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Story Poems

Poetry about Dreams, Fantasy and Fiction

This section is for story poems about dreams and fantasy; fiction poetry born out of a creative imagination. This includes poems about the writer's aspirations and the life they wish they led, or a person they wish they could be. Along with poetry about fictional characters and made up situations, taking place in this world or within the realm of fantasy. The "story poems" category also includes science fiction and fanfiction poems.
Published on 31st October 2014 3:10pm
Written by Will Adams DisappearHere
Beyond a bridge and a bubbling black morass
A town untouched by the twist of time
Like a fly to flame you're led by the fractured flicker of fluorescent light
Brought by the nose beneath a rayless film, black as pitch and come to blot out the bright eyes of Heaven's night
You venture through the vex of fetid fog and brave the risk of rain
Not stifled by the stale air laced with the stench of sulfur, spawned from the sullen sea that swirls past the colorless beaches of stamped ash
In spire of the wafting wind wrought with fear, something subconscious draws you further...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 00:56am
Written by SciTechJunkie
Pt. 1: Opt Not for Death
A cosmist’s cosmological comet is in correlation
    with the connotational confrontation of dreams,
Dreams that are only dreamt by the dreary of death,
Death only dreamt when no dreams are left.
For what is left than the dichotomy of life and naught,
    foretold by the whispers of our ancestors’ ancestors?
A dialectical deictic discussion between a two-headed dragon,
Discussing a myriad of discourses which mirror the race
    of every clock’s hand — each with a similar result:
Time since wasted as cells...
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fantasy-story poem

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Image New Member
Published on 31st October 2014 00:48am
Written by Cannaballester

adult poems
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 4:53pm
Written by BrokenRedemption RedeemingMisfit
I see you there my friend,
Holding your hands out to me.
I see the furrow of your brow,
I see your grimace as you worry.
The shadows behind you dance,
Like an orchastra of ink.
Wings of slick smooth black,
I know you feel our link.
For me you broke the rules and have fallen,
To Lay your healing hand upon my heart.
Helping to fight this battle of life,
Focus like hitting bulls eye with a dart.
You have protected me I feel your grace,
Made yourself known to me, my gardian.
I have an angel on my shoulder to save me from...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 3:12pm
Written by yekaterina mikhailov _shadoe_
devoured the fraying edges
never sated ~
though she was
nothing more
spider silk
& dandelion wishes
in savagery's maelstrom
with each step,
the ragged mist
around her feet
concealing the path
through brairs
the tattered remains
of her skin
where it clung to her bones
like sheer cloth
draped around sticks...
... hunger pulsed
from the soil
as though it breathed
her bleeding soles ~
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 11:43am
Written by August
An August breeze knows October rain.
If a dog chases his own tale should he lament when he catches himself? Na, he says "Let's go again."
It is beautiful,
and awesome,
and ugly,
and a wonderful dream.
Red umbrella's only last so long for the thirsty. Breath. In. Out. In. Out. I know you and you, I. I love thee. I love thee on the salty shores and on the Jagged peaks, O' Life, I Pang to thee!! Love with me! Fly like the wind and break the dams. I cheer for thee and flip two sides of the same coin.
I will never forget you. We echo through time...
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fantasy-story poem

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New Member
Published on 29th October 2014 6:01pm
Written by Miss G Ghoulie
[Entered in the Hourglass comp (the limitations for 'centering' texts in poetry submissions are noted)]

there are nights when I've ran out of sheep
I wonder what'd it feel like to have
my grazing fingertips
memorize your
greedy grasps
couched by timid touches
loiter betwixt the opportune moments
of stagnating silence, charging the inevitable static
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 28th October 2014 9:12pm
Written by Akeobong Udowoima akthegod

Long days...
Short nights...

Developing darkness

Short days...
Long nights...

Enveloping darkness

Drunk words...
Slurred speech...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 28th October 2014 9:01pm
Written by Magdalena

His tears shaped the stars, force fed his dignity
the remains glittering over dirt streaked skin  
through those eyes , she witnesses the Universe  
too far to reach, she can see it as it moves  
where lips stay silent and the earth cries

his veins, are the labyrinth she wants to swim through
unfold the torment buried beneath the layers of him
he clawed out every heaven that might have been
and the remnants  of his hopes rest under his finger nails
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 28th October 2014 4:37pm
Written by tornado
Having convinced a young nun
to share her earthly candy shop
I found myself hiding on her chapels
aging tiled roof top
spent a cold winters eve
dodging wayward prayers
hurled by her at the heavens
in repentance and despair
until one last sobbed request
hidden by the glare of the moon
glanced off my shoulder
inflicting a mere mortal flesh wound
in my delirium I saw the devils demon
or was it an angel of mercy
one or the other demanded my soul
after displaying a damn smart curtsy
with a downward gesture it asked
if I was...
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fantasy-story poem

