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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs)

Published on 9th April 2014 3:45pm
Written by Waterviolet
Fuck ya bitches
2 months clean
Think i am gona sizzle back a
Large rock to calibrate
Just kidding
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drugs poem

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Published on 9th April 2014 5:00am
Written by Alisaire bootselectric
My mind seems to exceed  
my body both in  
as well as strength  
At every attempt to be  
responsible and active  
(whatever responsibility is worth)  
I always come w/in the grasp of health  
only to be reminded of my brash egotism  
to think I could  
.     .     .  
One is left little mystery  
as to a reason to find a  
fascination w/ opium.  
The word itself like a climax  
that adds tense,...
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drugs poem

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Published on 6th April 2014 3:07am
Written by Corey eatfat
My arms weigh heavy along the days I crashed into a simple
change as my smile shattered like a moth to a flame ,alone
as I drown in a sea of sorrow ,the heavier my arms grew the distant
I became unto a zen choice of sincere condescending flights of
miseries voulume of kisses stolen from my yearning ,yet my day changed
me into a monster as I follow the cloudy vision inside my head
killing me within a light of illusion for Iam lost again ,sadden as I drown in the
spit falling from my lips,Be it shame ,no not a chance of turning up stream ,along
My tip toe of...
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th April 2014 2:44pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
what's in thee cup, bub?
other hazel[nut]coffee trans'fusion ?
a chaser t'them dear swaller'ble nugget'gemstones?
make[yr]life seem mo'o'less a'live?

\wee here is made of greatsociety advertings \ prophet'motives\
           wisdom of profittance\
             & all that other
                        fuck   goodstuff \

ifn They knew MyTroot, They'd never throw my stinkin arse away
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drugs poem

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Published on 4th April 2014 11:43pm
Written by Austin_Rura
its four-twenty quit your bitchin
hand me my trey my raw and my light like I cant wait to hit it
roll another cuz the last ones finished
already diminished so far gone I cant even hold on much less hit it
is this cannabis hip is
this cannabis gonna make me trip is
it gonna take away the pains in my hip in my grip help me when im arthritic and cant even sit
all its gonna do is take away your pains and make you want to live again make you wanna do a flip and
maybe just resin up your lip and...
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drugs poem

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Published on 4th April 2014 6:18pm
Written by Mr. Gemini Gemini
These keys beckon this morning
to keep me from the madness in my cranium
that attacked upon me awakening
to a phone call from an old pal
who’s still out running the streets
I didn’t have time to get myself right
before I thought about getting myself right
The wheels began to turn in my mind
and I thought about calling him back
after missing his call
I debated for an hour or so
whether or not to throw in the towel
I caved and called
but he was already gone
out west, as they say
I thought about the consequences
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drugs poem

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Published on 4th April 2014 5:11am
Written by Rob Washick Zodiax
I know I'm a drunk.
Who gives a fuck?
Call me a punk.
I know I suck.
But who's to judge,
He who finds bliss
In tar and sludge?
It's an abyss.
It's a way of life
That deserves respect.
It's how my future wife
And I connect.
Say what you want.
Say what you will.
Laugh & taunt
You're missing the thrill,
The thrill I desire
To have all day.
I'm already higher
Than I was yesterday.
So fuck you,
You sober piece of shit.
It's untrue,
What you say of it.
I brings joy,
To souls numb.
It doesn't...
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drugs poem

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Published on 4th April 2014 2:16am
Written by QuestionEverything
It wasn’t that you were getting high or low or twisted or bent or wrecked or fucked up
It was that you weren’t mine anymore
And I wasn’t yours
You entered a greedy relationship in which I became number 2 at best
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drugs poem

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Published on 1st April 2014 10:52pm
Written by LadyLoss
Once again,
I find myself
Staring into the bottom of
An empty bottle,
Bleary eyed and lonely.
Texting anyone
That would come
And waste some time with me.
Once again,
I find myself
Reaching for the crate of beer,
Conveniently placed by my side,
Because if this bottle didn't help
Ease the pain of loneliness,
Then the next one is bound to be a winner.
If the next one is a winner,
Maybe I won't decide
I need company
Because my own company
Just reminds me
That all I've ever been ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 1st April 2014 4:19pm
Written by HarleyQuinn
This is a diary entry. I got high wrote this the day after the most catastrophic event in my life to date.
Bob Marley was brilliant. Its as if every lyric he ever wrote was written for a woman with tears in her eyes. I suppose that's who they were meant for. And for the man who feels scared, and the child that doesn't understand. Whatever the reason, his music makes me happy. It soaks up all the world's evil like a sponge in a basin. Its sunshine on a tropical island, the water blue and the smell of mangoes drifting on the air. His lyrics are simple. They declare peace with every...
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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 1st April 2014 11:07am
Written by Transfix
I'm being snorted away
in the tray of
endless days.
I was your white
seductress that danced
within your nostrils
as your mood elevated
to new heights.
Your perception started
to spread its albino wings,
as I altered your motives.

