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Erotic Poems

Erotica and sex poetry - Heavyweight poems, listed in order of their popularity this month.

Published on 9th March 2015 4:16pm
Written by tornado
If you'd be my 50 foot woman
sensually in clothes too small to fit
I'd be your horny little fairy
my pixie dust destined for your slit
my tiny fairy body the right size
for intimate access to slippery folds
my arms wrapped round your clit
when in need of a steadying hold
your heaving mountainous breasts
my next quest to rule
discovering one ruby nipple
much more than a mouth full
what fun sitting on your fingers
as they thrust in and out
my pointy ears lending a fleshy texture
making you moan and shout
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erotic poem

124 reads

Published on 22nd March 2015 2:07am
Written by Virginiapetal

adult poems
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erotic poem

253 reads

Published on 27th March 2015 7:27am
Written by katja _shadoe_
i swallow your words;
nourish myself on
a molecular level
with the taste of
your thoughts ~
... black knots chafe
in the hollow pit
with each pang
i feed emptieness ... †
pain curls into a ball
rocking †
back & forth
back & forth
my hands act
like your own
when it's cold
[& i'm like
a polished opal]
... brittle
fracture me, please
dance in the shards
cut yourself to ribbons
& bleed from me
on me...
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erotic poem

101 reads

Published on 27th March 2015 5:56am
Written by looloolookie
This fire won't leave,
Burning, turning me.
It's lit all day

In between dreaming
A cool tongue, douses,
Lending swollen love

A cucumber cock
Of healing abilities.
Aloe hands that quickly

I beg of you lover,
Take this flame down
To it's ember spirit

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erotic poem

144 reads

Published on 13th March 2015 2:52pm
Written by crowfly
Soaring proudly on the wing
Swooping down begins to sing
Her PA system playing loud
Blasting Wagner to the crowd

I'm caught by this proud Valkyrie
Carried high above the sea
Arriving at some foreign land
Where grim warriors take a stand

Obviously too much at stake
The Valkyrie decides to take a break
Dropping in from high above
Sings "Forget the war! †Let's make some love!"

Then lighting on her golden fleece
She teaches me her way of peace
Turns this bloodlust into bliss
Our treaty sealed with a kiss.
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erotic poem

56 reads

Published on 12th March 2015 00:44am
Written by mysteriouslady

adult poems
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erotic poem

284 reads

Published on 11th March 2015 5:47am
Written by Kandi
"Don't" she said softly as lips meandered and hands wandered.
I don't want to feel this way, she thinks as idle cruising caused instant tremors
"Stop" she said as pressure increased and hands found purchase on hips,
gentle massaging of breasts and teeth dragging across lips
Breathless sighs turned raspy groans
As practical decision succumbs to intuition
Her head drops in surrender and she realizes this battle is for another time, another place
"Don't. Stop. Don't...stop. †Don't stop!" She pleads as he heeds her words this time and pushes her over and...
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erotic poem

263 reads

Published on 17th March 2015 1:37am
Written by looloolookie
I am a lover,
I will love your body.
I will love the smell
Of your favorite shirt,
Bury my face
In your messy sheets.
I will love your toothbrush
The way it sits discarded
On the bathroom counter.
I will love the books you read,
And the ones you donít
I will show you affection,
Like you've always craved.
Occupy the space,
Where your loneliness sits.
I will be your lover,
Give you my body whole.
In return,
Give me your loving mouth,
Your warm wet tongue.
Push and grind into me,
Pull my hair,...
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erotic poem

183 reads

Published on 14th March 2015 2:17am
Written by johnrot
please don't read this †
peanut butter crackers by mike honcho †
†i care so much †
i'll hold your hair back †
while you deep throat me †
or after you've drank your fill
or haven't had enough, ever
never been one much for emo erotica but lately it seems life been puttin the blocks to me †
like that one leg up on the bed,almost 160 degrees inverted † †
9 inches of dirty uncircumsized prison dick that you thought was prolly a girl boy anyway †
† †
i never liked me niether † ...
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erotic poem

