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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs)

Published on 9th April 2015 1:42pm
Written by residentchaosx
The rush of pins and needles
Feeling light brown
Love, Desire, Hope, gone.
In this addiction I will drown.

Like an adversary
My life you will take
If in this addiction
My mind you can break.

Sick, so sick.
These feelings, I cannot cope.
The only cure, In this addiction,
Will surely be... hope.
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drugs poem

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Published on 9th April 2015 3:23am
Written by joeyregan joeregan
I asked my mom to give me a pet, so why is she touching my leg?
I bake cookies, but instead of flour, I use cocaine like a man.
When I see a fat man with breasts, I can’t help but stare at his nipples.
They stare back, piercing my eyes. They don’t blink of course. He should wax sometime.
You can take a piss and not poop, but you can’t poop and not take a piss.
I almost cried during the Notebook, but coughed and yelled testosterone.
My son and I played tic-tac-toe. The pen was blood and canvas my wrist.
When Mario eats shrooms and jumps on people, it is acceptable....
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drugs poem

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Published on 8th April 2015 5:32pm
Written by Virginiapetal
You were right,
Of course.
He’s on another bender
Another heroin one way track
To oblivion
While his son sits beside him
And says,
“I wish dad would be normal
Not like this:”
And he hangs his head down
And makes sleeping noises
Lifts his head up and laughs
Because it’s funny, really,
To a five year old.  
He nestles himself into
The crook of his dad’s waist  
Waiting for him to maybe wake up
But he sleeps on, forever,
In a black, molasses world
Of paradise.  
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drugs poem

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Published on 8th April 2015 6:02am
Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
After the Black Serpent: Tales of the Abyssinian Dragon

The structures are linear and solid,
They have been aligned secure.
Yet how hasty have our walks become,
Without the acknowledgment of those encountered upon.

The Madman doth standeth as Shakespearean Actor
Upon the crushing evening subway commute...
He grabbeth at the hand-loops from the ceiling and doth proclaim:
“As long as we still grunt towards each other,
These formulas may remain in place forever!”...
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drugs poem

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Published on 7th April 2015 10:23pm
Written by David_Macleod
Its very hard to see things when you’re blind
Its even harder when you’re blind and blind drunk
Add to that a heady mix of ecstasy and cocaine
Constipation, haemorrhoid pain and ear ache
And things can appear unusually strangely weird
Once upon a house on fire:
I saw a mist cloud of black cherry blamange
It was engulfed by blackcurrant jelly smoke
I could hear the crackle of peanut brittle
The snap of pinkly green Blackpool rock
I could hear the hiss of marshmallow gas
As molten snickers vented liquid toffee
Sherbert flames licked round a...
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drugs poem

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Published on 7th April 2015 9:57pm
Written by Colten_Sorrells LordCreepy
Reveries from a jerry can
Eating skittles and gazing at the stars
and throwing rocks at cars

… vision quest …

I'd write you a song about it
but I only know three chords
And I'd  get bored

Drop some blue jolly ranchers
in a fifth of gin
And let the fun begin

Is that a cat in a hat
or just a tortoise in a shell
I can't tell

Telling dirty jokes
and smoking crystal meth
Fumes on your breath

Back the fuck off
I saw what you did, there
for that Klondike bar
Get off my porch
You disgust me
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drugs poem

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Published on 7th April 2015 10:41am
Written by isailn
Stuck in a deepness,
like the bottom of a ship.

Doors locked and bolted,
and were sinking quick.

You do what you can to dig out of this mess,
but soon powerless you are lost to the abyss.
Lost in black,
not even an explosion can shatter this glass.

You try to think,
how did I get here?
It was you that held my hand.

I had trust for you somewhere,
but you led me down these stairs.
With each step,
forgetting who I...
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drugs poem

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Published on 7th April 2015 1:00am
Written by MsRockyJackson
You're so consumed with your drink,
You take a sloppy sip of it as it drips down your lip.
You love it, but it isn't good for you.
You turn into a monster once it controls your brain.
Throwing tantrums like a damn five year old,
Screaming like you're out of your mind,
Running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
I guess I'm not gonna sleep tonight,
Not gonna sleep,
Not gonna sleep,
Not gonna sleep,
Not gonna sleep tonight,
I'm not gonna sleep tonight.
My life might be at stake, but you don't care you just sit there and complain as...
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drugs poem

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Published on 6th April 2015 9:04pm
Written by Str8toHe11
My addiction is not part time employment, it has become a way of life, and there is no enjoyment.

Waking each day memories slowly fading away of a time long ago that was sane.

But when the needle hits the skin it blocks those memories again and takes away all that pain.

the blood money gets made and it's time to get paid to feed something I no longer desire.

