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Story Poems

Poetry about Dreams, Fantasy and Fiction

This section is for story poems about dreams and fantasy; fiction poetry born out of a creative imagination. This includes poems about the writer's aspirations and the life they wish they led, or a person they wish they could be. Along with poetry about fictional characters and made up situations, taking place in this world or within the realm of fantasy. The "story poems" category also includes science fiction and fanfiction poems.
Published on 23rd October 2014 10:45pm
Written by deadwolf
  The nameless mountain, one set in the earth’s poles to the North, and one set in the earth’s pole to the South; Once well known in a older age, once visited and its paths well wondered and trodden… There is an abandoned village there, old and fallen to the savage ruins of time. The village and people all gone, never known why or how, the lone temple still standing… When one’s foolish to venture forth close enough to see with their own eyes, one gets the eerie feeling that the lone temple is not standing deserted like the rest of the torn down and dilapidated village, but it is waiting,...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 8:18pm
Written by Thoughts_Scattered
I was sixteen when my mother left,
the worst feeling....I ever felt,
the one who birthed me,
spit me out,
tossed me out the house,
from that day on,
its only been me in my life,
what a long run,
a long journey,
one child left to fight,
without his mommy,
tummy hungry,
it sounds like a honey,
bee, buzzing in the grass,
my mother cut the umbilical cord,
she cut my dreams too,
off with head went that, with my exit too,
two years of street smarts keep my blood warm,
as I wondered through the streets sneaking...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 7:06am
Written by Bergsteen
As I sit here and wait,
Im in an anxious state,
The door bell rings,
Im not used to these things,
But I brace myself,
Ready to face fear itself,
Step by step I approach the door,
Thump by thump ,my heart I cant ignore,
The knob has been twisted, the door I swing open,
There stands my date, her name: MaryLyn,
Its two hours later,
We downed shots of yaeger,
The mood gets less tense,
Let the romance commence,
Its one hour later, She sits on my lap,
Oh my goodness, may there be no mishap,
Nine hours later I hear birds chirping ,...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 2:20am
Written by dlwtruepoetry swade
As I lay in my room
staring at the sealing with only
thoughts of you at mind I visualize
All that were destined to be
I see the mornings waking up
to the sound of your breath
And the taste of Your magnifique
Lips I see the late nights
and early mornings lost in both
Passion and lust my latido del corazón
I see our ups and downs
your smiles laughter tears and frowns
I get hypnotized with just once
glimpse of your haze brown eyes
a poem for the future
mrs williams by the man you
would both love and...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 2:15am
Written by Dsingleton
Dad was locked up
Ma was strung out
She always had that glass pipe in her stankin mouth
Man when I was little,
I could barely see
but I could see she love that glass pipe more than  me
Mama! Mama! I’m hungry …
It’s been two days since I had something in my tummy
Whyd you sell the food stamps we aint need the money  
But she higher than Aladdin so she think that crap is funny
And I’m feeling like a dummy For waiting by the door
For praying she coming back for crying on the floor
But she ain’t coming back man I already know
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Published on 21st October 2014 2:34pm
Written by sunil
I Remember
I Remember,
Who I was in past lives,
In several times,
When everything was different,
Still people were the same.
There were different ages,
Many stages, several pages,
Written about.
The book of the past opens now,
Showing what has passed.
I Remember,
The warm summers and cozy winters,
There was much in that time,
Here and now is where I am today,
I Remember everything somehow.
Maybe that dream has started,
Times have changed
Since we had parted,
We are here once...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 21st October 2014 2:55am
Written by msnicole88
I miss u everyday
I miss u in every way
I miss u when certain songs play
I miss u when bright lights turns to midnight blue
I miss u the reason why it's so hard to sleep at night
I miss u why I squeeze my thighs together so tight
I miss u but I can taste u
I miss u the way I use to riding u
I miss u damn I hope our life path cross again
I miss u.... That's all I'm left say... P.S if u only knew A.B.A
By: Nicole Lewis
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 19th October 2014 3:19am
Written by Idryad Grace
 A long time ago when the earth was young, over the hills and faraway, there was a village peopled by graceful folks. They were hunters and foragers as well as sustenance planters. They planted yams, tapioca and potatoes.  They lived in peace and harmony with nature and their neighbours.
  Every year they would celebrate the end of Harvest, where they would sing and dance, eat and drink for several days.  At this time, parents of marriageable children would talk to each other and see whether their offspring suited the other.
  It was at this time that a young lady...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 19th October 2014 1:19am
Written by vampire_princess
The cool autumn wind swirls around
him and I as he holds me close to
Keep the warmth to our bodies in
The chilly night.

The leaves fall around us as he
Kisses my soft lips needing my
Loving touch to soothe his wild
Restless spirit.

The stars shine bright with the
Moonlight beating down on us as
He kneels down in front of me.

