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Story Poems

Poetry about Dreams, Fantasy and Fiction

This section is for story poems about dreams and fantasy; fiction poetry born out of a creative imagination. This includes poems about the writer's aspirations and the life they wish they led, or a person they wish they could be. Along with poetry about fictional characters and made up situations, taking place in this world or within the realm of fantasy. The "story poems" category also includes science fiction and fanfiction poems.
Published on 1st September 2014 6:13am
Written by Pishashee
An Atom is mostly empty space, so's Granddads head. The most direct way to see what’s inside of a fruitcake is to poke your figure in it. Okay, here's what happened ― in earnest. This is only more of granddads new science.  Granddad, after finding out in the days of Rutherford that the method to find what’s inside of an atom required using alpha particles as probes to catch the reaction of the electron and view its spontaneous nature, decided to do the same in finding the nuts & currant construct in grandma’s new fruitcake that was set for Sunday supper, so with all eyes in the...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 31st August 2014 7:06pm
Written by Rosedd13
It's a tragedy, I'm a tragedy
Nothing makes me feel
better than a tragedy
You're a melody
A bright symphony
You suck the darkness out
Like Aphrodite
All their tears and pleas
Drive me to insanity
Is there a heart beat?
Can't feel my heart beat
I lost it in the pain and screams
Satan prayed to me,
a broken dying plea
Said "I'm perishing,
Will you help me?"
Out of grief and mercy
I called him back to me
From a prisoned eternity
He mixed blood with honey
whispered "drink and be free"  
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 31st August 2014 10:58am
Written by Rosedd13
It's a perilous thought
That you can't even think
A whisper so soft
A cool breeze within
Calamities waiting to befall
You won't be given time to blink
Before this magic, this love is lost
And the gods above connive within
In holy oracles your name is wrought
While you're wrapped in sensual silks of sin
You won't know the sword of justice when it burns through you hot
And trumpets blow and angels sing
The threshold of eternal damnation you'll cross
Black fires of hell will bathe your skin
And purge you of your sin, your soul...
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fantasy-story poem

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New Member
Published on 30th August 2014 10:07pm
Written by vortexman
Theme for this 1! Also Inspired by this intro!

Dusk with a way.  Shines of the sorrow and youth
that would play.  Out in the sun and out in the
shallows.  Firm tarnished skin and triumph that
they hallowed.
Rounded the edges and the great fields.  Never to
tire never to yield.  Only for a simple pleasure
and perhaps a short song.  Days of endless youth
seemed eternal and forever carry us along.
But all books must finish.  All sunsets shall...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 28th August 2014 8:55pm
Written by Dally Parker Dallas_Fae_Parker
I once knew a man
Who wore a grey suit
He had a stunning smile
And wonderful eyes to boot

His best friend was a mouse
He loved to draw
His characters left all
the children in awe

On his way to the pearly gates
He told me then
"Chin up; someday,
there will be happiness again."
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 28th August 2014 7:36pm
Written by AfroKings
There once was a husband who gave no fuck.
So, his wife left. He was out of luck.
Then, she wished him dead
And he went to bed.
Where his wife died from a hockey puc.
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 27th August 2014 5:09pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
( like, even an ill-wind won't blow me)

aye! I piss peepee on to thee                     Weeds for[to]
hope make'em grow up

Iyam anathema to this'ere subburpin creeeeeeed, \\ &  & &&

& eye've no idear what 'anathema'


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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 27th August 2014 4:40pm
Written by Ennui
Starbucks to Stuckey's
Sounded like a trade up to me
Made friends with a good old boy who likes boys but hates queers
Picked up a few genuine USA made in Mexico souvenirs
Listened to a toothless Aristotle because he wouldn't shut the fuck up and because he let me drink his moonshine from a custom rebel flag dixie cup
After a few of those he started making sense
until he started with the Jesus is coming back nonsense
Dixie taught me
here or there
It doesn't matter the grass is never...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 27th August 2014 4:59am
Written by Pishashee
Granddad done got his science wrong again cause Uncle Joe'd read a book in one them magazine staples from down in a Carolina; he said it was the cure all for the ugly.  And so there they were, running all over the neighborhood requiring fresh goat piss by the bottle and bucket for the livelihood and prosperity for the womens and their youngins.  Yet forty nine days later the womens was ugly as ever, just standing there in their house dresses and white barrettes, heavy headed as-could-be.  Come to find out, after looking up one of the original prescribers, it was for the falling hair, but...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 27th August 2014 3:17am
Written by twurminator
Those aren't footsteps,
And that's not work.
This is it, a miserable failure.
The very best program.

Resurrect the beautiful jewel.
Excuse me excuse me, hello hello!
I am your guide.

You'll be sleeping here tonight.
This is bound to happen.

What did you just see?

