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Erotic Poems

Erotica and sex poetry - Heavyweight poems, listed in order of their popularity this month.

Published on 20th August 2014 10:41am
Written by PoetSpeak
You've become too comfortable
in your dealings with me
You think you have rights that you really don't
So in an effort too save what little is left
I'm gonna spank your bottom in a pronounced way

I know this may be humiliating for you
But we both know it's the only thing you understand
So prepare for a crimson afternoon
I'll probably fuck you afterwards
But if you whimper and cry to much
I'll probably just drink beer and watch some baseball
after your thrashing
Make sure you pick up a 6 pack on your...
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erotic poem

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Published on 5th August 2014 4:48pm
Written by WriterMoe
Your face
in the glass,
reflections of
the contortions
my body gives you.

Our eyes
meeting in reflection,
mouths are gasping circles,
your hair
a bridle
in my grasping fingers.

You push
as I pull,
the city
spreading beneath us,
as I eagerly
spread you before me.
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erotic poem

111 reads

Published on 22nd August 2014 9:44pm
Written by lilsouthernbelle

adult poems
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erotic poem

276 reads

Published on 8th November 2013 3:20am
Written by Rina Vee
Take your faithful quill
touch the most sensitive amour of my body
with your shapeless desire, a wanton walk
in the midst of vast unhinged intrusions
an exploration of a canvas opulently undone
Illustrate your sinful thoughts
carving lucid dreams converged with visions
of measured heartbeats in cycles of waves
with your heart and mine in cylindrical spiral
as seasons change and rearrange
Release the shining rays
from depths of my soul in vibrant colors
restoring the mystical hues as they cascade
into symphony of influx...
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erotic poem

593 reads

Published on 9th August 2014 4:16pm
Written by domore2014
What I'd feel if you were to kiss me
A giving soul tethering me tightly in loving embrace
as tears of rapture were gently wiped from my face
Ohhhh what I'd feel...
What I'd do if you were with me
A tangled lace of lips and limbs upon the bed
Hearing your heart beat, as on your shoulder I would lay my contented head.
Mmmmmmm what I'd do....
What I'd crave if you were to hold me
Warming depths of desire, sparking a pulsing need
Deep kisses, caressing, touching, tasting you with eager greed
Ohhhhh what I'd crave..... ...
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erotic poem

308 reads

Published on 6th August 2014 11:23pm
Written by JT SugarSkull
She took the last remaining piece  
Of clothing down from her knees  
Stepped over it - onto - me and said  
"Shape me how you please"  
So I shaped her  
For seven days  
Only resting once  
On the last day
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erotic poem

255 reads

Published on 15th August 2014 2:07pm
Written by seascape

adult poems
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erotic poem

269 reads

Published on 17th August 2014 10:18pm
Written by Lance Sir_Lancelott

adult poems
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erotic poem

353 reads

Published on 26th August 2014 4:18am
Written by REKS24 The Urban Poet reks24

adult poems
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erotic poem

326 reads

Image New Member
Published on 5th August 2014 10:47pm
Written by VegasPoet
I love to
Yes, I crave and enjoy it
I savor the flavor
It is one of the best methods
Often 'the best' way
To caress her stress
Guys, don't take my word for it
Ask your...
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erotic poem

278 reads

DU Poetry : Erotic Poems and Sex Poems

Published on 20th August 2014 3:18am
Written by Victorian
Your words
They role of your tongue
And land on my skin
Leaving tingling tracks
To let me know
Where they've been

I feel them deep
In my belly
Licking my core
Leaving me wanting
Begging for more

Laying claim
To my body
Taking control
I give it freely
I now know
My role

You teach
And I learn
I like it this way
So teach me
Please teach me
I'm ready to play.
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erotic poem

266 reads

New Member
Published on 26th August 2014 8:06pm
Written by seascape
So Unique:
I just do not get it ♥ what is it
That makes you . . . unique
How is this, happening?
It is not, supposed to be like this

Let me break it down for you:

I am not the girl, you’re supposed to love: I am the girl, you never see
I am the girl in the shadows: I make the other girls, look pretty
I am the one to fix the pain, I go away: I am not the one who stays
Something about you is so unique; you pull me like a magnetic energy

