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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs)

Published on 18th July 2014 3:18am
Written by JT SugarSkull
Note: Trying to air this out. ::Work in progress:: Meant to be a part: two poem after getting broken up with and devestated in part one.  
It's not over
I keep telling myself,  
It's not over  
but I'm not sober enough to tell  
wake up
I don't know where I'm at, or what I'm doin
cop taps me on the shoulder
n' says get movin'
I get movin'  
Stumble into the cardboard city brothel  
got kicked out
so I made that city topple...
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drugs poem

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Published on 17th July 2014 4:44pm
Written by Law_Lith_Iminika
My Cutter once called me up to ask if I would give him a few new scars,
He would supply the blades and I could leave him to clean up afterwards;
He wanted to feel my rage and no one had enough nerve to follow through;
I told him that he could bleed out without me, and promptly hung up.
I fell into a pit of needles and lies for several months;
He had tried to call me several more times, I'm sure, but knew I had fallen off the map;
He gave up; As I wandered from corner to corner, listening to every whisper;
'She's going to get herself in too deep.'
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drugs poem

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Published on 17th July 2014 5:23am
Written by archetype23
I'm fine and dandy like cotton candy
on a summer night with my summer love
and the sky above is smiling at me just right
Doc needs more money with no descriptions
if I want to refill my next prescriptions
Xanax for panic attacks, to help you relax
Effexor to take or go back where you where
Oh, and I shouldn't forget now to mention
those cute little pills for acute hypertension
I don't have more money. FUCK YOU!
I'm now sedate with my newest replacement
my doctor chained up in a cage in my basement
nurturing lies die, the belief...
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drugs poem

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Published on 16th July 2014 5:21pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
this has no
             thing ado
th'at.......ah,thee data
(for it's elf),
            mama!", soWHO [is]me  tryin
                   t'fool t'fool t'fool
in my me'o'my jollyfollyjollyfollyjolly
                      follyjolly  ?
forIt Takes
A Pure & Sancti'fied
to ask of itSelfliness
to'do thee things things that never need to be
        ever done,let a
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drugs poem

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Published on 15th July 2014 11:06pm
Written by Atehequa
Two years and one month
Since we parted company for good
A friendship strangely spanning decades
I thought about today while in the wood
Where the stream forks and cascades
Down into the dark unknown
Seven or so years ago
Once again you had hit it big
A year went by without seeing each other
That lump sum paid turned you into a pig
My old friend and blood brother
Living large,lots of cocaine
Shitting in high cotton
It almost did you in that time
Freebasing with that skinny coke whore
Two souls turned into foul globs of...
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drugs poem

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Published on 15th July 2014 4:23am
Written by killstrangerkill jaspersilence
Mary Jane is dead.

In the trunk of my car.

Fucking white girl.

Fucking white girls.

This crystal child is defective,

I had a lightbulb that went up in smoke.

My x is smacked and I love the abuse.

My pills go down with the spiked toxic juice.

Listen to the crackle of the crack rock song.

Press your ear to the door

hear the pulse of the wall.

And long ago I inserted it in.

An infected self destruct button

on the fold of my arm...
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drugs poem

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Published on 14th July 2014 8:29pm
Written by Duncan Alexander Duncan
Shedding my skin
I feel like it's peeling away and leaving me bare
all that's left is a body and some hair
minus the bullshit
and all my control
I'm naked
and scared
that there's nothing protecting my soul

I can't stop
all that I thought is me is gone
my confidence is crumbled
I don't know what to do
all that I thought kept me from using,
I feel completely screwed

The program seems paltry
in comparison to my problem,
I'm far too faulty
my chances less than slim.
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drugs poem

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Published on 14th July 2014 7:49pm
Written by Duncan Alexander Duncan
Wallowing in weight
it feels like depression is my fate,
I pick up just to fall back down
I wear a smile but feel a frown

I feel I should be happy,
I'm clean and in good company
Truth be told I'm feeling a tad crappy
like life and living have been dumped on me

I thought I saw myself today
I caught a glimpse of hope
but in truth when I'm on the outside
I don't think I will cope.
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drugs poem

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Published on 14th July 2014 7:32am
Written by ryanrosaaen
3...heart rate increasing 2...ears start ringing whole world is spinning! throat freezes up. legs went unsteady. something rising up in my throat but i got nothing in my belly looking round the room everything but my own chest is breathing, Psychodelic trip, the tweak alone got me crazy, take a look in the mirror, face all white and pasty, muscle all gone, skin just hanging looking lazy. staring at the rig thinking, "Man this shit is crazy!" collosal pupils, vision is hazy, everything i see begins to blend, thinking to myself, "this might be the end." take a second look, its my best...
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 14th July 2014 1:13am
Written by Ennui
Fucking Floyd smoked the second half of the letter and now it's raining perpendicular again

What the hell!