And for me it's to late, but if you can relate don't hesitate and get help before you are wired[/font]
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drugs poem

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Published on 6th April 2015 4:49pm
Written by Gracey
The need to sleep starts to kick in. The drink spills again. In desperation I lick It up, like my self respect, my money, upped and left.
I've been living at the bottom of glass houses and I'm drowning. There seems to be no door or off button with self destruction.
When the shakes kick in, that's when I am desperate to escape this. I am alone as I stumble awkwardly down this empty road, everything inside me hurts until the vodka hits the back of my throat.
The day breaks, time for it to start again. eyes heavy and sore, I don't feel a thing any more. I depend on a...
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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 6th April 2015 1:15pm
Written by Jonny212

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 6th April 2015 12:27pm
Written by isailn
Stuck in the bellows of this ship.
Floating down stream in this current.
Voices whispering in my ears.
Just relax and enjoy it.
The scenery?
The blandness of this dying land.
Drowning now in the vacancy.
Your empty eyes enticing me,
as I watch you struggle.
Think you can drink away your troubles?
Pry that lie from your mouth.
Say you love me.
Come on,
force those words out.
Aching knuckles throbbing and bruised
Drink away those mistakes that...
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drugs poem

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Published on 6th April 2015 12:24pm
Written by isailn
A secret like a mist.
Spreads its poison,
through your chest.
Holding you.
Moving you
Keeping you.
A sickness.
You have carried,
deep inside your soul.
and carving
and turning you cold.
A heart you once had,
just a memory now.
As fog rises up,
you turn back around.
You delve into your past,
where there is nothing left.
That is remotely close,
to solid ground.
Just a smoke that disintegrates.
With stale hope,
left over from long ago.
Where you search,...
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drugs poem

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Published on 6th April 2015 8:27am
Written by Colten_Sorrells LordCreepy
Now heads and junkies gather round
And listen to my story
About a merchant with a heart
And how he sought his glory
He wasn't like those other guys
just trading for the gain
Disgusted by the world he saw
He tried to ease their pain
He'd say "just show me where it hurts"
And he'd give them their money's worth
He was a favorite of the tramps
'Cos they could pay him with foodstamps
He catered to their every need
He even sold clean kits
From go-fast down to firewood
He always had the shit
There was no trade he...
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th April 2015 1:42pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX

ain't been
this        sick     since
             thee milloonyum turned...15yrs
                                   a paradoxymoron's
                   Miracle of
run it's course ?
   run out ?
      run overtime ?
     over burrowed tyme?
heart     worn     out ?['n']f'ailin.?....
      Chronic FailHeart
    Atrial Seizures of
      dawl'gurn mo mo mo
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th April 2015 12:28pm
Written by DeathnoteWhovian
She left me in a hopeless trance
with her hypnotic eyes
She brought me to the battlefield
and left me there to die
She pistol-whipped me into shape
with her pearl-handled hips
She set me up and knocked me down
with each blast from her lips

From what I could make out
with my wild, bloodshot eyes
She seemed like this was all rehearsed
not much to my surprise
And still I find I'm crawling back
to taste her punishment
I just can't seem to live without
Her toxic supplements
She lays emotion...
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th April 2015 9:38am
Written by Str8toHe11
Why oh why oh why
You miserable little house fly
Your always buzzing around my ears
And you've been living here rent free in this house for years.
its time for you to just go away
and leave me alone I don't want to play
Cause now I'm in my eye glaze phase
My intoxicating drug induced haze
I don't want to end your shit like you know I could
Cause I'm at peace with world now and noddin real good
So just go away little fly
Cause your really blowin my high
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th April 2015 5:56am
Written by Jonny212

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th April 2015 5:09am
Written by whitegirlunwrapped
fast asleep and this
feeling takes over me
awake I must be
paralyzed to my bed
cant even move
my head
its been going on
for years
im sick of being weird
counselor appear
Prozac disappears
never fixing my head
fuck it I rolled
a joint instead
brains not wired right
feeling a little up tight
at least ill make it through
another night
tucked away during the day
fuck it
I smoked that joint anyway
no cure for the deep
twisted cells that
detour themselves
I took care of...
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drugs poem

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Published on 4th April 2015 7:01pm
Written by Jonny212
     My dreams turn into a vivid journey,
All senses activate in  that realm.
The feeling I get when I am feeling on you,
So sublime.
Enticed by your vibrant beauty.
In this alternate reality.
Sleep is so hard to come by,
When all my dreams cypher,
Day and night.
I can't wait,
To return to this dimension,
Where my love doesn't leave me desolate.
In love with you,
But this is not reality.
For now.
Maybe ever.

    Sleep is my drug of choice,
The trips actively numbs the brain.
Cocaine keeps my body...
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drugs poem

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