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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs)

Published on 3rd August 2014 3:30pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX

who    (hoo'hoo) Are
who  Are what [to] think (they)Are?are
them t'be
'me'? poss'bly mos'ertainly h'ere
here they be in MyOwn special spa'cial(spatial?)
            whirld,sofcknspecial like'a no utter whirld[of]
        udder nuturements [of]
ease & com'fort [of] m'others nursing naked their naked
babes In Public chacha chagrin
causing my best otherguy pal's moronique reac
                              tivi t y -----

o, for a...
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drugs poem

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Published on 3rd August 2014 10:11am
Written by CowMan
I see the flying mushrooms in the sky
I try to feel them
I try to peel them
But they are way too fast
I couldn't follow them
So i will fly away

I take a very deep breath
I see the face of death
Then the face of life
In an orange pool I dive

The orange turns to red

The End
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drugs poem

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Published on 3rd August 2014 5:56am
Written by KeithEdBaucum
Cocaine Boulevard  
SlutVille Road  
Addict Street  
Corrupt Avenue  
Whore Alley  
Gangster Street  
Hoodlum Drive  
Thug Lane
Slut Street
Written by Keith Edward Baucum
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drugs poem

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Published on 3rd August 2014 4:24am
Written by nefertumhusiashayheh husiashayheh
"A big shout out to my congregation cause i represent you true...hell yeah"      
Intelligence(clapping throughout)
Love: watch out geah(chanting throughout)      
you get checked quick,      
confess hammer drop click,      
you got the flavor faced,      
i'm still licking ya,      
how many ways can i make a sucker out of you?      
Forget yo niceness,      
keep your sex booming,      
strip yo bitch ass foe yo cash,      
i ain't ethical neither...
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drugs poem

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Published on 2nd August 2014 10:45pm
Written by deadwolf
Waiting in a dark room, where shadows encompass everything yet run from themselves,
He wakes up, cringes over, tightly closed eyes, and shaking hands,
he soon opens his eyes and stares out as if lookin out upon the great divide,
I could have saved them, I, I… should have been there, more often…
"What, what could you have done Ed. huh? your only Human, just a simple man"
I should have been there, your in my head now, I can feel you clawing around, searching
searchin, tryin to find ways to cure me, why I am the way that I am, what are you doin in there,…
oh GOD, oh...
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drugs poem

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Published on 2nd August 2014 7:17pm
Written by mattpiskorowski
I struggle with these strangling thoughts....
wondering to myself, has my freedom been bought?
If so, what was it worth?
Can I now afford a hearse?
Have I sold my soul for a fair price?
Does this darkness believe all suffice?
It controls me.
Even when I plea.
I look for options of escape.
I find no answers, another take.
Day after day...
I search, never another way.
It's taken just about everything.
Leaving me nothing but a binge.
Family and friends look on with horror.
Seeing what I see looking in the mirror.
A life...
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drugs poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 4:48pm
Written by nefertumhusiashayheh husiashayheh
"Feel for me for we are connected lost in my seas...."  
Woe is me,  
unto you i plead,  
mending relations,  
shipping energy felt,  
feeding you me forever,  
formulating images,  
subjected to my power,  
from feminine within,  
to genders i style sought,  
seeking heat under,  
as missiles when i can't,  
have my way making way,  
anger takes flight,  
dropping bombs of irritation,  
the annoyance of...
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drugs poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 7:15am
Written by Pleasuresofpain PleasuresOfPain
I'm so frantic that I'm manic,
Can't think rationally or clear.
Anger identifies with tragedy,
Enemies are from peer to peer.
I get angry in a sudden instant,
All my thoughts collide together,
Unable to collect or control myself,
The line between ire & joy sever.
In my world it's difficult to maintain,
Shrinks want to give me pills and tests.
My friends never stay friends for long,
It's because my anger never ever rests.
It's not my fault but it might as well be,
I can't contain my anger to strangers,
When they're...
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drugs poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 1:11am
Written by nefertumhusiashayheh husiashayheh
"Seshat showed me how to write myself...."
Under the languages,
of many mindsets,
i become unraveled,
true time traveler,
to their harmful say,
becoming formless,
hit me dead on target,
missed me every time,
fluid fore ever find,
more ways to seep,
catching up walking,
deeper who baffles,
cutting through highs,
mainstreams up i came,
coming up more of a spring,
birdies bath in me essence,
i arise steamy left with...
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drugs poem

