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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs)

Published on 30th March 2014 4:15pm
Written by Jakki
is the only place
I can see from a lighthouse
when the weather is clear
my vision 2020
I feel
the full six years catching up

religion is an opiate
sex is an additive
your pheromones inbed my sheets
I sleep to wake to live
treat me like I hate myself
lift me
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th March 2014 12:34pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
actually  [for]
                       [of] now & then,[ &,  then
                                        yet again]
morningmorning always'brings,all'waysbrings  morebetter
    plasti'nuggets for thy healing for thee health,
      [lo'beheld!}, thy health[&'well'bean] !
multiplicitous meanings, diverted 'findings', all revealed
               before lunch....
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th March 2014 7:49am
Written by owlspeaks
hurtling down dark highways
i sense that
there's chaos in the rivers just beyond-
     a certain stinging nothingness
flowing as a serpent-
venom hot in veins tied, shedding
old bodies of skin and growing
out of wicked flesh forms, once pregnant
or once stained and severely awake.
i jolted, rolling over
   with a longing
striving sensation
to taste saline sea minds
    and be free of a
        mammal form-
soft and sleepless in the
swollen coarse haired
pillows assimilating with silence
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drugs poem

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Published on 29th March 2014 5:16am
Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
we had a messy room

the people we had over
and the nights that were done

all the different cums
all the spilled drinks
all the crumbs of narcotic

the floor had quite a caking...

forensics academies could offer
full-time college-level programs
just on our room alone

thousands of hybrid microbial species
came and went by the year

yet all was calm and contained
holy and delivered
when it finally ended

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drugs poem

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Published on 28th March 2014 7:02am
Written by scarletvelvet
the cycle seems to be the same
for the addictions all of us face
doesn't matter what your drug of choice is
first comes the stage of seeking relief or
wanting escape from the pressure cooker
that this world can be
then comes the stage of indulgence
feeling better for a little while
riding high on cloud nine
or sometimes just feeling fine
then slowly that feeling wears off
as realization sets in
you have indulged again
yet the world is still the same
time for another escape
time for another indulgence ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 28th March 2014 2:28am
Written by oddman
The first time I got fucked up I drank until I puked and couldn't wait to do it again
I never felt like my skin fit my whole life.
I could feel alone in a room full of people
Alcohol made all that melt away.
Subconsciously I thought to myself all those years ago
"This is what I need to level the playing field in life"
To me alcoholism is not drunkenness, its the guy
at his kids soccer game sober as a priest
feeling restless, irritable and discontent and
thinking everyone is talking about him behind his back,
feeling guilty as hell that he is wishing...
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drugs poem

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Published on 27th March 2014 11:26pm
Written by QuestionEverything
Golden power
Sprinkled lightly
Pipe to lips
Flam sparked
Chamber filled with cloudy smoke
Slow deep breath
Breath hold
Flam sparked again
Slow deep breath
Breath hold…
Try your best to put pipe down
Intense hallucination begins
Unable to decipher hands from pipe
Its all one
Vacation is here
Have a good trip
Eyes close
Travel deep into the head
A mystic spiritual dream
Tunneling toward a deeper truth
Consciously dreaming
My eyes open up
Wide eyed yet still dreaming
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drugs poem

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Published on 26th March 2014 11:04pm
Written by p1w2t3
Mrs Jones in your mind turns you into a whore nothing you won't do to get a score clamy sweaty can't make it go I know your heard that say it's so all it says is go and get man in my head says slice your throat take your hit backed in the corner out of my mind try this game one of a kind so how can you say that this is a sin as soon as I stop twitching I want to score again? ..   nopwt
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drugs poem

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Published on 26th March 2014 00:24am
Written by Waterviolet
Ive replaced speedballs with life's bliss
One thing i do miss is the taste of blood when i miss
One thing i  doent miss is killing my sole and the needles soft kiss
One thing i did miss is the first years of my child's life  
One thing i doent miss is is my crazy whife
One thing i look forward to is getting to know u
So take my hand it wont be boring
Enjoy the ride
I have nothing to hide
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drugs poem

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Published on 25th March 2014 10:45pm
Written by alisvolat82
Do I have them?     I don’t know.
If I do              Who to tell?
In my purse,      It sits and waits.
My room, my bag,     I have no chance.
Its everywhere.
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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 25th March 2014 2:28am
Written by darkest light the_unheard

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 25th March 2014 00:42am
Written by Redhouse
There was a 'Prime-Time', when Police were not on every T.V. channel. Now, the rule-crazy, and Cop-hearted are in the world's households. I dont know the constellations, the bones of the body, not even the vein I just flagged. What I do know, is that there is no real time, only how long it takes to get the dope that is out there into my blood. The diference between being sick and not is how long it always takes and how quick it ought to be.
The mind is satisfied with 'Bunk', but not the body. The body is more choosy. A body gives a damn whether it gets what it wants or not.
The hit...
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drugs poem

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Published on 24th March 2014 8:37pm
Written by mkboy666
So you say you want to die.
Your done with pain.
So you go get high.
You pop your pills.
You cut yourself.
All it does is ruin your health.

