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Erotic Poems

Erotica and sex poetry - Heavyweight poems, listed in order of their popularity this month.

Published on 26th November 2014 8:52pm
Written by kateA seekingkate
i'm bare
from the waist down
my black chemise
up near my breasts
one nipple peeking through
it's hot...because
you won't disappear
from my head
woke me from
my sleep with
these throbbing thoughts
i know we will
be soon, but
it's not soon enough
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erotic poem

286 reads

Published on 15th December 2014 3:20pm
Written by lilsouthernbelle

adult poems
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erotic poem

451 reads

Published on 16th December 2014 8:22pm
Written by lilsouthernbelle
I ride the night
Through black silken skies
By the light of the stars
On clouds of lust
Overtaking all of your dreams
As you lay tightly tucked in
Drifting into deep slumber
Your only thoughts are of me
My mystical soft skin
Gliding beneath your sheets
Melting into the heat of you
Engulfing you in my sin
We two have been lovers forever
Til now haven't found one another
Time slowly ticked away
Distance our invisible enemy
Now what eluded the two of us
Is within our grasp
In the cover of the night...
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erotic poem

208 reads

Published on 22nd November 2014 2:51pm
Written by Van Vandel_Viaclovsky

            drops of rain bent beauteous , drops of rain bent marvelous
                              drops of rain bent to taptap upon the house
drops of rain bent to slapslap upon the glassy eye
                              drops of december falling splendidly  -
and above it was silence cloud sky all wondrous.

            drops of rain bent
      to splishsplash upon the plain.
beneath ,
the city smirks its grim and grime,drowsily...
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erotic poem

80 reads

Published on 2nd December 2014 10:37pm
Written by Gahddess_Worship
Outside cars rush by
journeying to fulfill
mundane requirements of life
perchance embarking on an adventure
all destined for snarled traffic
Inside we lay
naked, serene
lips together pressed
legs intertwined
voluptuous breasts
meet wanting chest
hearts converse
My hands wander
fingers caressing
your every peak and valley
travelling along your alabaster highway
on a quest to explore
every secret place
your hands guide me
to the spot
where by the merest touch
you are transported
with cries of...
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erotic poem

114 reads

Published on 26th November 2014 10:37am
Written by paintmepretty

adult poems
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erotic poem

599 reads

Published on 26th November 2014 4:10pm
Written by crowfly
A final offer from my muse
To guide me to some grace
Maybe lend her flame to light my fuse
And help me to save face

She says "Hun just let me light your fire
So we can shed some light
One breath and I'll take you higher
And demonstrate an angel's flight."

I just simply can't say no
As she provides me with that lift
She says "Hun we're going with your flow
Just consider this my gift."
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erotic poem

122 reads

Published on 20th December 2014 00:43am
Written by toniscales
She waits for the seduction,
for his hand between her legs.
All lemon verbena
and wires buttressing her limbs.
She swallows carnations. Beach glass.
Is plagued by the fluttering
of finches beneath her dress.
The aviary walls licked with dust
and pennies lodged like tongues
in the mattress.
When he arrives it's a symphony,
breathless and contrived.
The dark choreography
of his fingers rough in her,
her thighs that ache to spread
like wings.
At dawn he'll leave her sprawled
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erotic poem

103 reads

Image New Member
Published on 25th November 2014 1:38pm
Written by PoetSpeak
Speak to me
With your flesh
Cover me
When the darkness clouds my vision

You know what to do
No instructions
No games
Serenade me in your intoxicating beauty

Coming to you
My only salvation
Escaping in your scent
Wash my pain away in you
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erotic poem

