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Dark Poems

Evil poetry and morbid poems about death and horror

The dark poems section is for evil, sinister, disturbing and morbid poems, including horror and Halloween themed poetry. Dark poetry about death, destruction and suffering is prevalent. Dark poems are popular, with their content capable of shocking, scaring and repulsing the reader. If you're prepared to have your mind disturbed, then take a journey with us, into the twisted world of DU dark poetry.
Published on 23rd October 2014 8:44am
Written by aftermath the_unheard
Head first into my failure
I can never wait to get there
At least then it will be over
At least until the next cycle comes around
I will never make amends!
This road, it seems, to never end..
And now it seems I'm breaking down!
Inches away from falling out.. for good.
I can never be enough!
I can only do so much!
But I am just a resistable force..
I will never be what you want!
I can never be enough...
And I will never be your crutch..
I'm not the immovable object you think of me.
Is routine, just another day....
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dark poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 7:39am
Written by GaR
First gaze onto your wide beating eyes.
I can see your uneasiness, but it makes me want it even more.
Caught in a dirty dance,
Where each gesture builds to a climax.
The anticipation of doing something wrong just adds to the fire.
You are my desire.
I want you
Now you are close to me, and I make you feel special.
I tell you what you want to hear, because I have to be careful.
I've seen you evolve into a monster that I can not resist.
If you flew away now, I would be so pissed.
I need you
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dark poem

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New Member
Published on 23rd October 2014 1:59am
Written by lolweirdgirl
Timmy Tongal and Sally Aloue
ran through the streets
never quite sure what to do.
Lil Tongal tangles and pulls hair through night.
Timmy travels your home,
he gathers his treasure and loot.
The earring back,
the sock,
the dime,
and the dolls loose boot.
The things that maybe lost by you,
were found by Timmy
for his lil Ms. Aloue.
Sally smiles and swings
on the branches
of high evergreens.
Waiting for Timmy,
she throws shadows
and makes the wind scream.
She lays water on the walk
in midnight icy air.
She plays...
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dark poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 1:45am
Written by Imperfect Fallen_Angel_194
Oh dear suicide,
Come for Me Tonight,
It Won't be long until I'm Gone,
No One Will Miss Me,
No one Will Cry,
No One will Care that I Said Good Bye,
Oh dear suicide,
Please.. Please Come for Me Tonight,
I'm Ready to Die..
I'll Wait until Everyones Asleep,
I'll Go into the Bathroom,
I'll Grabe My Razor Blade, and Start Cutting away,
No One Cares Anyways,
Oh Dear Suicide,
Come for Me Tonight,
It Won't be Long Until I'm Gone,
I'm Broken Inside, and Tired Of Life
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dark poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 1:00am
Written by LordErebus22
Tis another unholy night
In this darkened land
Of the shattered and torn
Surrounded by a lake of fire
Lucifer brings the dying light
And casts the force of dispiriting trauma
Come, master tempter of mankind
And lead the black mass
As the room is occupied
With gory, rotting bodies
Of the recent tormented
All the fucking enslaved
Who were whipped and sliced in the end
Bloody pentagrams engraved
For our sacrilegious dedication
In this dim room of the ripped and tattered
I raise my bleeding hands...
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dark poem

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Image New Member
Published on 23rd October 2014 00:16am
Written by lolweirdgirl
Nights like tonight when I should be falling apart
Iím fine. Heads clear, feet on the ground, lets keep moving along.
This is almost right by being wrong.
Perhaps Iím another Alice, and this is my wonder land.
All that is wrong is right, and the only thing to be wrong is what is right.
Wonderland is a dangerously, wonderful, dangerous place. Even Alice got lost and confused in her own sleepy head.
Poor little Alice, if I were in Wonderland would I wish I were dead?
No, couldnít! Could I? All the wrong I had done would be right in Wonderlands law.
Nights like...
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dark poem

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New Member
Published on 23rd October 2014 00:10am
Written by OtherWorldWoman
I walk these halls with an empty heart
Hanging lights flashing off and on
Echoes of screaming bouncing off the walls
Choking on a dusty fog
While cockroaches crawl on the floor
Whispering a secret dialogue....
Im using the pain
That you **** into my brain
You made me **** crazy
I'm using the rage
That spreads like wildlife in my veins
Im using this to guide my way
To find you, to find you
The one who made me sick.
Eyes white as a spiders egg
A nervous bleeding in my brain
Stumbling through the eyeless dark
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dark poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 8:28pm
Written by redblood
i am nothing special
but i am me
you are a liar, thief,
total wanker
a walking talking misery

