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Story Poems

Poetry about Dreams, Fantasy and Fiction

This section is for story poems about dreams and fantasy; fiction poetry born out of a creative imagination. This includes poems about the writer's aspirations and the life they wish they led, or a person they wish they could be. Along with poetry about fictional characters and made up situations, taking place in this world or within the realm of fantasy. The "story poems" category also includes science fiction and fanfiction poems.
Published on 19th September 2014 5:59am
Written by DecipherMe
We say that we know sufferings,      
that we can empathize with the farthest extents of human pain,      
but we lie.      
If you can read this message, then you are affluent,      
and a sadder person lies beneath you.      
Are you dead my brother?      
Are you dead my sister?      
Are you dead my mother and father?      
My child?      
Does your mind's body wreath with troubles through the night      
as you feel the darkness take you for its aliment?      
When you close your eyes, do you pray...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 19th September 2014 4:23am
Written by FlakyPorcupine
Thousands upon thousands of years
Monuments standing the test of time
Human achievement soaring high
But is this how we end?
Slipping like quicksand through the ground
Skyscrapers no longer standing tall
Our time turning into a passing memory
From ashes our age returns to dust.
Purge the world, pull us under
Swallow humanity through its earthen maw
Mother Nature reclaims her throne
Father Time shows no sympathy nor remorse.
Our cars, our houses, tugged below
Beasts watching on with tilted heads
Man slipping through the...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 19th September 2014 1:32am
Written by LonelyWolf6
Every day, I wake up with a headache.
Flashes of the ever occurring dream rush back.
Nostalgic and menacing, I'm left to feel hungover.
I lie there in numbing agony. Wishing to fall back into slumber.
rolling over on to my back,  I gaze up and see her again.
Floating above me, with eyes glimmering white.
Consumed in trepidation, I close my eyes and silently cry.
Why is this happening to me?
Haven't I been punished enough?
Yet, no matter what I do, it all still ends with you.
this love I cannot have, has worn me out.
There is a Perfect...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 19th September 2014 1:25am
Written by hiba
Can a poor poet publish
His poems one day
Poor poet.
I don't think so

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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 18th September 2014 4:17pm
Written by oskar
America the Beautiful
The heartland of America of peace and old farmhouses,
the country I read about as a young man it is still there
although news we are served is of riots and mass shooting.
Sturdy farmers in blue overall at the bottom of the road
have collections of old stuff from recent past things
collected for the love of it, but you can buy some if they
feel like selling; canny know the value of scrap metal.
Nice roads in a green landscape and tall three, and no
police sirens scream around winding corners and bullets
do not fly through...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 17th September 2014 4:57am
Written by LonelyWolf6
She's the one who's always on my mind.
She's the one who's haunting my dreams.
Her voice calls to me like a burning whisper.
Her silhouette just lingering at the end of my bed.
I lay there lethargic and listen to her hum.
I don't want it to be like every other night.
I watch as she advances from the shadows.
I see her face and I'm helpless not to cry.
Abashed, I reach out to hold her close.
She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me closer.
No words are spoken between the two of us.
Just lying face to face, a...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 16th September 2014 12:52pm
Written by Van Vandel_Viaclovsky
the cuckoo called

a swooning song

i looked about my room

i looked beyond

the window i looked

around my head

but i had lost the sound

soon too soon

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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 16th September 2014 9:53am
Written by gardenlover
Beware of her trap
She appears as any other girl
But Vaze; a she devil

Beauty in men's eyes
They think they will get the prize
So the chase is on

Bare breasts on display
Splayed legs show the way to go
Why is there delay

Venture near to her
Her embrace will hold so tight
Never letting go

She will suck men dry
Enslave them until they die
Start over again

Her sisters are here
Men face dire dangers everywhere
You have all been warned
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 16th September 2014 7:39am
Written by Pishashee
I didn't see the moon for what came in the afternoon; the rain started early and soaked deep through the night across the mid-lands. I remember the month of the blue moon, and the pink one, and then the shined yellow one and how charming of all their surprises – and the rain.  How could we ever know what tomorrow will bring, or that yesterday really meant something without the reflection of time in this light; new people, new endeavors, new life.  A new sequence of equations.  Remember the days of the Pharaohs when mankind came out of the mist of unrecorded time and into the light of...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 15th September 2014 6:24pm
Written by John Vincent DeVito JohnVincent
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fantasy-story poem

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DU Poetry : Story Poems about Dreams, Fantasy and Fiction

