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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs)

Published on 8th July 2014 5:26pm
Written by IHate_BlackEye
Drug Induced lifestyles
Make thoughts and movements
Seem like millions of miles
I stand unclear of movements
And here I lay on trial
She moves me more and more
Her cute looks and dark skin
at a quarter to four
I feel so strange, almost like spins
She wants a more private floor
So we move from within
We walk in to the outdoor
She is planning her sins
She has such a seductive voice
So strong I can't say no
I start to realize I have no choice
Maybe this woman's a hoe
As she has drugged me I...
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drugs poem

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Published on 8th July 2014 2:42pm
Written by shannonJane

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 7th July 2014 4:24am
Written by PerilousKid TheWayItIs
Take me to the sun,
So i can be high.
Inhaling the clouds,
Smoking that loud,
Basking in the sun,
Lighting the joint.
Kissing the cunts from below,
being high ,taking in that poor fellow.
Placing him on my shoulders,
Running through the clouds
Until we find the others.
Everything's blur,
Making love to complete strangers.
Giving them tastes of the clouds.
That's where they're found,
Laying together in a pile,
Moving around in eachothers bile.
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drugs poem

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Published on 6th July 2014 10:17am
Written by mtj9198
I swallow twenty of the little pink tablets
Wash them down with some vodka
I wait
An hour passes
Suddenly my body is heavy
Arms and legs turned to stone
My vision shifts in and out of focus
I see my love in the bed next to me
He wraps me in a warm embrace
My soul spills out of my mouth
Emotions almost palpable
My tongue weaves sentiments
My words float into him
I wait for his response, for my love to be requited
Silence greets my ears
I blink, and suddenly he is gone
Why did he leave me?
I become frantic, terrified of...
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th July 2014 4:54pm
Written by PerilousKid TheWayItIs
Thumping your wrist 3 times,
Wrapping your torn shirt around tight,
Biting the gauze ready to put up a fight
With yourself.
Injecting the needle inside,
Feels like tiny little knives,
Driving up your arm,
Letting out a cry,
Pushing it down,
Letting the LSD go in,
Oh so a drive.
Feeling something wet drop down,
You let out a cry,
Touching your nose,
You feel the blood,
Rushing out.
Wiping it off,
You touch the corners of your eyes,
There's blood.
Flooding guts.
Red spilling out of your mouth,...
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th July 2014 6:30am
Written by kriticool
all this
self effacing
in terms of
how we’re pacing
what it is we’re
wasting; its
we’re erasing
need to cease
all that lacing
all that self-
so agitating; like
fiends killing their spleens
poisoning their
followers of
the fallen like some
off the chain
leaving behind
a legacy of
outright negativity
philosophically & ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 3rd July 2014 7:17pm
Written by oskar
Flower Pots

After all my alcoholic
truths I sit alone
on the porch.
they have taken my cattle,
wife and children gone;
only my old dog stays.
It knows I hate myself and
my anger over
their stupid faces
reminds me of my total
failure, yet I can
 water my flowers when
 it suits me  
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drugs poem

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Published on 3rd July 2014 4:46pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
stayed up wai t
a buzz.....'my' buzz, like buzzy
          of yore,your
buzzy daze when wee
abuzz wit yoot , too stupid to know no thing kno w
                                   ing no
                            stupid'bout wee
                            [bein silly stupes)
                     (all just for me)----
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drugs poem

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Published on 3rd July 2014 2:51pm
Written by LokiOfLiterati

Blitz whirring, bliss occuring
Literal purring
Oral convergence
Littoral current
Ocean stream follows the coast
Like closing in on dreams of hollow ghosts
I love the chase scenes the most
So I tempt unwell rounds when I rail
Fly hot and cold tension in spellbound tales
Try not to over-mention the hellhound on my trail
Shaking off the tense
Waking tends to call
For baking hence I solve
Aching rotten like a forgotten frog prince
Shaking off the me that's bent
Staking sick dissent
Forsaking tricknollegy spent...
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drugs poem

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Published on 3rd July 2014 7:14am
Written by Madi Rose Madi_Ros3
It’s been six months
Twelve days
Five hours
And thirty-six minutes
Since you walked out the door
I pray every night
Your car will pull in the driveway
Or you will call mom saying you're going to be late
The last call that mattered
Was the nice lady
“Hello, yes there’s been an accident”
I couldn’t breath
I just sat there
No tears, no screams
Six cars
Two injured
One dead
I hate the insurance settlement
The money from the lawsuit
And the empty fridge
Your medications...
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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 2nd July 2014 11:42pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX

no dispatches from Oakland
from which eye'll have to
elf.............back unto thee
big sea / mocking thee anno
    of the mockingbird
annoying thee 'hood mocking thee
for issues of viability of
of of of        'my own'  faux personhood......

