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Dark Poems

Evil poetry and morbid poems about death and horror

The dark poems section is for evil, sinister, disturbing and morbid poems, including horror and Halloween themed poetry. Dark poetry about death, destruction and suffering is prevalent. Dark poems are popular, with their content capable of shocking, scaring and repulsing the reader. If you're prepared to have your mind disturbed, then take a journey with us, into the twisted world of DU dark poetry.
Published on 1st November 2014 00:28am
Written by oldwolff
I walk in the graveyard of my ancestor
on this all Hollowed Eva
as I wage war with my own thoughts
and even thought the sun is shining,
dark clouds encircle me,
rain pours down upon me
vibrations ripple thru my soul
as my skin is being stitched
by an invincible thread
pain rushing through my veins,
overcoming my senses
my world
crumbling in a blink of a eye
as the evil in the darkness
over take me
imaginings of saints and demons
are unleashed
cold stealthy creeping madness
as my soul burns red...
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dark poem

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Published on 1st November 2014 00:10am
Written by Ink_Like_Art Nightcore14
Paint my wings black.
Paint my soul black.
Paint my eyes black.
Paint my lips black.
Paint my heart black.
Paint my world black.
Paint the sky black, leave no light.
Paint the roses black, leave no red or white.
Paint the doves black, until their white is darkness.
Paint all the colors until they are black.
Paint all the angels black until they are mistaking for Demons.
Let my Demons drink black blood.
Let my Soul turn black, and my heart disappear.
The only thing you will see in the Dark world is a twisted smile and my claws...
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 10:10pm
Written by Ink_Like_Art Nightcore14
I was once a writer of horror and tragedy.
I was once a soldier but choose pens over guns.
I was once Edgar A. Poe.
Death followed me all my life,
from when I was only two to the time I was 40.
Death took my mother at two.
Death took my second mother at 20.
Death took my beloved wife at 38.
All three taken from the same horrid disease.
I had no children but
the stories I wrote that live on today.
My Death was mysterious,
only you would not know,
for it is my secret until you seek,
the real Death that took me from this world.
I do not...
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 8:53pm
Written by Rosedd13
Safe and smiling
At a distance, yes
you're safe, admiring
my work of art, yes
The fresh Crimson drying
At a glance, shades of a mess
It's easier when you're dying
Under my gaze, undress.
Eloquent quite, darkness underlying,
Your state picturesque.
The reds intensifying
Can't even guess,
Where your fate is binding.
With skill and finesse,
The bleak lines testifying
To an inner torment repressed.
As you stand safe and smiling,
The world will witness
your screams terrifying,
The night, my work at an end.
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 4:58pm
Written by MiguelAngel Quintero420 THELOSTONE666
Redrum that's how I live my life crazy as fuck your the one that's gonna die. I like getting high snort a couple lines with satan giving me sighns that were getting closer to the end of times. Being an accessory to brutal fucking crimes like shooting a skrap 666 times. I don't bang because I don't need too. With each day I get more and more crazy what the fuck am I gonna do?????? †I try not to listen to the demons in my head but the only way out is a bullet through my head. Alot of you might think that this shit sounds dumb but I recommend not to fuck with me because i'm possessed by satan...
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 2:01pm
Written by MirandaSchwally lolweirdgirl
I miss the food.
I ate too much, and now I am not so thin.
He was too rude.
I look in a mirror, I can't stand in my own skin.

I miss the sleep.
I saw things, and now I can't face my dreams.
He stayed to creep.
I cry at night, I fear what the vision means.

I miss the friends.
I forgot trust, and now I've pushed them away.
He said it ends.
I hide in corners, I wait for what he will say.

I miss the life.
I used to rule, and now I let him run me.
He holds a knife.
I wait for pain, I know it's my blood I see.
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dark poem

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New Member
Published on 31st October 2014 1:42pm
Written by Spanker
So ...
You wanna get
Fucked up
On a scale
Of one to ten
Where one is
A little tipsy
And ten is
What will it be?
Pick a number
And make it count
Donít be flippant
Iím reasonably
How sharp?
Is the edge
Youíre looking for
Bread knife
Or razor blade
The dull scratch
Or a nice
Clean slice
Clocks are ticking
But donít be
By cold hands
And unseeing
Choose your poison
Another crossroad
Take your time
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 1:38pm
Written by Spanker
Hard heavy
Long black sack
White nylon noose
Digs in
Hung tight
Grip relaxes
Dumb thud
Useless corpse
Staring back
Pain goes
Grimace follows
Fingers flex
Pink sorrow
Marks fade
Brute bag dragged
Somewhere else
A corner
Propped up proud
Cold wall witness
Alone for now
Until the return
Bastard smirking
Torn mouth
Cavity eyes
Hunched darkly
Madly twisted
Victimsí shuffle
Haunting shadow
Afraid to go

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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 1:37pm
Written by dormant7596
A child is born on a tragic day
His parents donít know what to say
They love him so much
Even though they have a hunch
He may hold some dark secret
But even though they over-look it
He finds out what happened on the day of his birth
About his first day on this earth
So, donít fear the dark; for it will be lighter
Everything will rise and shine
When morning comes it will be brighter
So donít fear the dark; for it will be lighter
Everything will rise and shine
When morning comes it will be brighter
The same young man meets his...
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dark poem

