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Erotic Poems

Erotica and sex poetry short poems, most recently published first.

Published on 18th August 2014 9:50am
Written by lilsouthernbelle
Flaming candle light

    Sultry mist rising

Crisp white paper

    Tall stemmed glass of red

Intimate relaxtion

    Unsaid words freely flowing

Your essence dancing in my head
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erotic poem

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Published on 9th September 2014 4:35am
Written by PoetSpeak
I like my ISex
No charging batteries
No extra fees for apps
Just lube up
And slam some jam
Lifetime contract
My My hot spots
Always available
One size fits all
Just grab and go
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erotic poem

160 reads

Published on 5th October 2014 10:12pm
Written by PoetSpeak
Your touch draws me in
Nestled in your shoulder
I hold you close
Warmed by your spirit
Can't think of anywhere else
I'd want to be

Come here now
Give me a hug
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erotic poem

481 reads

Published on 12th October 2014 5:10am
Written by kateA seekingkate
leaning on my kitchen bench
realising its the perfect height
seeing you taking me from behind
my, my
that picture's worth a thousand lines
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erotic poem

203 reads

Published on 16th October 2014 10:10am
Written by LobodeSanPedro

adult poems
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erotic poem

466 reads

Published on 11th November 2014 1:40am
Written by HHMCameron
with tongue in cheak (and other places)
we'll ignore my lack of social graces
wile a way the nite entire
wrapped tite in our bodies desires
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erotic poem

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Published on 28th December 2014 2:56pm
Written by TheOralizer

adult poems
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erotic poem

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Published on 29th December 2014 7:42pm
Written by candycrier
white guys and black girls
mix spit good percolation
soon hot creamed coffee

candycrier vows: "It's the best! And always plenty of sugar at hand for you sugar addicts."
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erotic poem

47 reads

Published on 10th January 2015 6:27am
Written by UnleashedHeathen
I will squeeze you between exotic temptation
while I let our hands intertwine.
When I break the silence with a kiss;
we enter our own revolution of daydreams.
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erotic poem

240 reads

Published on 31st August 2011 1:24am
Written by RickCortez1
A radical poet was hung like a moose
Enjoyed women wild and loose
In bed he'd spin tails
Of fucking blue whales
Reviewed as the perverse Dr. Seuss
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erotic poem

317 reads

DU Poetry : Erotic Poems and Sex Poems

Published on 8th August 2011 3:51pm
Written by tornado
Staring at your tits so perky
hoping for a little jerky-jerky
feeling your grip so tight
would be such a delight
can't you say no without looking so smirky
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erotic poem

577 reads

Published on 26th August 2011 4:57pm
Written by naturemithya

adult poems
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erotic poem

1185 reads

Published on 10th September 2011 9:50pm
Written by RickCortez1
Five dollars to a whore gave Mr. Gribble
After one fuck she didn't quibble
His shrunken dick soft
And when he got off
From the shrivel only a dribble
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erotic poem

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Published on 14th October 2011 9:41am
Written by yacolt
Wait for the video to load. I wrote the words and my friend made the video. Just trying something. Does this idea work or not?
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erotic poem

423 reads

Published on 8th April 2012 8:59am
Written by Unveiling crimsin
Stealing time away with a beautiful boy 
his lips gently grazed my neck 
Sending shivers up and down my spine  
Until I was pulsing with desire 
Leaving me begging for release these foreign feelings  
his experience was alluring to my virginal skin 
As he undressed me with slow precision   
Teasing my nipples to pleasure and hardness.   
Before kissing a fiery path down my tummy 
To my clit, where he expertly 
Licked and flicked until I came 
For the first glorious time    
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erotic poem

680 reads

Published on 6th November 2013 2:50pm
Written by celino

adult poems
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erotic poem

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Published on 2nd August 2014 3:45pm
Written by again
condomising meat

yeah play safe
all guys must use condoms
when they get married
have AID's tests done
then  forget condoms
as men love it
not using them  
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erotic poem

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Published on 28th August 2012 10:38am
Written by Cthonian
It's as if I'll never learn
to remember how that heady swing
of my muddied mind can feel
when the first awkward push into her is over.

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erotic poem

262 reads

Published on 10th September 2012 9:44am
Written by AlessandroMoschini
Black milk
is your sex
from your black silk
to feed my desire.

under the charming
dark shadow
of your nudity,
by the hot embrace
of your look
I drink.
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erotic poem

437 reads

Published on 7th September 2012 2:47am
Written by NimmieAmee
I bow before the water goddess
and arch my back

trapped beneath her tumultuous waterfall
I plead for release

my body moving rhythmically
thrashing and thrusting

a prayer on my lips
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erotic poem

353 reads

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