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Erotic Poems

Erotica and sex poetry - Heavyweight poems, listed in order of their popularity this month.

Published on 6th August 2014 1:41pm
Written by Jessa_Felatio

adult poems
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erotic poem

916 reads

Published on 19th May 2014 1:13am
Written by DevlinDLC

it is
I'm not wearing any panties
God may forsake me
for being such a blasphemous
creature of pleasure
but in actuality
he should feel rather beyond honored
that in the heat of my passionate,
panty-less moments,
it is he,
I scream out
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erotic poem

419 reads

Published on 5th October 2013 8:13pm
Written by SinfulSir

She is submissive, her love selfless, her loyalty unequivocal, her needs rudimentary;


She is not weak,.instead she is strong enough to face her desires without shame or reluctance;

Accept the woman
Discipline the slave
Fuck the whore
Use the toy

Never, strip her of.who she is, or take away her sense of self;

Her pride
Her passion
Her courage
Her values
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erotic poem

261 reads

Published on 9th October 2014 5:26pm
Written by lilsouthernbelle

adult poems
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erotic poem

506 reads

Published on 11th October 2014 12:11pm
Written by lilsouthernbelle
Oh masterful poet
The world you weave with your words
Is so full of temptation
May I join you there Sir?

The sultry situations
Created by your sexy pen
Keep me enthralled
Totally drawing me in

The power you have over me
Is so very evident
I don't have to ask
You must be aware of it

The one true question is
Is a very simple one
If this lil Southern girl knocks
Are you going to let her in?
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erotic poem

144 reads

Published on 20th October 2014 1:47am
Written by PoetSpeak
Used work with a guy
Who when you asked him
How, he was doing
He always replied

"It ain't nothing that a cheap bottle of vodka and a blow job won't cure"

Then there was another friend who when asked how he was, would always reply

"Fair to below average"

I like honesty
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erotic poem

83 reads

Published on 20th October 2014 4:21am
Written by Zazzles
I wanna begin but don't know how to act.
Lost without even trying
how the fuck is that? ) ) )

Wicked little Queen.

I'm a make you do some
Freaky shit with my 9 tails
and you will love it,
I am the holly grail..

Bite your palm when I walk by
tell me I'm sexy
start the fire
pretty little liar
smirking in your sexy avatar

Sultry and seductive
Dirty martini slut,
I'm just...
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erotic poem

119 reads

Published on 6th October 2014 3:31am
Written by BlueBeastGirl
They make plans to hang out that day
Both promising to keep their hands away
He turns on his computer and they lay on the floor
She couldn't help but kiss him and he couldn't help wanting more
At first she was on top, her hands on his chest
But then he rolls them, kissing her, giving her his best
With ease he unbuttons his pants fast
And when she strokes him he thinks "Man, I ain't gonna last"
He eases her skirt up from her knees
He smiles as her eyes begged please
She sighs and pulls him in for a kiss
She had truly missed...
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erotic poem

290 reads

Published on 20th April 2014 4:12am
Written by Pathospassion

adult poems
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erotic poem

303 reads

Published on 6th October 2014 8:39pm
Written by lilsouthernbelle

adult poems
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erotic poem

643 reads


DU Poetry : Erotic Poems and Sex Poems

Published on 12th October 2014 10:44pm
Written by seascape

adult poems
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erotic poem

268 reads

Published on 17th October 2014 8:39am
Written by Gatsby

adult poems
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erotic poem

303 reads
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Image New Member
Published on 17th October 2014 8:06pm
Written by Solomon_Song
This was inspired by John Feddeler's poem 'Roadside Doll' and the accompanying painting illustration showing a woman undressing in front of a mirror.
A sight none other did witness,
I watched her in the glass undress
Gently to her smooth nakedness
(Contrast my hairy ruggedness),
Which so aroused my manliness
Before wed exchanged a caress
And Id tasted her lips sweetness.
Id had my fill of wars excess,
My dose of post-traumatic stress;
Now I craved loving tenderness.
My angel of warmth and kindness,
The blonde, now off-duty,...
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erotic poem

72 reads
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Published on 25th September 2014 4:40am
Written by lilsouthernbelle
I was lost in Limbo
Satisfaction eluded me
Locked away in chains
Of a torturious past

You broke through the gates
Searching for the woman inside
Releasing the passion and fire
Finding my hidden desires

Such seduction within your words
Sensuality seeping from your eyes
Your soul called out to me
To come feast upon you

Ending my desperate search
For a kindred soul
Reaching into my core
Allowing my sexuality to break free

You are my Savior
My galant Knight
Fighting off the demons
That surrounded me Sir
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erotic poem

256 reads

Published on 26th November 2012 9:55pm
Written by The_Student
She's lying on my chest. I know
That she's listening to my heart beat.
I move my hands up her back,
Stroke her head. I want to stop her hurting.
It's been a bad day. She knows
I'm here for her.
When she looks up at me, her eyes are bright.
I like kissing her, feeling
How wet and soft her lips are. My hands
Move down to rest on the smooth swell
Of her hips. She sighs a little.
I feel her hands on my shoulders.
Her kisses are deep, I can't get enough,
And she's wet to the touch
When I move my fingers inside her.
Just rubbing...
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erotic poem

759 reads

Published on 3rd October 2014 3:08pm
Written by REKS24 The Urban Poet reks24

adult poems
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erotic poem

351 reads

Published on 1st October 2014 6:48pm
Written by vcsawyer1

adult poems
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erotic poem

273 reads
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Published on 19th September 2014 3:10pm
Written by tornado
Out here on the back porch
it's a wet and soggy morning
the sky is dripping
and there's a flash flood warning
my coffee cup is empty
so I head back into the kitchen
the only sounds in the darkness
are contented sighs and groggy stretching
a quick search of the living room
to find where the dog is hiding
she'd protect us in a heartbeat
but she's afraid of thunder and lightning
then it's carefully to the bedroom
the old mattress rolls me to the middle
spooning into your backside
like a bent bow greeting a familiar fiddle
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erotic poem

185 reads

Published on 20th September 2014 5:10am
Written by bluemoon
tattoo my heart with your love
stamp my soul with your wishes
make me see all that you expect
for our love and my being
give all that you command

And when my commands met
You will feel the security
Of love that will be there
for you...
A tattoo stained to our

Ink your love upon my soul
burn your name deep within me
cut a vein and fill me with your blood
till we become one soul and one life
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erotic poem

219 reads

Published on 2nd October 2014 2:29am
Written by MalcolmJThePoet
Close your eyes
What I am gonna do to you tonight

Close your eyes
Make a wish
Sexing you
Ride my dick
Saddle up on my horse

Galloping up and down
Throbbing rock solid
As you grasp me
With your clit
Hitting it like I cannot miss

Close your eyes
Heavy breathing
Breathe in and out
Take it slow
Cruise control

Close your eyes
Taking you to ectasy
Let do what lovers do
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erotic poem

443 reads

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