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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs)

Published on 14th December 2014 5:21pm
Written by BrokenRedemption RedeemingMisfit
Breathe in deep,
Empty the chamber.
One pill, two pills this pattern I keep,
And pretend I'm not in danger.
Get fucked up can't feel a thing,
Kissing the bottle's cool glass.
The ember liquid begins it desent, burning,
Heave it back up, I'm all class.
Strip for that girl or maybe that boy,
Be honest you don't really care which.
They'll have their way like I'm their toy,
They'll leave me soiled and bloody in a ditch.
Stagger on home like I did the night before,
Sink more drugs and booze make sure I'm numb.
Fall naked to the...
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drugs poem

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Published on 14th December 2014 12:05pm
Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
shivers in the moon tide
fever to the night wane
devil on the city glow
figures of the cloud stray
silence to the star wind
menace in the thread bare
changes of the mind way
toking past the thresh hold

two minds on coke and acid
look at the same object
and raise it without touching it.
first levitation on stage...
police arrive
two black sedans slide away...
the fuhrer takes another pill,
turns and walks away from the grand window...
orders are made, maps...
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drugs poem

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Published on 14th December 2014 7:43am
Written by Colten Sorrells SirCreepy
Can't afford to live but
I can't afford to die
Everything's too damn expensive
for a lowlife like me
Chasing my Popov with water
and smoking fucking Sonoma's
Wish I could atleast
kill my body
with something decent
I'm halfway through this damn bottle
"There's gotta be more to life than this"
I pack another bowl
and smoke about it awhile,
trying to decipher some song lyrics
"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"
starts to sound oddly morbid,
never noticed that before
Wish I had someone...
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drugs poem

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Published on 14th December 2014 5:24am
Written by mpepp
Sweet rush of warmth, †no stomach pain
Well its not in vain. ... anyway
True to form, †can't be the norm
People know, †they know. ..
So much potential, †so much light
Now im in a whole different fight. .... can't sleep at night
Mired in misery, †emotions are dead
Never could understand my head. †. Or better yet
Just stop they say, †tear out my soul, with bombastic threats
Look what you're doing, †look who your hurting
But in flirting with the devil, †Im dancin and prancing
Like a horse with no head, †no where to run
No way to get out, †can't see...
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 13th December 2014 10:34pm
Written by Semira maria
I feared everything
Try it, don't care
Don't think just go
One more crazy thing to do
If they survived,I will too
The music, louder than usual
I'm like in the mirror
Where have you gone
Honestly, who are you
I forgot, but I think I'm having fun
Fuck it, I'm young
1 hit, 1 shot, 1 rail
2, 3...wait... giggle
Who's counting this shit
I worry too much
Maybe, I hope I can learn to forget to think
I'm thinking no matter how much I'm drinking
Want lose my mind for real
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drugs poem

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Published on 13th December 2014 6:39pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX

tripple digit
† (!trigidant) unflation/
† † † † † † † †inf
† † † † † † † †lam
† † † † † † † †ati o n (in troo me'dication)
† † † † † † † † † †(of)
† /toxiglandular
† † † † †bilious ooze/, swaller a magique bu'llet,
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † †take snooze
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † "in th'shade'o
† † † † † † † † † † † † †thee olde appletree"
† † † † † † † † † † † † † En La Prima Vera
† † † † † † † † † † † † †"en el dio perfecto"
perfect for
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th December 2014 9:42pm
Written by Miss Indie Indie
Dampen the wildest part of yourself
self-destruction is not a mercy
love is not a drug
no matter how much
you want it to be
She doesnít love you
the words donít mean
what you want them to mean
and sex has never been on the table
not because you canít handle the intimacy
youíve just never offered yourself
up for that kind of sacrifice
tempting as it is
You smoke cigarettes
like theyíre not a noose around your throat
choking yourself from the inside out
you donít know how to feel alive anymore
and they...
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th December 2014 8:56pm
Written by Tamaura_NightAngel
Each one of you going down one at a time.

Diffrent colors you are but so powerful once you start.

The thrill of taking you puts me on eage.

A the little colorfull pills make my world a better †place.

Every day I take you for breakfast lunch and dinner and maby a few for a late night snack.

You help me fade out and let my mind be mush .

Ah the joys of takeing ten of you gives me such a rush.

Each one of my little colorful pills are enough to get me to a dream world and more.

