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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs)

Published on 15th May 2015 3:37pm
Written by MiguelAngel Quintero420 THELOSTONE666
I fucking love smoking weed i'll be smoking till the day i'm no longer able to breathe. I've been smoking since I was fifteen since then i've been smoking and choking on some of that magic green. When i'm medicated life is like a vivid fucking dream trying to decide between eating a raspberry filled donut or one filled with cream. That's one of the hardest things about being a stoner figuring out what You wanna munch on when you can't think straight because your mind is fucking gone. When i'm mad or sad a fat bowl of bomb ass weed is all i'll ever need. I don't give a fuck whether its legal...
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drugs poem

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Published on 15th May 2015 4:02am
Written by AleKsandrovich47

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drugs poem

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Published on 15th May 2015 3:20am
Written by DarkAmp Amper_sand
It's like sticking your foot in a door without a steel capped boot. It hurts a bit. This is just like that.
You know you shouldn't go through the door. But you're human. Curiosity gets the better of you.
Wonderland is worse than Alice imagined it. It's got everything you imagine and a butt load of stuff you wish you hadn't run across. But you're here now. Best to just go with it.
Rule one. Don't buy anything. Like fairy land, you're fucked if you eat the food. One taste, one bit and you're gonna be stuck there forever, or worse.
I'm not fond of small...
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drugs poem

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Published on 14th May 2015 10:11pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
no thing
        beats an oldfuck
        weeping for a bucket
of laughs,(wouldn't you Say?)

-just give'im some p'ills-
-just give'im the Good Shit-

Clown of a LifeTime.
Imbecilic Pathos.
Joke is on I, Thee Self!
Paradoxymoronica of Heaven!
Oh, cheap'ass Pagliaci!
nothing beats
no thing beats like failure pulsing
             in left upper
          chest(O, you torso, you!)

poor doggy is sick.
Spirit (of questionable...
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drugs poem

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Published on 13th May 2015 2:26pm
Written by beautiful_felon
This lady picked me up one time when I was walking down the street,
she asked if I liked to party and had this friend she wanted me to meet,
lost inside my own reality I started making choices that were dumb,
I was fighting my own depression and just wanted to be numb.  
They handed me a pipe that I quickly learned how to use,  
little did I know this was the start of my drug abuse,
each hit I'd take I felt the sadness slowly slip away,
and before I knew what happened months felt like one day.
This man I met online wanted to party and have some fun,  ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 13th May 2015 11:55am
Written by Sadsmiles
Useless ink sprayed senseless upon this canvas
Words flow full of blurr and colours, disconnect
Staring vacantly at this screen, mind fuzziness
Just another blahhh...

Sincerely apologize to a reader
Wasting time on my thoughts
Medicine setting in...
Mind fuzziness again

Alcohol water
Rainbow tablets
And chill..
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th May 2015 8:13pm
Written by beautiful_felon
Welcome to a side of me, the side I never thought you would see, listen up close so you're no longer mislead, and excuse the language as I fire this warning shot into your head, metaphorically speaking just poetically, yea, I thought about it and you're not worth the felony, the skeleton in my closet ain't that lonely yet, and the memories are still too new the fucking bloods still wet, anyway... I'll save the love poetry for a rainy day, and maybe when your god is done puking rainbows and cotton candy bits, I'll call upon my Twisted God show you fucks how we handle shit, (L.O.L) I think im...
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th May 2015 4:11pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
mourning thee end of the night's
this morning, the word, that word,
     came flying
into mynde for the firstime in
    a longtime.
"That's a real doozie for you"
For me? for me, specifically?
goodGod, the unseemly turning twists
     of this new century already
   turned old of it's own
fresh'new rot & repulsing mass appeal.
How do they do it? (&who, for a fuck, are They?)
         (O, would it were I'd hap to chance ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th May 2015 7:03am
Written by beautiful_felon
I'll play along and I'll go with it to avoid the fight, because I love you too damn much to prove this time I'm right, I won't question you anymore especially when its about drugs, instead of our moments with needles in our arms I'd rather cherish your hugs, you looked straight in my eyes and told me you'd never lie, when I look directly into your heart saying only for you I'd gladly die, I will ignore every one of them because you're the one I want, and God forbid if you pass before I do I hope I'm the one you haunt.
If there ever comes a time you feel the need to hide anything...
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th May 2015 5:47am
Written by WHISKY73
The ant races across my foot as if
my intentions are bad.

