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Story Poems

Poetry about Dreams, Fantasy and Fiction

This section is for story poems about dreams and fantasy; fiction poetry born out of a creative imagination. This includes poems about the writer's aspirations and the life they wish they led, or a person they wish they could be. Along with poetry about fictional characters and made up situations, taking place in this world or within the realm of fantasy. The "story poems" category also includes science fiction and fanfiction poems.
Published on 28th February 2015 9:19am
Written by oskar
The Golden Fleece
Today my wife and I went to look at an old people’s home,
the entrance looked hotel like and had a reception and
the girl who manned it wore a starched, white uniform.
She showed us around told us that every room double or
single had a shower and a tea kitchen and fridge.
And that we came to the main room where the patients sat,
sorry they are called guests; it was nice only no one spoke
people with open mouths sat watching telly and the air had
a feeling of despondency and a faint smell of urine.
Sometimes I feel like...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 28th February 2015 4:48am
Written by Fillenatrix
                  Act 1
The greenhouse is beautiful. Brilliant shades of green. Fiery ruby flowers blooming like kisses floated on the leaves. Life flowed like streams of ribbons in a summer breeze, intertwining. The androgynous man, with luminous beauty that outshone the sun and stars he toiled beneath, was more at home here then the mansion down the long and crooked path.
                     Act 2
The woman leaned against the cold metal bench. Biting rose vine thorns curled around her ankles and snaked up her thighs. Thorns break,...
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fantasy-story poem

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New Member
Published on 27th February 2015 9:01am
Written by oskar
The common soldier
Once motherland I remember well often with a patina
of unbecoming sentimentality. I was born there, once
birthplace is a magnet it never loses its charismatic power
even though what I remember is poverty, the endless
struggle of the working class. I have a few good memory
and they too are in a way unbecoming.
There was a war the occupier’s soldiers gave me chocolate
and snacks, they had horses and let me sit on them playing
cowboy; yes the cowboys are universal liked.
My experience has coloured my adult life I’m not so...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 27th February 2015 2:51am
Written by Calculating
I'm a strange creature
Coming from who knows where
Breathing rust from the air
Wearing skin that can tear

A stone sits in my chest
And a smile on my face
I always do my best
To keep in my place

When I finally do break
Whatever day it might be
The world I hope to shake
And swallow in my tragedy

Maybe I can force it down
To travel with little o' me
The people of this suffocating town
Can come to hell with me
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fantasy-story poem

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New Member
Published on 26th February 2015 8:18pm
Written by thelovepoet
It is your duty
to follow these rules of life
I am introducing some values
anyone should follow through life
never let fear overcome you
first I will point out to you
the emotion of desire
the enotion of faith
the emotion of sex
the emotion of love
the emotion of enthusiam
the emotion of hope
the everlasting emotion
of romance
always remember fear will
overcome you
we now have the bad stuff
the emotion of jealousy
the emotion of hatred
the emotion of revenge
the emotion of...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 26th February 2015 6:22pm
Written by PoetryQueen2014 PoetryKing2014
The pretties flower,
On land,
And not sea,
But nothing seems prettier,
Then Rose Gold,
But it still nothing better then having a,
So I rather have,
Rose Mary Jenkins,
Because her body,
And soul,
Is so cold,
That it brings,
Quick sand to my heart,
And Chills through my bones,
I want her to be a part of,
My heart,
And me from the start,
I see her today,
But don’t know what to say,
But here I...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 26th February 2015 10:28am
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
a fib heartvalve doin
   StVitus shimmy shake
breathstruggle 2-3-4-5am,no mercysleep.
  no eat, no drink....preparing
                   to swallow the sonar,
                     clottilliones  readying
              To Kill)-----

?then what then?what then what?
    More Survival!? more lies to tell?
  more quiet heroics? more truth...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 26th February 2015 9:37am
Written by oskar
There was a moonbeam it was a little different from other
beams as it sought out sleeping girls.
He loved them mainly those aged 7 to 8 years old it was
innocence about them, he found rapt.
Once a girl woke up and saw him sitting on the sill it was
a cold night and she invited him to bed, soon he fell asleep
and then it was morning the Moon was no longer there,
sunlight would zap him, no mercy calling him a paedophile,
like they should be so innocent when caressing young skin.
He hid under the bed until nightfall, after kissing the little girl’s...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 26th February 2015 2:09am
Written by Inetta Adjir-Toure Blacklillies
When I think of you I remember your lips.
I see how they curve. I remember you leaning in and I am shy so I stiffen, but you don't kiss me.. you reach for the book. It sits on the table right behind me. I remember the Brazilian nut mist you'd loved so much, and I see your eyes and they are brown. The special kind of brown, the brown that makes you stare.

