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Erotic Poems

Erotica and sex poetry short poems, most recently published first.

Published on 16th July 2009 4:40pm
Written by Kate
She said the she feels
like an old married woman
in her 8 week union
misses the flirt
& the tingle
that even his fingers
can't compare to.

poem was originally posted on Deep Underground 02/24/2000
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erotic poem

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Published on 9th November 2010 1:26pm
Written by Divine Idiong naijapoeteket

adult poems
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erotic poem

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Published on 26th April 2011 12:47pm
Written by petrus TryHarderMartyr

I removed my pants but my shirt was still on.

Lucille said I looked ridiculous so she took off my shirt.

I lifted up her skirt and tossed off a little.
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erotic poem

3679 reads

Published on 24th October 2014 12:32pm
Written by krishnashivkumaryadav krishnasyadav

adult poems
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erotic poem

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Published on 31st January 2012 5:21am
Written by dailybeard
how perfectly your legs fit around mine,
wound up together we lay on the sand.
baby this little world inside of you,
is a sweet delight i want to live in forever.
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erotic poem

4365 reads

Published on 3rd April 2012 10:17pm
Written by DevlinDLC
I am a flower
I am beautiful in your eyes
I smell of everything you lust
above me,
beneath me,
behind me,
you break me
like the stem
once holding the flower
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erotic poem

3618 reads

Published on 7th June 2012 10:12pm
Written by KahakuHiga-Parker

adult poems
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erotic poem

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Published on 6th July 2014 00:06am
Written by Tommie Lynn tommielynn
he tells her she's pretty
and dirty in all the good ways

she tells him he's handsome
and rough in all the right places

there's a balance in their chaos
their world, their rules
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erotic poem

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Published on 11th August 2012 3:34pm
Written by hunnypot

adult poems
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erotic poem

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Published on 6th October 2012 9:32pm
Written by Kmsd
You deflect my affection
And neglect my erection you refuse my advance
And don't use the chance
I'll decide if I would
And confide that we should
Not neglect my affection
By detecting my erection
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erotic poem

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DU Poetry : Erotic Poems and Sex Poems

Published on 28th December 2012 2:09pm
Written by runningturtle87
There are those things
When given freely
In the act
Of love
That form
The mystry bond
That seals a heart
But these same things
When by force
Exact a shredded
Clutch upon the soul
That burn there

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erotic poem

1492 reads

Published on 4th September 2013 12:19pm
Written by Tommie Lynn tommielynn
White lace
worn just right
the straps
waiting to be

It's my day off
so he's
going to get
me off

My ass
thinking of his
grasp waiting for
him to
get home

We'll waste
away the day
in bed
and soak
each other in
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erotic poem

1128 reads

Published on 30th March 2013 3:19am
Written by Will lou White Mitochondrial
It doesn't matter

how ugly you are

inside or out

you will still

be able to

find love

you'll just

need a lot of money

and have to

hide out

in the red-light district

in amsterdam

a lot.
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erotic poem

925 reads

Published on 18th April 2013 8:16pm
Written by tornado
Her laid back presentation of assets was enticing
her philosophy on modesty demystifying    
leaving little doubt upon presenting her views so smoothly
that his belief in levitation was solidifying
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erotic poem

566 reads

Published on 1st May 2013 2:06am
Written by lunaz69
I want to love you
In dangerous ways
Bearing intimacies
Of unscrupulous intentions
Riveting intense
Pleasures of sin
Our fantasies freed
And filled with uninhibited
Acts unscripted
Fornication unleashing
Unashamed demons
Of desire
Satisfying sexually
Untamed urges
From the dark side
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erotic poem

2607 reads

Published on 14th May 2013 9:41pm
Written by Thegremlin
My body explodes
With kaleidoscopic ectasy,
Synchronizing with yours...

Hot breath engulfed your neck
With that trick of romance
Making us one.

Our desires pulsated
as your clawed me in.
Promise me one thing
We'll do this again.

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erotic poem

1601 reads

Published on 2nd June 2013 10:40am
Written by ArtisticSoul347
There is but one
Thing I desire most:
To tease and be teased,
To please and be teased,
Slowly building up
To a sweet release.
So satisfying,
So pleasurable,
So draining,
So desirable.
This is what I desire most.
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erotic poem

2808 reads

Published on 18th June 2013 6:43pm
Written by Tommie Lynn tommielynn

adult poems
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erotic poem

3578 reads

Published on 30th June 2013 4:09am
Written by Tommie Lynn tommielynn
Touching the warm spot
all alone again
I guess if I want it done
right I have to do it

Wetter than ever I slide
all over
taste test the flavor and
I'm sweet as fantasy
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erotic poem

1670 reads

Published on 14th August 2013 6:41am
Written by marthard
A big woman from Connecticut  
By all was considered such a slut  
Splaying on her trailer  
For every sailor  
Who could navigate her massive butt.
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erotic poem

240 reads

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