138 reads

Published on 11th March 2015 1:39am
Written by PoetSpeak
It was all good
Until it wasn't
It's better now
But the excitement level is lower

Had to choose
Manic and Mania
Ultimately, I chose goodness

Goodness was never on the radar
But it ate up the disease of obsession
It's better
Just a tad boring, hmmmm
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erotic poem

141 reads

DU Poetry : Erotic Poems and Sex Poems

Published on 9th March 2015 3:54am
Written by stuckinahardplace
His hands †
Those strong hands †
All about my flesh and gripping my curves †
That He will sway, twist and bend how we need †
Fingertips to lips †
In and out of my mouth †
Drawing lips so hungry to His †
Spreading them to gladly accept †
what He desires deep inside them †
† †
His arms, shoulders and thighs †
Muscular and defined †
They grip me tightly †
Supporting us as my legs are wrapped † †
My back against the wall †
Thrusting with...
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erotic poem

424 reads

Published on 1st March 2015 2:03pm
Written by Mr_Mahogany_Wood MusicallyMrM

adult poems
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erotic poem

750 reads

Published on 20th March 2015 3:31am
Written by looloolookie
You are so close, †
Three hands away. †
Can you feel this? †
Heat stroked. †

You're eyes haven't left †
My chest, raises to †
Your attention. †
Two hands away now. †

The crowd is invisible, †
Only you, reeling †
Me in, tractor beaming, †
This body. †

One hand, felt †
Through this thin cotton skirt. †
Your skill flushes my face, †
Our mirrors reflect our lust. †

The beat grows harder, †
Like you, under there. †
My hand tries,...
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erotic poem

163 reads

Published on 17th March 2015 3:19am
Written by looloolookie
The desire lives in me
To submit,
Everything, yours.

Nothing is done,
Without your

All I do,
Would be for

Then there's this thing...

My pesky will,
Taking over the

It's too strong,
My need to dominate

It would be done,
In time, with a good

From behind.

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erotic poem

179 reads

Published on 1st March 2015 8:10pm
Written by stuckinahardplace
A tender girl
Very meek and slender
Predictable with caution
Burning the candle at one end
Receiving a message
Wrapped in ripped black lace
Written on red satin
Draped across her soft face
Asking her to come
To a secret endeavor
To the top of the world
In a light tower
Shaking and scared
She bravely traveled
From her innocent girl
To the vixen warrior empowered
Reaching the top
Chains and leather everywhere
Laying across the outer railing ...
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erotic poem

185 reads

Published on 15th March 2015 11:17am
Written by PoetSpeak
Early morning
The city cleansed
Last remains of snow and ice
Vanished blissfully as Spring peeks in

This is a time to celebrate
Restore hope after the darkness of Winter
We'll do it together, you and me
Holding hands, walking on the avenue of love ...
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erotic poem

91 reads

Published on 11th March 2015 4:03pm
Written by PoetSpeak
Sometimes you wanna tell a woman
Who is a stranger
That you find her to be beautiful in appearance
But I hesitate

It's not a sexual thing
You just want to make someone's day
And feel good about that
But I hesitate

She could take the compliment nicely
Or call me a creep
This is a wary city
So its quirky, ya know ? †
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erotic poem

148 reads

Published on 27th February 2015 9:33pm
Written by Franko76

adult poems
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erotic poem

331 reads

Published on 23rd March 2015 6:40pm
Written by tornado

adult poems
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erotic poem

299 reads

Published on 19th March 2015 10:01pm
Written by PoetSpeak
I never saw it coming
Or maybe I did
Was in denial
Until I was reduced
To a slave of my own making
Can't fight anymore
Giving in
To the passion
Of her eyes and mouth
Consuming every part of me
At peace
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erotic poem

212 reads

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