When I think of you I remember that mug, I see it crash against the floor and I remember how you'd hated that mug anyway, that you knew I loved it.
I remember you apologizing as if it were your plan to knock it off...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 26th February 2015 1:43am
Written by Minerva TheGoddessMinerva
she waits by the train tracks every night
wishin’ someday he’d make his way back
down the line to her heart and home
but she knows, she knows, that it’s a wish she
can only make on falling stars that will never fall
but what else is she gonna do?
the one thing he left her with was time.
so she pretties herself up night after night
and sits down at that abandoned station
waiting for a lonely whistle that will never sound
she leaves her red hair wild just like he liked it
the wind catches it up around her and she
never tries to stop it...
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fantasy-story poem

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DU Poetry : Story Poems about Dreams, Fantasy and Fiction

Published on 26th February 2015 00:42am
Written by hemi hemihead
First things first; you could ask why I’ve written something like this, when it’s all history, and anyway you can get all the history you want from the Centermind. Well, Centremind is all-knowing, that’s true, but truth has a way of changing, and sometimes I need to get things down to get them square, so, for better or worse, here is how I died and went to....
I had just turned forty five when I first believed I might make it to immortality. The science was moving so fast, the ideas were...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 25th February 2015 7:59pm
Written by gapchenko
"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."
William Congreve

My mother once told me a story of a Jackal, who would only appear to the tune of a fires crackle sung along side that of a of a Wiccan's cackle.
On All Hallows' Eve if a woman ever felt vengeful then she could call upon the Devils Jackal.
But heed this warning, if ever you find comfort in the arms of a Jackal then expect not to see the morning.
For when we strike down with vengeance our foe we strike a blow against oneself also.
However, years later I...
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fantasy-story poem

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New Member
Published on 25th February 2015 4:59pm
Written by demon of mercy deathheadforlife
i see her in the eyes of every person
i hear her words as i sleep
i feel her when i am alone... yet shes not there
i lay in my bed and close my eyes, listening to her
when i open my eyes, i see the emptiness of my ceiling
i reach for someone who is not there
and i feel the chill of my lost heart
my tears go unseen because they were all shed for her
i can her last words repeat in my mind and they haunt me
why cant i let her rest in peace, why must my heart ache
she was all i had left, so why cant i let her be free
yet i see the ceiling and...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 25th February 2015 4:43am
Written by Zazzles  
New York! JayZ Alicia    
My rage has passed, I put it in its tiny box today.    
the flowers have been changed, they now face the other way.    
I realize I'm not alone , it's a vast planet    
with lots of bloodshed, stripped naked  
like it or not, we're all the same.    
Break bread while you can, love one another
we're part of the grand plan...    
*One man's trash is another man's treasure*    
lend a hand, everyone has...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 24th February 2015 9:06pm
Written by Germacide socialflutterby
the shadow beast lurks
and sneer's as it nears
silent whispers
unheard by the foolish
ignored by the light hearted
failing to see
that no matter what may come
they cannot avoid
the shadow beast
who silently waits for
a fortuitous moment, gifted
sweetly by circumstance
no explanation
no reason nor rhyme
just waiting
graceful and elegantly
sliding through the air
like a feather falling to the floor
side to side
uneasy in it's journey
assured of it's destination
you are
no more
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 24th February 2015 4:48pm
Written by Pinkrayven518
Deep within the haunted wood, beside the magic brook,
far away from harm or hurt, where humans never look.
A meeting, there, was being held, for something was amiss.
For someone had, indeed, crept in and stole a fairy kiss.
The one so bold to do this deed, stole power from the fae.
She couldn’t lift or move her wings, she couldn’t fly away.
The water nymphs and woodland elves were gathered round the fae.
The selkie and siren sat with pixies in the glade.
The unicorns, were also there, for they had heard it too.
The whole Enchanted Forest would...
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fantasy-story poem

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Image New Member
Published on 24th February 2015 5:58am
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
it's as if every
          thing   came in 2's, like
                  fckn twinkies, or
  some other confectionary contr
                           ivance  /

"Hey, I don't have time for this bullshit, yknow?"
(yeah, Iknow.....what's the big fckn deal? I just
          'where does money come from?
"Hey, I don't have time for this bullshit.
                 These truths are...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 24th February 2015 3:35am
Written by amari25
Waves splash against my feet
Toes in the sand
Sun coming up
The purple Hues still streaked across the sky
Little foot prints in the sand
Making a castle
 taking my hand
Walking on the pier
Baby girl giggles at the scenery
Laughing so hard
She runs away laughing
The beach is gonna get me
Closing the day with my loves in my arms
The perfect get away
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 23rd February 2015 5:43pm
Written by thealbinorhino
Its one in the morning,
And I don't wanna go home,
Laying in your driveway,
Talking bout when we were young,
Remembering the good times,
Cares lost to the world,
Except making it home for dinner,
And doing most of what we were told,
Cause we were just kids,
As awkward as could be,
I turned nine years old when you moved next door to me,
Blonde hair brighter then the heavens,
Blue eyes from a dream,
I hid my flushed face so that you wouldn't see,
That I thought you were the prettiest girl that I had ever seen, ...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 23rd February 2015 4:54pm
Written by demon of mercy deathheadforlife
i walked down the hall while the lights flicker
i hear my brothers voice calling for my help
i rush in to find what was left of him
while the rest of him stains the walls
i hear more calls of my closest friends
and every time i find them in pieces...
yet on the last one... the girl i loved
i see on the wall "you did this to us"
written in her blood and i collapse
as the lights slowly fade i see a person
i reach for him and he picks me up
i hear his hollow voice
"you caused this now look at your face"
he removes his hood and i see darkness...
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fantasy-story poem

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