Let me explain it to you:

I never been in...
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erotic poem

199 reads

Published on 1st August 2014 4:55pm
Written by WriterMoe
you haunt me in your absence.
Wrapped in sheets,
moaning spirit roaming,
drifting from room to room,
bed to bed...
Priests, shamans, rabbis
bartender or easy girl,
cannot exorcise you...
You writhe, hips astride mine,
lightening through the window,
wild wind and flickering candles,
one hand in your wild mane,
the other on a perfect breast,
slowly, gasping, tightening...
As I lie here, face to ceiling,
alone with the ghost of your sex,
and I cry out into the night, ...
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erotic poem

143 reads

Published on 18th August 2014 5:51pm
Written by blueeyes415263
Lips, so soft and pouty; you can't help but to imagine their taste....
Come closer...
As my warm breathe collides against yours...
My lips, softly touching yours...
Taking just the tip of my twisting,inviting tongue and running it ever so slightly around the edges, as you tremble...
Feeling the moisture dance from your love, as your lips gently open to my kiss...
Bite down slowly, like the gentle rain as it touches sweet petals; onto the bottom lip while radiating wet pulling kisses to the top lip so it doesn't become jealous...
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erotic poem

323 reads

Published on 20th August 2014 11:09pm
Written by tornado

adult poems
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erotic poem

319 reads

Published on 28th August 2014 5:12pm
Written by lilsouthernbelle
Would you be my slave for the day??

After the many gifts
That i have bestowed

Would you draw me a hot bath??

Filling it with bubbles
Roses and perfumed oils

Would you dry me off with a fluffy towel?

Followed by rubbing me down
With fragrant lotion every where

Would you carry me in your strong arms to the bed?

Make love to me
Oh so passionately through the night

Would these things be out of place for me to ask for Sir?
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erotic poem

170 reads

Published on 28th April 2014 7:13pm
Written by Lance Sir_Lancelott
                       Having a few years on me, I still want the delicious treat of sexy you. Shedding that cute summer dress, your pretty hair, stunning figure and sparkling eyes amazed me. We had a beautiful lunch naked in my backyard. After a few flirts back and forth, putting the food away, we got comfortable on the blanket making out like maniacs with a passion. Gorgeous breasts with rock hard nipples felt awesome against my chest. Feeling the stiffness between us, with a moan you go down too investigate. The sweet way you took me in, you must have had a fudge-cicle on the way over....
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erotic poem

223 reads

Published on 30th August 2014 2:58pm
Written by kateA seekingkate
She has me as her avatar
This woman I don't know
From a world I have trouble comprehending
I heard her say to someone close
She loved this photo of me
She mentioned the word avatar
I listened close and gleaned what she did mean
But this poem is not about her, it's about me
How I came to have this photo taken
Who I am and how she ended up with me
They called me Isadora and I was lauded in my prime
This photo of me I too adore
My butt on show for all to see
I did stand out, what I did was not that common
I was...
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erotic poem

79 reads

Published on 9th June 2013 2:35am
Written by jemac
Are you watching?
can you feel me approaching?
to do what ever I please?
I want to wrap myself
around you
carrying you to another
sphere of delight
as if you are my dream
but making you come true
making you part of my skin
so you can feel my stories
from within my cocoon
bringing you all the pleasure
that I seek
with every tender touch
and stroke, my hot breath
against you
as I breathe you in
becoming one with
every breath we take
my tongue searching you
in all your hidden places
that I can find so easily...
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erotic poem

217 reads

Published on 4th August 2014 10:06pm
Written by Magdalena

I felt him shiver along my spine
it was like butterflies
kissing me back to life
like honesty breathing into my pores
'tasting vanilla'
I felt him scorch my bones
soldering every fracture
I was punch drunk
from his onslaught of tenderness
'safe in his place'
lithe in the palm of his hands
and he took my diffidence
while green blades
whimpered below my writhe
he weighted me down with rock and fire
I wanted to burn to...
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erotic poem

237 reads

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