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Published on 31st July 2014 9:41pm
Written by Steven D FacePaint
Pull The Rein And Ride The Horse,
The Road Is Much More Smooth, Of Course.
For When A Ride Takes All You Hide
And Fills The Emptiness Inside
Its Just Like Seeing Clouds Collide.
So Beautiful And So Surreal
That Chills Create A Body Thrill
And All The Ugliness You Feel
Is Suddenly Dispersed And Healed.
No More Pain Inside Concealed.
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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 31st July 2014 5:30pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
thee coffee of th'mo'ning, not
unlike th'coffee of
an afternoon tries so'ard t'make
me simpleminded simile in'to
a big sunsmiley meta
of,   atveryleast,
in compliance wit all thee corporate
  creeds which Ijust gotta
des'troy as best can I do I doo
  wit I/me/my commune
thieves & robbers & minimal criminals
set forth to steal yOur delineated...
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drugs poem

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Published on 31st July 2014 1:48pm
Written by nefertumhusiashayheh husiashayheh
I blessed you,
with our art of confusion,
the inner movement,
second hand over bigger,
dipper into the smallest,
hole coming out profound,
all around equalizer hopping,
sounds out the monitors,
they be watching,
the thumping bubumping,
eyes closed brain bobbing,
head aching optic nerves throbbing,
the tomorrow don't stop,
i got love on lock,
for myself retaliating,
unrelated busting through,
bouncing unattractively,
grim smile shades on completed,
hatefully loveless, ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 31st July 2014 10:57am
Written by aftermath the_unheard
Been stuck feeling too in between
How far can this one drop me?
All that I hope
Is that it's lower than low
So I can see everything float away
CREATE! from The Pain!
SUBDUE! The Strain!
Feel it take you away
Down to that special place
Of being numb
and feeling nothing from your brain
  Just let me away, and be done..
I Don't care for the stimulant
give me a depressant
I want to be low
Forget my hopes
And live in the now
Just let me fade
Let me...
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drugs poem

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Published on 31st July 2014 5:00am
Written by gray_child
Her beauty glistens at night
We stay awake
Getting through the light and dark

Oh crystal  
Oh crystal

You make me go through the worst of times
But when you are with me
I get up and shine

Oh crystal
Oh crystal

In your little glass
You burn and melt like a wicked witch
Give me your energy
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th July 2014 9:30am
Written by WoundedHeart
I wish you would realize
And open your eyes
To the sight of your reality
It's worse than what you're telling me
Smile and say you're fine
Greatest lie of all time
I know what you're trying to do
But there's so much better in you
You could work through this mess
And release all this stress
The substance that you seek
Will only leave you weak
Sure now life's easy to bear
But you won't find any comfort there
Chemicals don't play fair
They have a tendency not to care
You can drown in all they provide
But it won't heal pain inside...
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th July 2014 6:16am
Written by xxdementedwitchxx

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th July 2014 4:54am
Written by edead
When my lungs hurt from smoke and I can’t drink another drop
When the alcohol in my system has dried
out my skin and turned it to ashy flakes
When my stomach aches
 from dry heaves and I can’t
get the taste of puke outta my mouth no matter how much Listerine I guzzle
When the smell of my own piss makes me wretch and
I cant stop shaking, head cracking
And I feel like the fucking monkey from faces of death
I’ll reach for a bottle
And things will be o

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drugs poem

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Published on 29th July 2014 7:35pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
swillin thee pills thee mo'ning's
        ills is
nowhere to be founded flounderin wit
        no cello
to play,but eye'll say this for ye:
yet, where does he do he come up wit
thishit? how can it be he lives to
breathe his breath[s] in his messy
little room in Paradice's paranor
research lab'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'oratory
decine is thee staph-of-life for me
    t e d     wit  re'hearted new
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drugs poem

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Published on 29th July 2014 2:24am
Written by Allison_Wonderland
It was actually quite simple.
She loved you both
In equal yet different ways,
And she was determined
To keep you both,
But you gave her an ultimatum,
(One the other never would)
And of course she told you
That she would not lose you
Over a drink,
And of course she knew
But did not say
That she would not lose booze
Over you, so
With your ultimatum
That begged for drastic change
All you did was turn her
Into a liar.
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drugs poem

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Published on 28th July 2014 6:39am
Written by scarletvelvet
this jar of weed has been sitting here for a while
every day I intend to smoke some but then I don't
doesn't mean that tomorrow I won't
although it occurred to me the reason I leave it be
could be because I am chill and relaxed already times three
so if I smoke this weed it will just put me to sleep
that's why I always prefer a cup of coffee  ;)
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drugs poem

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