o, for thee day's tootlings have been
        for not knot a fave flavor
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drugs poem

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Published on 2nd July 2014 10:16pm
Written by digital_poet
My Name’s _____,
And I’m An Addict…
And Like So Many Others,
I’ve Watched
The Smoky Hot
Of Death,
Pass Me By,
Smelled The End
Miss Me,
For No Reason,
Gave Grave Glares
Into My Eyes
And Tried,
To Turn Them Hollow
I Felt The Whiplash Crack
Of Fate
Slash My Back,
So Deep,
I Had To Sleep,
On My Stomach,
I’ve Been Lucky
See I Was Once Worlds Away
From These Buckled Knees
You See On Stage,
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drugs poem

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Published on 2nd July 2014 9:24pm
Written by PoetSpeak
Sometimes I don't mind my headaches
I like the to ease back with drugs
And edge into caffeine wonder
While the pain melts away

I long for a nurse
With spectacular breasts
To put cold compresses on my head
And magically make pain vanish

Do you know of someone
Who fits the bill ?
Compassion and eroticism
Always save the day
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drugs poem

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Published on 1st July 2014 10:04pm
Written by octobercry

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 1st July 2014 7:08pm
Written by NXGHTOWL trxppy_ja
I can see what the weed does to you
You call me at 3am
High as a bird
You want me to be your Mary Jane
But we both know I can never give you that high
All your problems 'gone' from that one spliff
But I'm here listening as you rant on your rooftop
About the shit life you live
And I will never understand because
Swimming pools in our backyards
Are what separate us
You as a ghetto youth, me as a rich kid
Your marijuana dreams are what keep us separated
Because I'm straight edge...
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drugs poem

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Published on 1st July 2014 3:25am
Written by PerilousKid TheWayItIs
Sitting in that one corner,
Plugging in those shiny headphones,
You turn your music up loud.
Sniffing, taking out that small bag out of you pocket,
Slowly, taking the tab out you lick your lips.
Eager to taste it.
Mouth wide, turning it up
making room to vomit,
You're gonna bomb it.
Taking the dance floor,
You make it yours.
Dropping it low, making the room spin,
You're facedown,
in that bed,
Stupid faced,
Trying to get up
Only to throw up.
You don't remember what you did...
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th June 2014 8:02pm
Written by IHate_BlackEye
Oh how I love
This powdered flake
That sugar Cane
As I start
To loose restraint
Inside my brain
I feel no pain
This drip
The drop
Don't want to stop
The pain I felt
Is numb and gone
My head is gone
The spiders in my hair
Begin to spin a knot
I will not share
I do not care
My eyes they share
A dead man stare
I'm here
I'm there
I'm everywhere
As I start becoming bare
My cloths have hairs
I will find soon
Or maybe
There's a bug or two?
Oh fuck...
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drugs poem

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Published on 29th June 2014 9:30am
Written by weaver
Booze takes away the ones we love,  
That is the main thing that it does,  
It takes away our family,
And kills so cruel and callously.    
It is completely out of hand,  
And so we’ve got to take a stand,
Against a deadly industry,
That’s bent on spreading misery.
They push their booze to kids and youth,
They push a drug, to tell the truth,
Through shameful advertising lies.    
They profit from the ruined lives.  
We just can’t say that it’s okay,
With people dying every day.    
We have to take these bastards...
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drugs poem

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Published on 28th June 2014 9:01pm
Written by Mrembo
My life’s saviour you are, my heroine.
Rescuing me from the perdition
of despair… Empowering isolation.
Gold, riches, and friends I sell and sacrifice
as for you, I turn away from everything,
because nothing even matters…
At all.
My life’s purpose you are, my heroine.
Leading me to the epicentre of your euphoria,
lifting me afloat on beaten wings.
That journey that takes me far away
from the ghastly world inside me
to your metallic heaven, up above…
As it is, below.
My life’s only you are, my heroine.
The others, they've...
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drugs poem

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Published on 28th June 2014 5:32pm
Written by The Marcus De Sade zenithquasar77
We bleed tears
through the eyes of Orion
we seep the memory's
of a thousand late nights,
through ally ways
and abandoned warehouse's
we trip over
fantastic beams of light
entwined with  hollow darkness
dancing in the wake
of a exploding super nova.
...just what had we been dreaming?
Are collective footsteps
create the sound of mighty earthquakes
that destroy various real estate in china
disturbing are remaing senses
stimulating are the remains of our braincells
in a orgy of...
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drugs poem

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