The tears fall as he pulls out
A ring to seal our forever and
Whispers the words to me.

The cool autumn wind swirling
Around him and I as he showers
Me in kisses for saying yes.
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 18th October 2014 5:06pm
Written by LordJames
Once upon a time a dog and a cat
Decided to climb a mountain
That went into outer space
Where atop sat a fountain

Into the fountain they looked
And saw what they really were:
Dog was a guardian angel
Cat was a rat with no fur

Cat cringed, said, 'Fuck this!'
Then jumped down and committed suicide
Dog nodded his head, wagged his tail
And barked loud with pride

One should never climb the mountain
If they don't want to see what's in the fountain...
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fantasy-story poem

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DU Poetry : Story Poems about Dreams, Fantasy and Fiction

Published on 18th October 2014 4:56pm
Written by LordJames
She rides her bike
All through town
Even though
No one's around

She is naked
Wears no clothes
She doesn't care
Because she's a ghost

She stops by the lake
Goes for a swim
Then gets out
And rides again

All that goes through her head
Has to do with being dead

Once life flourished her hometown
But since she's dead, no one's around...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 18th October 2014 3:38am
Written by vampire_princess

I lay here with my deadly lover next to me,
holding me tightly to his warm body.
I lay here in his arms and
I can feel his love reaching from his
heart out to mine, hoping we love each other the same.
I lay here smiling of our times together laughing and playing or holding each other and making love to one another.
I lay here as he sleeps wondering if we will stay together,
if we are meant to be. I lay here silently hoping to never lose my deadly lover, as the thought kills me. I lay here thinking of our future together, thinking of our forever. I lay...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 18th October 2014 2:02am
Written by OtherWorldWoman
In that final look
Does the lamb forgive the wolf?
And there's a little lamb in the forest
She's all alone, lost and hopeless
She's wandering around
Searching for advice
The sun's going down
But she doesn't notice...
And there's a wolf asleep in his den
He's woken by the cries of the lamb
His muscles tense with excitement
He looks to the sky
The moon is shining bright
A sky full of eyes where the stars should be
A sky full of eyes watching silently.
The little lamb fumbles around
She's scared
Trembles at...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 17th October 2014 11:09pm
Written by woof redson
Happy birthday buddy
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 17th October 2014 6:56pm
Written by KeithEdBaucum
With a smile as bright as the sun
that warms my heart.
You chase away the darkness that
clouds my life.
With skin that rivals the marvels
of the universe
time itself stands still and take
With the moon for your crown and
the earth for your throne
you give a whole new meaning to
the title Ms. Universe.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka
The Brown Philosopher
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 17th October 2014 6:29am
Written by oskar
The Loss
Dream time, lazy and long, is over
It lasted a generation
But real life
Came and stole the colours
Home baked bread no more
everything is easy shop bought
and taste of the average.
I now of a woman who stole
Flowers for her son’s coffin
It stood there in the snow
Grave diggers on strike.
But a bouquet of flowers   don’t
Mind what they were intended for
Rootless and decaying anyway
So let the mother be she didn’t
Do anything wrong, just rearranged
Flowers bought in a shop from a grave
The had too many...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 16th October 2014 11:16am
Written by oskar
One really ought to start with the beginning only it goes so long back
That it is impossible to remember.
I remember being born but that was just an interlude, cold and
Unpleasant and being kiss by strangers.
I like horses though but that has nothing to do with my inception .
But then was anyone ever born, we are just a part of a bigger
Broader picture where we but an unconscious number
But I do like horses and would have loved galloping across some
Grassland and jumping over brooks.
And now we have emboli fever which is either over...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 16th October 2014 2:39am
Written by Amy Down bloodytearsoflife
A girl,
I wish upon that star,
Her eyes reflect,
The trials of life.
I know she is someone i can count on,
Can she count on me?

I walk towards her,
This girl runs to me,
Like child to angel.
She laughs and jokes.
Never betrays a word.

Do I deserve?
Something so good?
Is this a dream?

The girl.
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 15th October 2014 4:47am
Written by Pishashee
As the brainchild of
and intelligent will,
They subdued hints
of deeper meaning  
with great suggestion:
Partitions of iron traps
dangling giddily in the air
supplying embattlement
and rebouts in conducting
impeccable snow-ball fights,
As a result
of this
prahasyasi stunt,
Everyone stopped
they were...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 13th October 2014 3:59am
Written by LordJames
Distant Star at the end of the universe
Please pull me to you
I need you
I want to silently float through space
Just to see your face
I already saw Heaven
It was alright
But I want you
You are quiet and don't need anyone's validation
You are a beautiful creation
I like the way you think
You're refreshing as a drink
Of ice cold water
You are Tranquility's daughter
And with time you grow hotter
You're worthy of rhyme
I want to feel your rays of love
You're so enchanting, shining up above
I'll get a tattoo of you
So I...
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fantasy-story poem

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