i may be satisfied
with holding hands
a peck on the cheek
you want to fuck me
each and every way
treat me like meat

i am nobodys fool
certainly not your mule
you are the king of cruel

so i am taking a step back
2 fingers up to you
and to your crap
hope next time you
feel the need to get high
you end up
fucking a guy

who the fuck are you anyway !!
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dark poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 6:18pm
Written by Velvet Rose BlackVelvetRose
(written w/JohnFeddeler)
wanna rattle the grave
and wake the fucking dead
with the fire i spit
between these teeth.
you know it's about damn time
that someone stands the fuck up
and speaks their part of mind.
can't keep this mouth shut
too many speaking of nothing
spending day in and day out
reaching for their burnt out stars

my Sister screams from the mountaintop,
but her cries perish in silence & sorrow.
her crudeness belies her heartís trepidation
for the death of art, long buried in obscurityís
grave. we...
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dark poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 5:49pm
Written by dormant7596
Trembling with rage
Excitement from hate
All that I've felt
Brings back what I've dealt
When I think back
I just want to hack
Away at her life
With only my knife
The wrong that she's done
Being repaid ten to one
Brings me nothing but joy
It's you I employ
To preform my sin
The murder from within
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dark poem

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New Member

DU Poetry : Dark Poems about Death, Horror and Evil

Published on 22nd October 2014 5:17pm
Written by AbyssalDarkness
You're the killer of emotions
And the breaker of hearts
You, the saboteur of love
Will die
Not by me
But by yourself
Because it's all the more entertaining
And satistying
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dark poem

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New Member
Published on 22nd October 2014 3:18pm
Written by crowfly
†† †Conceiver of pain  
†† †Breeder of sorrow  
††No grave shall contain  
Shall return on the morrow...
The name engraved therein is my own
Memento mori.  An echo in stone.
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dark poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 3:09pm
Written by crowfly
Perfect score, connect the dots
Random Bob can call the shots
Picks up Mary Honeythighs
So his betrayal comes as no surprise

Cup of joe, just make it noir
Add some luster to this scar
That psycho couple's tough to shake
And this private dick can't catch a break

So Los Angles down we go
Get there fast and cook them slow
Too many sorrows left to drown
So suck it up and blow this town.
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dark poem

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New Member
Published on 22nd October 2014 2:54pm
Written by HollyDove

adult poems
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dark poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 12:20pm
Written by brainsandwich
he said nothing
gave no reason
left no note
went nowhere
but Springmaid pier
where he hung himself
and for one day
he was a star
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dark poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 5:04am
Written by Thedarkshadow anonymouslyhere
Come dear, and lets go
ill take you to evenings bliss
to stare into
this beautiful abyss
a dream you could almost kiss
and you'd never want to miss
and take it in
you could have
all of this
but I can't give it away
and to you
the colors are absent
cause your so bent
on turning away
but may you find god
and may you run back
this is what id say
if I wasn't to late
A so long
a goodbye
but I couldn't mutter
these words
your voice is ringing deep
and stealing my sleep
the words you'd stutter
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dark poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 3:53am
Written by HeartheBells
The sea ever morphing ever changing
Taking lives without a second thought
Tsunamis hitting defenseless villages
Hurricanes striking little New England towns
From the sky blue Caribbean
To the flinty Maine Atlantic
Hides malicious creatures
Ready to drown for the hell of it
And demonic entities
Waiting for the time to rise from the depths
And take back the world
When most think of the sea they think
It's a cruel beauty
Staying pristine while slaughtering thousands
Drowning the guilty and...
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dark poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 3:10am
Written by GaR
Plunged into a dark well of uncertainty

My ego's perfectly tailored mask rips off my face and floats in the light

As my body sinks down a narrow endless flight

Reality's brightness dissipates through the lifeless water

Feelings of fear and confusion
drown me,

Then calm me,
As I become like the water

Translucent and cold

My body still sinks, but
I am no more.
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dark poem

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Image New Member
Published on 22nd October 2014 1:14am
Written by lolweirdgirl
Can I stop?
I donít know whats wrong today.
Can I stop?
What is this shadow I see?
Can I stop?
I feel it staring at me.
Can I stop?
Donít you see the eyes?
Donít you hear his evil lies?
Can I stop?
I donít remember holding the gun,
But he told me a game both gruesome and fun.
Can I stop?
The teeth hissed out a cruel truth.
My friend told me to end this youth.
Can I stop?
Canít you feel his claws on your skin?
Heís dug them so far in me,...
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dark poem

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New Member
Published on 21st October 2014 11:52pm
Written by cadencecollapsing candencecollapsing
Let it go

Like an exhale
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dark poem

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