Published on 15th September 2014 12:40pm
Written by Van Vandel_Viaclovsky

                                             the dawning sun weaves its rays upon the crest the billow-winds the
 simple rows of white snow which soften the gloom the dawning  
sun weaves its spring and the waters flow within
            we have ways she says we have ways
 the chilling moon is warmed and thins  
the body draws itself up from prone slowly so slowly stirs from the gloaming waters  
dappled with the malaise of day-dreaming...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 15th September 2014 4:59am
Written by DecipherMe
This is a story that I will tell,      
and I hope to be unashamed.      
When I was born and came from woman, I burst the dam and emerged like a river.      
I was never breastfed, and I sincerely regret it      
whenever I think of thick young milk and passively gaining immunities,      
but hunger is abstract and detached now that I have achieved my years.      
From blossomed women, I seem to desire that which I never received.      
An old memory of mine:      
I saw a woman’s firm naked backside      
devote to itself the entire...
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fantasy-story poem

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New Member
Published on 15th September 2014 3:11am
Written by candycrier
"Hesitation equals
Hell," she muses.
"If in doubt, always
grab, then you have
what you did not have."
And with a sway,
she bows her
cleavage, the tease,
this baffling
emissary of
genuflections I have
christened "Marya."
How it pleases her
when I turn from
a shelf in sudden
golden dreams and
inner riches,
or join
her footsteps
in a spin toward
some hidden Grail!
Down the aisles
she is like my
searching shadow
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 15th September 2014 3:09am
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX

                            dropped off,
                           ~  just fine
                             thank you,  ~
                        just try
                    to recall
            you were
      when the
disappeared as if into The Well of Kindness, or
                                      I'd guess
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 14th September 2014 1:45pm
Written by oskar
After the bombing dead children everywhere
like a doll factory had exploded, strewn limbs  
warm spaghetti on the parade of inhumanity.
From Joan Rivers to Kissinger a chorus as old as
humanity sought heaven “We don´t care you
brought it on yourself by defying us.”
Down a sand dune a decapitated head rolled
the bloodied head of innocence and a chorus of
young men in black with scarf hiding their faces;
“It is your fault you brought it on yourself, and we
do not care and we will never die.”
White cumulous clouds...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 14th September 2014 10:03am
Written by TheDarkNobody
Remember when your veins crept out your wrists,
They painted stars behind the black of my soul.
The daisy-chain in my hair I planted in your fists,
And tattooed winter phonecalls in your abysmal blackhole.
The sky was broken and your hair carried rivers,
Your chest was torn and my ribs oozed silver.
Remember night skies stuck in moonless snowglobes,
And roofs and sunsets and alternative rock songs,
You were crimson,I bit memories into your earlobes,
You said my oversized sweaters drowned all your wrongs.
I twirled in the dark and you saw me bleed,...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 13th September 2014 6:05pm
Written by oskar
Unmoving Sadness.

The air is still around the houses today
it could be because it is Saturday
and it needs a rest.
Still air has a musty smell like bedding
not changed for six month,
the apathy of those who live in filth.
I put a lit candle on the window sill
It is in airs nature, to try blowing it out
window pane rattles
The air is crisp and clear  
carries the aroma of a jute sack of carob beans.
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 13th September 2014 00:25am
Written by XxMadHatterxX
     Bloodshot eyes paralyzed with fear. Still. All is quiet, except for his hushed breathing and rapid heart beat. His mind flashes static buzz, unable to comprehend or draw a conclusion. He begins to violently rap his fingernails on the table. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap....
     The Grandfather clock chimes. His eyes dart to it, paranoid. Paranoid. Paranoid. The eyes watching him. He feels them. Why are they looking? He turns to there the feeling hits him. From behind. Nothing's there. Of corse not; that's make him sane. He was insane....
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 12th September 2014 9:03pm
Written by vortexman
Outscored trains have you on the one-way trip, the sands of light!  Conductors molten glass.  And the floor he walks upon translucent showing not just below the rails.  But into the very core of the  Earth and the devils smiling back at me.  Asking me
for a cig for his light!
I laid back into the chair I was sitting in.  On this strange journey it was made of pudding and creams.  It was an edible chair so tasty.  Like the
moodiest of bluest and the wettest of dreams.
I decided to float down the rail car and than outside its outer window.  I found myself in a pasture...
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fantasy-story poem

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Published on 12th September 2014 3:31pm
Written by sunil
Mountain after mountain,
Flying over rugged terrain,
Everything looks so lovely,
Such happiness is insane.
The picture shows my movements,
Slowly like a reel,
Moving in slow motion,
Showing scene by scene.
This looks like some reality,
Everythings so good,
Life is showing miracles,
None are understood.
Am I the dreamwalker
Living in the dream,
Or is the dream within me,
Woken by my sleep.
I used to be a human,
Once little a child,
Its all gone now
The time has changed,
Now I'm just a machine.
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fantasy-story poem

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