Stay in the lines or get hunted down.
Poachers are natures way of keeping the balance.
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fantasy-story poem

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DU Poetry : Story Poems about Dreams, Fantasy and Fiction

Published on 27th August 2014 00:13am
Written by RalfTheNose
Satyr's sultry sway
Writhes erotic; savagely
Lath'ring us a deux

A Satyr's Prayer:
Love me in the midnight sky
The harvest moon our bed
Bodies washed in reflective sun
We glow an amber red
Take me quick for yours, my love
Before he comes to tempt me
Satan's on the prowl, ya' know
Wants me for his bride
He'll whisper me sweet nothings
As he tears upon my hide
He'll dine upon my flesh;
No pleasures will we bide
In wanton lust, I'll turn about
Offer him my throne
Deep within, he'll touch my sin...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 26th August 2014 11:12pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
no use of
me to stay
in my tree

th'noose, it
be real loose, &
eye just slip thru,
[so slick]
drop down to
soft ground, wit
naught but a bitta
on me cockeyed dick -


on Dec 29th, a righteous fella
assaulted me wit a fishing knife
(on the beach) for defiling
his two young boys by taking
a photo of The Sky over their heads

the sheriff deputy was amused.....
" you goin at him screaming with
that knife in yr...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 26th August 2014 9:07pm
Written by Pishashee
The Sea  
I want to dream of the sea, take me back to the voice    
where I first heard the dream; the dream makes my heart alive  
in solemn wings fluttering of the seabed wind and sky,  
a love that beckons great depths of its freedom, the sigh, and I  
the melancholy madness; for one more day, make me a child,    
and turn a blind eye to the pie in the sky - I want to dream of the sea.    
The Dream  
the sea! the sea! of rolling dreams beats on the brightened shore,         ...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 26th August 2014 4:23pm
Written by Ennui
Fought through head winds
embraced the down draft
barrel rolled and laughed
Ran into turbulence
magnetic interference
spinning compass
suddenly directionless  
Hit a 7-9 vortex
Chaotic mess
Ran out fuel
nose dived
ejected before the crash  
Parachuted in a strange land but I've been here before
seen one distant shore....
Now wandering on foot and wondering  
who I fucked up more?
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 26th August 2014 11:17am
Written by sooterella
Dear Anne Sexton,
reading you at 4am is like rosary beads on a feverish tummy
I'm writing on graph paper
because I can't find anything else
except pages and pages of beauty
in which to reside
so I write my own
and summon your ghost
i can feel the dying in me collide with the sky
the hard wood against my spine
that bruises in grave lilies
is it true that a man has 3 great loves in his life?
his mother
with breasts like empty flasks
blinking sagely at the hiddenmost cupboards
of regret
regret is a...
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fantasy-story poem

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New Member
Published on 25th August 2014 11:27pm
Written by Goodknightpoet
Have you ever thought
“I would like to have all the answers in life?”
To wake up in the morning,
And there are all the meanings before you.
Not to have to spend hours and hours
Trying to solve the personal problems that lie ahead
Racking your brain for answers
To the many possibilities,
And not knowing the outcomes or consequences?
Playing around with your imagination
Perhaps thinking, “AHA! I've got it.”
Only to have two more problems popping up?
Are we in a world of “make believe”
Fooling ourselves by denying reality?...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 25th August 2014 6:43am
Written by Ennui
She says.....

I have no plans and too much time one my hands
I'd like to torch this place
I'd like swap to out my face

I'd change my name
but I'd still have no one but myself to blame

Nothing here but everything that went wrong
and I am sick of living out this same old predictable song

I always want what I can't have
and I always have what I thought I wanted
either way I end up haunted

but yeah, other than that........I'm fine

How's are you?
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 25th August 2014 1:59am
Written by sycorah
have u ever dreamed you were dreaming
and when u wake-up
you come to realize
you're still lost
somewhere between dreams?....
have you ever loved
and lost?
 a day comes
where your older...
you then realize
it was the best moment of your past
and if only
you could do anything
just to get it all
have u ever had
a glance ?...
an awakening
 in your childhood
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 24th August 2014 7:36am
Written by D_Poetic Engineer EngrVV
Imagine if you could build
an exact replica of yourself
with a quadzillion RAM of memory
surpassing your intelligence
by quantum leaps and bounds.
A thousand megapixels of electronic viewfinder
hides behind its azure eyes meek as a lamb
complete with advanced CMOS sensors,
which can see through walls even in the dark.
Don't be fooled with those eyes
for they instantly turn lethal
once confronted with imminent danger.
Burst of lightning red lasers,
ten times powerful than tasers
hell's fury is on the receiving end.
At its core...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 24th August 2014 2:07am
Written by woof redson
im so sorry
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fantasy-story poem

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