You want us to worry and see what wrong.
BUT you said want to die.
So no I wont hold you and cry

Don't waste my time.
If you want to die just do it,
Don't cut yourself just cut the shit.
People like you make me sick.

If you cut then its fine.
But don't make a big deal.
Don't say you "want to die"
YOU want attention and that is all.    
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drugs poem

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Published on 24th March 2014 3:03am
Written by richgriff
this is for my kinfolk who usually call collect
my granny say he always do awful shit
she don't bailey out cuz he bon fck up again
dont beleive? granny always was up fa bets
my uncle kipp
just had a love for the husslte probably cuz he had such a bond with the struggle
through it all he became zoo fond of the trouble
His addiction had conflicted with his hustle
but thaws just what happens when them drugs take you under
never forget, one time in the summer
he was trappin straight relaxin
until he started jackin niggas
weeks later same...
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drugs poem

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Published on 23rd March 2014 7:47pm
Written by R. T. thoughtjotter1
When I woke up that next day the fiddler was there demanding his pay.
How much do I owe you today ? was all I could manage to say.
" Just start counting it out boy, you'll know when it's enough,
But it'll be quite a bit because you look pretty rough."
Rush to the bathroom, flip back the lid,
another gut full of dues to the Fiddler you pay.
Red eyes, busting head,
another fist full of dues to the Fiddler you pay.
If you want to dance, well, here's the bad news,
the fiddler will be back collecting his dues.
Some times it's less, some times it's...
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drugs poem

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Published on 23rd March 2014 6:08pm
Written by R. T. thoughtjotter1
Gone is that fluid gait of the young man's confidence,
Reduced to a doubtful shuffle by the lose of direction.
Now precariously balanced at this precipice of uncertain purpose.
Reluctant to continue this journey yet pushed on by the eagerness of time.
Groping for a grip on the fading Hope of assurance,
My hand grasped the bottle of hollow encouragement.
I am soon washed away by a flotilla of regret as I seek to drown reality.
Caught in a this flash flood of despair, drowning in self pity,
I allow myself to be carried to the bottom of misery....
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drugs poem

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Published on 23rd March 2014 3:08pm
Written by wbug94
God's face, torn away. The rise of anticipation succeeded by yet another wreathing pull. Another! Just one more!!!
Awakened; the serpent’s hiss of excruciating sound waves intensifies.
The filter, sanity, the plane of waking reality utterly erased.  
The vacuum of space time occurs without warning; waking consciousness dissipates.
The yarn of spatial existence rolls, the universal mind greets with open arms.
Plays, scratches, derangements of familiarity, all halts, untangled.  
Vision of the inner mind...
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drugs poem

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Published on 23rd March 2014 1:32pm
Written by mkboy666
I'm addicted
Not to weed
Not to speed
It isn't pills
Or seeking kills
Its the pain
You break my heart
I go insane
But I come back always in vain
You own me
I say "I cant wait"
But ill always stay
Truth be told I cant walk away
When you make me cry
I just want to die
But a little bit of me smiles inside
So I guess drugs are not all that kills.
You don't need weed
or speed
or pills
The stress may hurt
But it hurts so good
Like any drug
Anywhere from the hood to Hollywood
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drugs poem

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Published on 22nd March 2014 2:05pm
Written by 7th_son
s..stolen by the light..
i..illuminating sight..
l..lucid forms were born..
h..hallucinations grip..
o..opiates addiction..
u..undulating vapors..
e..exhalations caper..
t..tasting ever greater..
t..took my breath away..
e..exposing how i play..
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drugs poem

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Published on 22nd March 2014 2:00pm
Written by RaverBee
I would like to state this this poem is a work in progress. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Best wishes, RB

Psychedelic boy,
Kaleidoscopic eyes,
Two luminescent spheres
Gazing into mine.

Psychedelic boy,
Take me psy-high
Show me your wonderland
Where colours intertwine

Psychedelic boy,
Teach me how to fly,
The world is all yours
Imagination is your guide,

Psychedelic boy,
Won't you take me away,
Show me the way to your mind.
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drugs poem

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