projects,
lower west side,
things were rough in those days,
sandpaper underwear 2 sizes too small.
I used to wear them,
while curb shopping and being careful not to touch anything icky.
We got my sister's whole bedroom set from one of those sales.
I remember that name like a lie I’ve forgotten I told.
It still hurts...
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poet Keith

Published on 13th March 2011 6:47pm
Written by let it be (Gg78)
Speaking in ghetto ways 
I was born As an unwanted child 
Handed to the streets 
My family was crazy
I mean a scitzo mom a Dad that women beats
Brother selling drugs sister having babies 
Repeating there cycle no way  that would be crazy
I embraced the streets And everything it taught 
Hustling and selling 
Just for food for thought 
Crack houses and feens was all that I knew
I talked that ghetto talk you know what I mean boo
Yo yo yo  it's like this and like that 
Watch me flow 
I'll get up with you next time ight no...
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poet Gg78

Published on 30th May 2011 4:11am
Written by Visual Lyricist (lashawnscott92)
-Born into the color of my skin I was destined to fail
-A lifetime full of trials and tribulations hitting me like hail
-Growing up in the hood, I would have never made it out alive
-Just another nigga deprived, fighting to live and strive
-The monster in me contained, waiting to be unleashed
-Devouring the lies and feeding the beast
-Just another nigga in a white mans world
-Getting dirty looks because the color of my girl
-Jobs turned down, interviews never given
-I'm just a black man trying to make a living
-In a world where color still matters and...
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poet lashawnscott92


DU Poetry : Ghetto Poems

Published on 6th June 2011 8:31pm
Written by Little Miss Maxwell (starz_n_peaches)
I’m walking down this street
With its ghetto democracy and high-rise hypocrisy.
And I’m hearing what they’re sayin’
Sayin’ I’m strayin’
Society’s frayin’
From these hoodlum games I’ve been playin’
I’ve been taking bets
Paying debts with my life
Sellin’ elephants to your sister’s wife.
And after all my wrong doing
I get down on my knees and
I’m prayin’
Praying for the Lord’s sweet mercy
On the body and soul of my late bro Percy
Yes, he took a shot
A shot
In the left side
Through that rubbery, far from sugary heart;...
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poet starz_n_peaches

Published on 12th August 2011 5:03am
Written by Ashley Joseph (ashleyjoseph)
Growing up as a child
I aspired everything
Moms always told me
If anything,
After I got my license
She would cop me a whip
Yeah, I’m rolling now
My license plates read
"Stop Requested...
Please Use Rear Exit”
If you come from the hood
You know nothing comes easy
Unless its one of those fast,
Quick to give you some ass breezies
They’d do anything for a little gwap
Keep pumpin and ridin
Until that nigga say stop
Where I’m from
Hair weaves and tattoos are the shit
Where people would break off their...
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poet ashleyjoseph

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