Little does he know..

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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 12th May 2015 5:42am
Written by WHISKY73
I chose booze over love...
3 fingers of Jack over a beautiful
I chose single malt over blue eyes to
say good night to...
A bottle over soft skin
A shot over a warm breath
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drugs poem

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Published on 11th May 2015 8:05pm
Written by ToxicDreams
your cheap glass and bitter taste
poison and toxic waste
you're a cheap hooker waiting for a date
you seduce me into your vile ways
that guilty pleasure running through me
i choke out your name
spit out what i cant take in
tears running down my cheeks
quiet sobs and bruised arms
i hear you whisper,"One more drink.."
your evil, horrid voice ringing in my ears
i try to tear you away but i love you the most
or do i hate you the most?
i cut my skin with your sharp edges
as i throw you away, my blood drips to the ground ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 11th May 2015 10:29am
Written by BadTrip
A little lie won't do no hurt..
Besides it's truth for you, the truth is in your head.
Thinking of my mother , I wish I was dead
I blame myself, I hate myself and I'm filled with regret.
I'm not myself. I'm my disguise, but she knows me so well..she understands my lies and they damage her health.
I can sense it , she does not feel so well, and looks kind of ill.
What have I done, this angel had been tortured enough already,
and I contribute to her psychological death.
As a young girl she was alone in the world, bombshells,deaths,sumbissiveness,
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drugs poem

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Published on 11th May 2015 10:23am
Written by BadTrip

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drugs poem

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Published on 10th May 2015 2:36am
Written by David_Macleod
internal orgasmic kiss
created by smoking
copious amounts of cannabis
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drugs poem

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Published on 9th May 2015 4:56am
Written by Sinfulsagittarius
I pop a paradise
Trying to relax
And keep calm
I'm in a war zone
Trying not to get hit
And sent home
I pop a paradise
Trying to escape hell
I call hell home
But I want to run away
Being a runaway
Will get me sent home
So I pop a paradise
When there's nothing to
Eat in my fridge
Everyone thinks I'm
Just a rich kid
But that's bologna
I'll take that now
I'm hungry
The only come up I've had
Is getting a house
After almost being...
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drugs poem

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Published on 8th May 2015 10:43pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
a sluice-barrel fulla d
& notta fckn one tget ye High....

O, Anesthesia, sweet goddess Anesthesia!
   take me back, pleas, ((if ye canno put
me to dreamy sleep, at least then
to the
   dreamless unconscious(ness))
/this'ere working world don't work but
for more pain when the crafts of distraction,
   fail thee production real...
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drugs poem

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Published on 8th May 2015 1:56pm
Written by IronFear IronFears

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 8th May 2015 9:08am
Written by Allison_Wonderland
Revelation came with the recognition
That you were just another of many
Bad habits. Just another
Confusion between love and need.
I loved you in the same way but more
Than inhaling cigarettes on my lunch break;
Than sipping hot coffee on winter mornings;
Than chugging beers at baseball games;
Than downing Cuervo shots at every bar.
You were something.
Something I made myself need
Without ever really wanting to;
Something I spent my time doing
Without the slightest...
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drugs poem

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Published on 8th May 2015 5:46am
Written by David_gessner
I don't have very many friends, mainly because I don't really have much use for most people. The majority of them are fake, they greet you with plastic smiles and insincere enthusiasm, as if they don't talk shit behind your back. I've been betrayed by a friend I claimed as my little brother, as well as most others I've let my guard down around.
Jimi, is one of a very few people I consider my friend. He's a loyal, solid friend, who would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it more. He just happens to be a junkie, on corrections for multiple charges of distribution...
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drugs poem

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