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DU Poetry : Story Poems about Dreams, Fantasy and Fiction

Published on 28th October 2014 3:10pm
Written by yekaterina mikhailov _shadoe_
...the ice
running through his veins
her skin ~
until it peeled
and withered
from her fragile frame
she lay in the snow
by silvery flakes
falling softly
to bury her
a flower
waiting to die
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 28th October 2014 12:02pm
Written by mysticstones
And so I whisper into the night.
a call  unto you.
the wind is dying down
the rustling of  leaves
providing movements in sound.
sweet whispers upon my ears
a longing, I so want to hear.
Witch -like shadows fill my air
the swirling of  flames
as the cauldron burns,
hickory and smoke.
Stir. One, two, three
and then in reverse,
make me a match.
One… I’d might catch.
Sent from down below
or up above,
if that’s the direction of my flow.
Make me an angel
with a soft hazy glow
by the hand, she shall take me......
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 28th October 2014 7:51am
Written by yekaterina mikhailov _shadoe_
...her chest filled
a marrow-deep-ache ~
his icy hand
beneath ivory skin
to prise away
her [broken]heart
he blew
dusty wishes
on her bones
with breath
cold as the winter sky...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 27th October 2014 3:03pm
Written by Idryad Grace
Face down screaming words no one hear
mouthing names alien to other ears
sobbing tears that seep into the sheets
broken by death stamped on by destiny
damning his soul to the pits of hell
as he curses the gods he once revered
drunks are results of his creation
and He visited them on his beloved
he will no longer know rest
nor will he know loving smiles
and gentle loving at midnight
he wishes he can cut his throat
He knows he will always seek the scents
of the mother of his children
who held them both as the car
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 27th October 2014 12:51pm
Written by yekaterina mikhailov _shadoe_
through huntress eyes ~  
that flashed fire  
like flames danced  
the cool emerald depths  
& desperation  
warred within  
through her gut  
when his fingers  
in her ebon halo...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 26th October 2014 12:28pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
Jack Bruce died
takin wit'im an
other per'ciousmammary
     of sweetbirdied
of a way-past-whenever-it
(a bit delusion'able
     for the sakes of
euphoricRecall, auld tymes sake[s]
      kinda shit).....

flowery childpeople, just another
      generation of sweethuman genius
awaitingXtinction of our very
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 10:30pm
Written by mysticstones
I sit here
pen ready and willing
I hear the wind outside as it settles down
I wonder of the stars as I sit and the candle burns.
low light and the night,
help to drown,
to drown the rumbling of a mind's sound.
The blueness of your eyes...
so I remember as you and yours purchased the kettle corn
as you vanished out that door...
did you know that from the sky...
the astrological of my sign...
so loud is my roar.. of a lion...
I can be heard...
and you the curve of your horns...
the fullness of the ram...
surely the...
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fantasy-story poem

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New Member
Published on 25th October 2014 12:17pm
Written by mysticstones
Are all the frogs around?
Do you kiss and kiss?
All of them seem to miss?
Winter sets its path
The wind and the chill
Cold to the bone ..too real.
Cast on the land and the lake
Snow and ice of crystals it does make.
And from your window
Is that the look of despair?
And you think one more kiss
It would cause all to repair.
At night in the dark of your slumber..
In dreams all within your chamber
For in your dreams nothing but fairy dust fills the air.
Don’t be afraid of the warlock’s glare
The sun sets to reveal our moon
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 1:32pm
Written by yekaterina mikhailov _shadoe_
she dreamed
he'd taste
mist & moonlight
when they kissed ~
but shadows
spilled from his tongue
to darken
twilight's amber luminescence
he was
an argent shade
beneath slender fingers
the hazy lines
which slowly evaporated
each time
she leaned near
to catch her breath
on his lips...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 10:45pm
Written by deadwolf
  The nameless mountain, one set in the earth’s poles to the North, and one set in the earth’s pole to the South; Once well known in a older age, once visited and its paths well wondered and trodden… There is an abandoned village there, old and fallen to the savage ruins of time. The village and people all gone, never known why or how, the lone temple still standing… When one’s foolish to venture forth close enough to see with their own eyes, one gets the eerie feeling that the lone temple is not standing deserted like the rest of the torn down and dilapidated village, but it is waiting,...
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fantasy-story poem

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