Dammit planet
spin the other way

Surrounded by inertia while immobile
is just as problematic as an insomniac who's also an amnesiac
while all traces of vulnerability decay like yesterday

I got a sneaking suspicion I might be a separatist alarmist  

I lost my damn head at least that's what my head said
but I remember having a really deep thought
I just can't remember where the hell I put it
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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 13th July 2014 11:22pm
Written by deadblackdove
A dozen doctors have said I'm sick
That I need to be set straight.
Your much too morbid for life young child,
So you must medicate.
A dozen bottles of pills and potions,
These will relax your mind, they say
It's important that you take them child
The dosage is three times a day.
Take one when you wake up,
To forget those nasty dreams,
Take one in the middle of the day,
To silence out those screams.
And take one before bed my child,
So you may sleep at night,
It will block out all the bad things,
So you won't wake in fright.
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drugs poem

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Published on 13th July 2014 10:56pm
Written by darkknight38
I want to feel the bliss of ignorance,
instead of the sorrow of experience
Kourtney says to himself before he takes another shot of the liquid amnesia
Which becomes his either, numbing his body and mind to the highlight reel that plays in his head
and he’ll only look to feel again once he is in a another woman's bed
Because feeling for Kourtney have never been more than skin deep
Emotions he never learned because he never had anyone to teach
I guess the closest you can say in the anatomy lessons he got from his babysitter when he was young
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drugs poem

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Published on 13th July 2014 9:04pm
Written by CAOS737
    I heard 300 songs  
that were 3 minuets long  
then 6 days later  
   My memories were gone  
Just some spotless thoughts  
of how the future might be  
  If I walked away    
from the former me  
So, I hit rewind & ran away  
to try & find    
              my yesterdays  
  That was then & this is now  
Still I live    
        in a thoughtless cloud  
I can't remember the past  
& every time that I try...
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drugs poem

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Published on 13th July 2014 3:04am
Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
***Warning: Some Offensive Religious Content***

my head zoomed through halls of space
like the fling of a ride at an amusement park
and then a produce man visited me inside my body with a container of rotten vegetables + fruit and asked me if he could have mine (my disease) and i hesitated clutching the small container of my own and then tossed it to him saying “Why not?”  

trying to keep awake
on sleeping pills in bed
ain’t an easy task
boy oh...
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th July 2014 10:27pm
Written by Alisaire bootselectric
Her subtle smile    
Direct eye contact    
A quiet twinkle    
Then the advice:    
" If you dry the pods,    
you can access the seeds..."    
This, and the extra pod she gave me,    
leads me to believe    
She knows what's up    
She's Hip
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th July 2014 10:03pm
Written by Twistednutcase
Of all of the things that we all love the most
So many change all of your wishes to stone
You may feel at ease but you don't even know
What has become of the life that you know
A wonderful friendship so foolishly made
Forgotten your past which was all in good faith
No time for worship in churches of grace
Alone in the dark feeling nothing but hate
Stories and lies then will twist up the truth
Your heart faded black like the shadow of doom
So little time to come down from the moon
Too many points got filled up by the spoon
Moving to...
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th July 2014 6:17am
Written by weaver
Just another young man dead,
He could have been alive instead,
To do the things he planned to do,
And help some other people too.  
But no, he went and drank some beer,
And now he is no longer here.  
He lost his future, lost his life,
He'll never have a child or wife.
There'll be no more of anything,
No more joys that life can bring,
No more feeling, no more thought,
No more life of any sort.  
And all because he drank some beer.  
How I wish he was still here,
I wish that beer was gone instead.
And that alcohol was...
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th July 2014 5:45am
Written by Duncan Alexander Duncan
The eve before Christmas
a day like all days
I sit 'doing stepwork'
while in my head games get played
I let my mind wander
it gets lured from my life
subtle probing
pushes my mind
to piss poor places
I feel like what I think's being watched
from the eyes of other people's faces
I give in to distraction
these now neunced thoughts
letting my mind be moved
like my thoughts can be bought
I lack conviction
is what I tell myself
it's my wanton willpower
and incessant indecision
that flummox my footing...
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th July 2014 5:42am
Written by Duncan Alexander Duncan
Coming face to face
or more like elbow to ear
with the reality of my situation
and the sum of my fear
I don't know what to do
with this weight on my head,
I thought I'd held the weight of the world
but beared my ego instead
It was too hard to handle
it tore at my mind
these things in my head
that'd been making me blind
there was a clash twixt two worlds
out my head and within
the latter of the two
causing me to sin
As I find that I can't runaway from my head
as I...
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drugs poem

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Published on 11th July 2014 9:32pm
Written by Duncan Alexander Duncan
God is in the water
he watches us through the rain
he lives with in all of us
and lets my mind
and world
be sane

He's the care between two creatures
the joy one brings to others
patience and tolerance some of his features
and love between life's brothers

Water is life
life is for living
living is caring
and caring is sharing
in the experience of life.
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drugs poem

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