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Dirty Poems

Dirty Poems at Deep Underground, the kinky side of poetry. Share dirty poetry, chat in the forums and watch spoken word video poems.

Published on 16th July 2009 6:45pm
Written by Valerie (swtrnr17)
to have the warmth, the desire
I explode inside from your ashy fire
ecstasy fills the void
my dirty thoughts your persona destroyed
the delicate cells that create the person you are
i lick them with my eyes from afar
the vibrations in your voice
leave my mind with a lustful choice
steal your beauty for my eyes alone
become your double, a manufactured clone
rape your heart, and mutilate your mind
you'll become mine in such a short time
destroy the one you truly love
then in your heart my love I’ll shove
ONLY if that wouldn't be so mean...
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poet swtrnr17

Published on 1st August 2009 6:16pm
Written by AlanTM
"You remind me of a lover," she said softly,
Touching glass, as if to test her own reaction;
Her voice a soothing quality, delighting,
Eyes resting on a mirror that attracted.
Bent over as she was, she offered promise,
Suddenly, he longed for touches smooth;
A desire swept across him, overwhelming,
He focused on her smile, so amused.
She taunted with her body in the mirror,
"A pretty image, "she teased gently,” in the glass."
The sensuous reflection brought excitement,
"Yes you remind me of a lover from my past."
"I see your motivation,"...
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poet AlanTM

Published on 5th August 2010 8:04pm
Written by Abra (Abracadabra)
you want to  
fuck my mind
steal my thoughts
then hold me down  
on your lusty bed of reason
and thrust your opinions  
hard into my face.
In the morning  
you'll ask:
How was it for you?
Did the earth move... 
more than once?
And I'll say:
you were better than a book.
You were my blue sky
after a storm,
my dictionary  
full of big brown eyes
crammed with rich...
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poet Abracadabra

Published on 21st August 2010 10:07pm
Written by beck (cattymagraa)
To want is to wonder
The mind never stops
I think I can remember
When we were almost…
So dubious and hot
But how much better it had tasted
Then, even in my mind
Dismissing love in anger we denounced it all
While your tongue lingered longingly somewhere
And I’d like to hear your name
In between my screams
I’ll whisper it, then shout it
To test its authenticity
I love the alien
And I crave the unseen
You woke me like a shot
And dragged me from my dirty daydream...
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poet cattymagraa


DU Poetry : Dirty Poems

Published on 31st July 2011 7:39pm
Written by marionelee
I feel your breath between my thighs
The warmth, the pleasure, the fire
Your hands caressing me, rolling all over my body
Your kisses speak so much
Dirty and deep, it opened my mind
And when your mouth found my ear
Whispering words but I never hear
The fire inside me have been burnt badly
The streams and falls have ran wildly
And no one can turn down the flame
It's burning me, it's burning me
Your hands have done so much
I let you in, I let you out
Deeper and deep, together we drown into each other's sweat
...and to the sweet...
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poet marionelee

Published on 2nd March 2012 1:57pm
Written by Devilish
The way you make me feel. The host of magic...
A cryptic seal.. Breeds.. A seNsUal havoc..
The taste of your pen leaves Dark in my mouth..
I wana cage you..
Ravage the sound of genius and kiss the words between us...
I dirty you..
Confined by the crime of fantasy..
Romancing in lead.. I need to be fed..
Lick the stains in your letters.. A beautiful mind..
I throne you...
The DeMoN of salvation.. Crowned in timeless..
 I devour you..
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poet Devilish

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