243 reads

Published on 8th December 2014 2:10pm
Written by REKS24 aka Robb Silk reks24

adult poems
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erotic poem

305 reads


DU Poetry : Erotic Poems and Sex Poems

Published on 14th November 2014 8:42pm
Written by tornado
The reins are all yours
easy now, he pulls to the right
that's it, a little more pressure
keep both hands tight
you're doing fine
keep him at a steady pace
don't let him raise his head
if you don't want him in your face
oK, time to pick it up some
give him his head, let him run
loosen your grip just a little
see, he appreciates what you've done
he's really starting to fill out
you've worked him into a good sweat
I must say I'm very impressed
you handle him better than anyone yet
Whoa! See the way he's...
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erotic poem

154 reads

Published on 26th November 2014 1:29am
Written by Idryad Grace
Bring the glitter on bands of gold
blow the shivers of pleasure trove
touch the portal to ecstasy
kiss the yearnings of unfolding blossoms
Watch the dawn blush kissing the sky
cool night air bowing in greeting
feel the sparks of silver lighting
permeates through the body supine
twin peaks tremble with morning dew
sprinkled by heavy magicked wand
shooting stars on velvet curtains
erupting volcanoes roars within
Pegasus gallops across the sky
trailing galaxies of molten stars
trembling constellations in creation
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erotic poem

119 reads

Published on 18th November 2014 9:44am
Written by MuseOfTheDeep MuseOfTheFountain

adult poems
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erotic poem

494 reads

Published on 10th October 2014 1:23pm
Written by Van Vandel_Viaclovsky

           the wind has blown sunsoaked

the wind has blown wistful -
the wind has blown wisteria away      -
           the wind has blown sunsoaked
daydreams away      -      
the moon lathers for the girl in mauve waves
- the moon slathers incandescence down                   in mauve and mingled ways.

-      she walks the reverb through, stepping scarlet, maroon  Fabergé             -
                 she is the pool into...
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erotic poem

114 reads

Published on 22nd November 2014 11:43pm
Written by lilsouthernbelle
Alone on a three day road trip
Heading up to the Great White North
Visiting some family and friends
She hadn't seen them in many years
Head bobbing and dozing behind the wheel
She pulled off at a road side motel
Once checked in she took a steamy shower
It gave her a burst of energy
Got dressed in a slinky red dress
Swept her hair up in an updo
Flirty strands falling around her face snd down her back
Makeup done to perfection, she was ready to go
Took off to the manager's office
Asked where a girl could get a drink...
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erotic poem

148 reads

Published on 25th November 2014 7:18am
Written by LobodeSanPedro

adult poems
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erotic poem

259 reads

Published on 28th November 2014 00:37am
Written by tornado
Spicy and tender
Is this turkey breast
But I'd rather it was yours
Pressed tight against my chest

Spreading these turkey legs
I look but it's not there
Your tight lil pussy
shaved smooth of hair

This cranberry sauce is cool
And feels good on my tongue
But it's licking your cream gravy
That really makes me cum

My big drumstick between your hot buns
Is covered with honey fresh from your clover
And you can bet later on tonight
I'm gonna eat you like thanksgiving left overs
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erotic poem

237 reads

Published on 9th October 2014 1:43am
Written by MsRockyJackson

adult poems
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erotic poem

679 reads

Published on 1st December 2014 10:09pm
Written by Deborahlee3313
Bind me for pleasure...teach me what you like
dominate my mind and body...ignite my internal fire

Yours to my submission
pleasures unrelenting desire

Bind me for me what you've got
touch and taste need for you grows higher

Master my bliss...take me places that only you can
you own all of're my gratification supplier
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erotic poem

367 reads

Published on 19th December 2014 9:31pm
Written by tornado
I love feeling my hardness
between your cheeks
holding it there
feeling the throb
launch pad ready
cupping your breasts
your nipples
rock hard
burning into the
palms of my hands
slowly moving my hips
in and out
the ridge of my hard shaft
rubbing across
that puckered lil hole
you wiggling back into me
your deep moan
turns me on
I reach around to find
your slit dripping
fueling sequence complete
unleashing an unconscious stroke
between your cheeks
faster deeper...
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erotic poem

133 reads

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