I awoken your broken thoughts,
shedding light on your windowpane.
I pealed your scaly heart a few times,
like a fresh ripe orange in the summer.
Looked deeply into your veins,
kissing them with my electrifying essence.
Decimating your normalcy within this...
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drugs poem

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Published on 1st April 2014 10:54am
Written by JReed81 Lunatic63
For a sack she'll let you hit it from the back
No rubber, her love you'll never forget
With her sandpaper gash and pus gushing from her ass
She'll haunt your dreams and what's left of your dick
She's a back door crack whore
For a dime bag she makes a fine rag
Back door crack whore
She'll fuck you and suck you and always want more
So give her a hit
She'll give you the Syph
She started normal
Just another girl making her way through the world
Then she got a taste of Cocaine
Since she's never been the same
She's a back...
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drugs poem

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Published on 31st March 2014 4:10pm
Written by 7th_son

i.. in a corner.. cowering.. rocking..rocking.. rocking in the dark..   
'.. life flashes.. flashed.. victim to a spark..  
h..hiding from the maker.. the maker of my mark ..    
e..ever.. never ready.. for this trip to embark..    
r..released my mind.. left my body in park..    
e..eternal.. illusions delusions.. haunting this lark..  
n..neurotic.. voices.. voices screaming.. must hark..    
o..opiates visions.. run me around and round.. round this arc..     ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 31st March 2014 9:55am
Written by Sweets210 kerriesweets210
Take a hit
and let it go
close my eyes
and let "me" go
a short escape
from asking myself
the same questions
with same answer
always being
"youre better
off alone"...
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drugs poem

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Published on 31st March 2014 4:45am
Written by Phycho razorsandblades
I introduced my friend
To the wand I use to fight.
The wand I fight off
My own deepest inner thoughts with.
He kept saying,
"This is so much fun. The smoke is so beautiful in the breeze."
I wanted to break down
And tell him that I was sorry in that second.
But he wasn't hooked on it.
He just likes to play.
A simple, meer toy to him.
But a much bigger effect for me.
Yesterday, my dearest offered me something else.
A much stronger weapon that he himself uses.
I declined, fearing my family's reaction if they smelled it.
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th March 2014 4:15pm
Written by Jakki
is the only place
I can see from a lighthouse
when the weather is clear
my vision 2020
I feel
the full six years catching up

religion is an opiate
sex is an additive
your pheromones inbed my sheets
I sleep to wake to live
treat me like I hate myself
lift me
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th March 2014 12:34pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
actually  [for]
                       [of] now & then,[ &,  then
                                        yet again]
morningmorning always'brings,all'waysbrings  morebetter
    plasti'nuggets for thy healing for thee health,
      [lo'beheld!}, thy health[&'well'bean] !
multiplicitous meanings, diverted 'findings', all revealed
               before lunch....
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th March 2014 7:49am
Written by owlspeaks
hurtling down dark highways
i sense that
there's chaos in the rivers just beyond-
     a certain stinging nothingness
flowing as a serpent-
venom hot in veins tied, shedding
old bodies of skin and growing
out of wicked flesh forms, once pregnant
or once stained and severely awake.
i jolted, rolling over
   with a longing
striving sensation
to taste saline sea minds
    and be free of a
        mammal form-
soft and sleepless in the
swollen coarse haired
pillows assimilating with silence
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drugs poem

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Published on 29th March 2014 5:16am
Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
we had a messy room

the people we had over
and the nights that were done

all the different cums
all the spilled drinks
all the crumbs of narcotic

the floor had quite a caking...

forensics academies could offer
full-time college-level programs
just on our room alone

thousands of hybrid microbial species
came and went by the year

yet all was calm and contained
holy and delivered
when it finally ended

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drugs poem

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Published on 28th March 2014 7:02am
Written by scarletvelvet
the cycle seems to be the same
for the addictions all of us face
doesn't matter what your drug of choice is
first comes the stage of seeking relief or
wanting escape from the pressure cooker
that this world can be
then comes the stage of indulgence
feeling better for a little while
riding high on cloud nine
or sometimes just feeling fine
then slowly that feeling wears off
as realization sets in
you have indulged again
yet the world is still the same
time for another escape
time for another indulgence ...
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drugs poem

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