Each one of you are all I need and more ....
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th December 2014 6:44pm
Written by Gahddess_Worship
(Entered in the "Addiction" competition
Follow me
Iíll bring you to my pusher
with a pssssst down an alley way
he doesnít call to me
I walk brazenly into his store
where I also happen to purchase
a fuel fix for my car
My mouth waters
greeted with panoply of possibilities
to sate my vice
do I crave chips or cheese puffs
perhaps a candy bar or two or three
life wouldnít be in balance
without a package of cookies
oh and I canít forget my protein
beef jerky presented in all varieties
mmmmm Iím feeling better already...
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th December 2014 5:06am
Written by Firebyrd
Legs crossed...
As I toke...
Exhaling a Plume
Of Purple Pink Smoke
In the middle of the floor
realizing with some amazement
that I was feeling a part of my
I hadnt felt ...
In more than 4 lifetimes ago...
I saw a part of me ... merge
between my convictions...and
Someone else's proper nouns and verbs
Something cracked...
then something curved
as a brandu part of me...Emerged 2nd skin rippling in
The atmosphere...
Owning my thoughts...
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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 11th December 2014 10:59pm
Written by Madi m_abbott1999
Ornate glass,
Shot gun shells.
Just smoke.
Mouth to mouth.

Smoothe lips,
Medicated Blistex.
Just resin.
Cashed my check.

Wool sweater,
Blue steel,
Wash machines.
Just foil.
Tongue in cheek.

Narcan Man saved Grace,
Shot her on the sofa.
First responders rollin' out
Stretcher lady in a coma.

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drugs poem

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Published on 11th December 2014 5:35pm
Written by Dimitri_Dragovich
Colors are are brighter
The World seems lighter

The way it feels is that you can fly
Don't worry you wont cry

A single moment of blissful joy
Almost as delicate as a glass toy

Something as simple as a line on a table
It can make a bad day a beautiful fable

So why not give it a try?
Let's see how much you take before you die.
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 11th December 2014 5:31pm
Written by Dimitri_Dragovich
Day 1. Hello my name is Dylan, It's been 3 weeks since I last used
Day 14. Hello my name is Dylan, It's been 5 weeks since I last used
Day 30. Hey I was told to find myself someone or something that will keep me on track, I was wondering if that would be you?
Day 38. Good Morning,Thank you for talking with me last night i really needed it,.... I love you too
Day 47. Forever and Always?... I love you too
Day 56. Hello? we haven't talked in days...I miss you
Day 73. Hello? HELLO? you said you'd be there, what happened to forever? what...
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 11th December 2014 3:09pm
Written by GBLJ GBLJ09712
The cough blocks out all thoughts,
Every would be attempt
At solving this life.
Ephemeral? Or transcendent?
I dwell in mind a battle I cannot win,
Until the day I die.
Until the day I die?
You've seen the yogis and the Sufis,
Coming to eternal life.
You've seen many a holy man,
And I yet it does not suffice.
You live on the bitter plains of doubt.
The smoke has sprung a second time,
The cough has gone,
I find instead a comfort and a voice. ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 11th December 2014 5:32am
Written by gray_the_great gray_child
So little and cute
But very deadly
With too much I can leave this world
but I like the world I go to
Even if it is for a couple hours
Give me love
I want to feel anyway but this way
Make happy
Let me feel like child
No worries no problems
You could never leave unless I chose to
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drugs poem

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Published on 11th December 2014 00:10am
Written by mattpiskorowski
Weeks crawl by.
The time plagues my mind.
The lost of a best friend.
This security seems pretend.
My best friend forever.
My lie; completely severs.
A bond between two to make one.
First chance to take; made sure to run.
Our future is not one of your favorite fairy tales.
I had to leave; had to change scales.
Around the same mountain you proceeded to lead.
Blindly following; oblivious to my bleed.
Even though the choice was hard,
no doubt there.
It came down to life or death,
I still care.
Even though my soul mate...
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drugs poem

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Published on 10th December 2014 2:20pm
Written by dustyjjewels
The head's spinning
The walls are reeling
A thousand thoughts per minute
How is that for chilling
Rolling another is tempting
The bottles are running empty
I'm way above my limit
but still can't quench the wanting
I want her all that smoking girl
Dazed me with her smoky spell
Now I can communicate with spirits
Cause I sure can hear them well
There is no kidding about her method
Even if you did chill a second
She knows the best ways to wreck it
And the aftermath is off the record
Every other thing must have to...
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drugs poem

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Published on 9th December 2014 8:19pm
Written by ManiacalMark
Soothe Me With A Lie
Soothe Me Til I'm Dead
False Feelings Of Comfort
To My Brain I Inject
All Reality
And Pain
In Attempts
To Reject
Delusional Fulfillment
Toxic Amusement
Broken I Wander
Satisfying The Hunger
Soothing It Feels
As I drift Farther
From What's Real
Direction I Lack
Through The Threshold  
I Pass
Hopeless It Seems
There's No
Coming Back
†† † † -M
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drugs poem

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Published on 9th December 2014 3:42pm
Written by ManiacalMark
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv †
The Parasite Feeds †
From Host It Gorged †
Devours Everything †
And Craves For More †
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ †
††††† † †-M
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drugs poem

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Published on 9th December 2014 5:52am
Written by ManiacalMark
Turbulent Sleepless Night
Rise To Soaked Wet Sheets
A Willing Victim

 † † † † † † † † -M
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drugs poem

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