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Image New Member
Published on 31st October 2014 12:29pm
Written by WoundedHeart
Why do you want to hurt me?
Why is my pain your pleasure?
How do you expect her to be
Okay that we're together?
Why the hell should we accept this
From a selfish man like you?
You're never gonna end this
As long as you don't have to
So I will make a little call
That will hopefully end this all
She and I will have a ball
As we sit back and watch you fall
Can't wait to see your face
When I come over to her house
I'm sure we can create
Some lies to freak you out
From the random way we met
To things we got up to
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dark poem

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DU Poetry : Dark Poems about Death, Horror and Evil

Published on 31st October 2014 12:14pm
Written by Imperfect Fallen_Angel_194
I'm Tired,
So Tired Of Feeling Pain,
This is what they Say, "Smile! It May Change Someones Day!"
I'm Tired, Of Breathing, and No One Seeing,
I'm Tired Of Faking a Smile,
And Crying everynight,
I'm Tired Of This Fucking Depression,
I'm Tired of Wanting to Kill Myself,
I Can't escape this Hell,
I'm Tired,
I'm Tired of Crying,
I'm Tired of Fighting,
I'm So Fucking Tired...
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 12:06pm
Written by bisexualkitty
Be my dracula
Seduce me
Bite me
I'll let you in if you change me

Be my wolf-man
Scratch me
Lick me
You are my wild little animal

Be my alien
Be as curious as i am
Explore me
See what makes me tick

Be dirty
Be sexy
Be scary
Be naughty
But all as long as im yours through the night
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 8:43am
Written by TheAceOfSpades Simplepasserby
Broken pieces, with headlights
they leave me in ponder
have I lost the very purity
that graced me?
Or does it still flow
through as air around me?

Broken pieces, with the darkness
of the basement floor
scattered paper along the wall
oh, the tenderness of skin
let these worries
slip beneath me
seeping into my skin
Broken pieces, as the mirror reflection
shatter through the force of anger
a red-eye glow
just behind the bookshelf shadow
trembling, these faces stare
Broken pieces, are all the remain...
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 4:57am
Written by GothPlusHeartBeat
I'm so Gothic I'm rotten!
"My heart is stained by every pen I ever used,
They inked me with words so sweet
their words turned bitter with one touch of my poets tongue.
(My artwork is a reflection of my soul.) †

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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 4:57am
Written by Atakti
I'd suck the air from his kiss,
the heat from his kiln, leave him
stone-headed deafness in false ecstasy.

I'd rip my face off and reform the underlying clay
into the visage of daimona Aletheia,
desolate in her guardianship.

I'd bake in the remaining flames, those last echoes
of lies I told myself, clawing past wastelands
in search of purity

though I have spat in every well,
unwilling to believe in starred reflections

I'd leave tears and ash ó
volcanic streaks warning no one.

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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 3:48am
Written by DarknessOfEmber
I feel so sad.
My eyes fill with tears
as loneliness reappears.
I wait for my time to end, hoping
for my coffin to descend
into the dirt, so cold and empty.
I don't want to be here anymore.
My body has become so sore.
This feeling just won't end,
it only extends.
I cry and cry, to the point
where my nose is stuffed and
i'm red eyed.Oh, just let me die.
It's all in my mind and it won't leave.
I'm tired of fighting, i'm tired of
being told i'm just some lie.
I'm not fine, iv'e asked for help
over a thousand times.
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 3:22am
Written by Idryad Grace
moths flutters against the light
lighting up a darkening dusk
cicadas screech among the vines
holding trees together tightly
fireflies green and yellow light
up the huddled mangrove trees
a lone man sighs deeply
walking home from his river bath
the evening glows into twilight
with the wind a gentle lullaby sounds
wafting through the tree tops
humming into mosquito nets
as little babies and children listen
mothers hushed their wards to silence
the spirits that harvest little souls
and feed off blood are passing by
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 2:08am
Written by Ravens Blood Demonseyesofblood
† †Sliding down the hill.
Falling into despair.
Who really gives a fuck?
† †Staying alive is such a struggle.
killing myself deep inside.
Promises left broken.
† †Everything so perfect, and beautiful,
except for me, impure and dreadful.
So many expectations. no void to fill,
† †Chilling and killing me.
Lost and left broken,
Afraid and alone,
† †Nothing to gain,
Falling into the depths of hell.
The ocean black,
† †Failure to comply.
No way to fly.
jumping out of my skin....
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dark poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 1:07am
Written by Thedarkshadow anonymouslyhere
Reality's hand
as razors grasping your tender skin
through becoming out of touch
with her surging grip
makes your mind
begin to slip
through her finger tips may leave scars
the absence of her is as a burning fire
consuming every pardoned thought
a manifest
There's a darkness in this basement
without a light or spark
spare me match
to light one more cigarette
or light up the dark for second
yeah a prissy little cunt
to put it really blunt
gotta act like a bitch
cause the light went out ...
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dark poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 9:01pm
Written by hiba
are you sure you want to delete this poem?
- All of them
including the writer, my self.
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dark poem

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