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Dark Poems

Evil poetry and morbid poems about death and horror

The dark poems section is for evil, sinister, disturbing and morbid poems, including horror and Halloween themed poetry. Dark poetry about death, destruction and suffering is prevalent. Dark poems are popular, with their content capable of shocking, scaring and repulsing the reader. If you're prepared to have your mind disturbed, then take a journey with us, into the twisted world of DU dark poetry.
Published on 21st April 2014 10:13am
Written by Paige Rider Page_Writer
Is it bad I wonder?
That when I surrender to the arguements?
When my side is done.
Whether it has been lost or won.
That I hurt myself to stop--
The fighting.
The crying.
The yelling.
The screaming.
Is it bad that I rather hurt myself?
Than watch the people around me suffering for the mistakes I made?
Is it bad that the moment that I hurt myself, they stop blaming me and start blaming themselves instead?
Is it bad that the moment that I start to bleed the arguing stops and they love me again?
Is it bad to play on people's sympathy like that?...
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dark poem

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Published on 21st April 2014 3:57am
Written by PropertyOfMorrissey WordsUnspoken
caricature religion
debase me like a dog
kneel to beg
forgiveness for
what I am.
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dark poem

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Published on 21st April 2014 3:41am
Written by poetjj
I feel like a sex toy that's all i ever really was held down and played with no feelings or emotions just a hollow body.A child's mind and my heart.Wrenching screams that tore me apart noone ever heard me or so it seems.Used and tossed to the side,always trying to run and hide.Scared and scared my soul forever.Taken by one too many people who took me forsaken.I'll never be the same I'm torn to little pieces.Pieces of me "gone lost.My mind is like a whirlwind never really slowing down.My heart is frozen from the hate.I need this all to end before It's all too late.These memories attacking me...
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dark poem

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Published on 21st April 2014 3:41am
Written by Tigernamedlilychan
My vision began to tunnel
And my hands began to fumble

As I poke at his liver
His lip begins to quiver

As his eyes pry open
He sees he is opened

He begins thrashing
And I begin bashing

My hands are shaking
My mind is raking

I think he is faking
But my patient is not waking.
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dark poem

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Published on 21st April 2014 3:41am
Written by Fading2Black
Brisk night to sneak off into the midnight air
Watch our breath take life on it's on
Looking on up to the stars hoping for a bright tomorrow
Seeking a light beyond our imaginings
Fostering our desires, and gripping tight to fears that freeze us in place.
Tearing up and whispering the should have beens
Elaborate detailed hopes with lack of inspiration.
Empty the mind like a sink full of dishes.
Wash my hands of the situation, toxic
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dark poem

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Published on 21st April 2014 3:22am
Written by p1w2t3
A piece of hardwood spiked to a floor I'm smashed together trapped like a board long white and strong crys the extension cord a dull smokey black handle shiny Germany steel whispers the steak knife sword it gives me chills a deep dark voice from the cupboard that expired bottle of pills you'll never win always loose TV static noise squeaks Miller light government booze Mrs candle flickers then snickers knowing fire is quicker warm soft water sleeps one snug drip drip drip the last ready drip over flows the tub angels escape Sleekly as the last ray of sun light glistens it's done not wanting...
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dark poem

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Published on 21st April 2014 3:12am
Written by MelissaVigna
I still recall the joy it brings when Christmas comes around
I still remember all the tiny snowflakes on the ground
Working on my Christmas list and then when I awake
There are hills for sledding, mounds for climbing, ice to skate
Decorating, carols playing, picking out the tree
Wrapping presents, gift exchanges, all are filled with glee
Waking up before the sun and running out of bed
And running down the stairs to see that Santaís come again
Sitting in a pile of my brand new gifts and things
Christmas specials, feasting and the joy this...
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dark poem

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Published on 21st April 2014 00:33am
Written by HadesRising
Tears fall with the mourning song
Sung by the tongues of tortured angels
High on heavenly seats
Enthralled by celestial speech
What words were whispered
In shadows?
A fallen man makes legends
For the masses in passes stolen
To believe in something
To fill a void when there's nothing
Ancient men cower
In their fear
Stolen tales fit fantasies
As wise men plagiarize old legends
To build a religion
Based on lies and on dominion
Believe in no god
Other than ours
But I can see through your lies
For I am...
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 11:47pm
Written by HadesRising
The days are coming to an end
I reflect on time that was spent
In the eyes of the world
Tragedy, lasting sorrow
On the steps of tomorrow
It grips me in my core
You may think me weak
But I will never break
My will shall prevail
At home with the ghosts
Made deals as I was Faust
Suffer in detail
Fathers lost and weeping mothers
Crying sisters, angry brothers
When all of it seems lost
Years in turmoil and deep needing
Of cruel hardships and...
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 10:54pm
Written by MorbidEternity

adult poems
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dark poem

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DU Poetry : Dark Poems about Death, Horror and Evil

Published on 20th April 2014 10:30pm
Written by tfourie
mindless waters broke the day she drowned
apart from the sceptical blank
pages of fellowship that carried pieces of
a symphony
there was a fight near the house
knives and fists were not involved, but rather
there was a dying Jesus with a blood-stained
borderlines drew apart from the crust
everywhere I went tears gave birth
to death
almost near the end the beginning was
filled with a passion beyond recognition
she was wretched, like the dawn of fire and
dead mice
in the basement I hang
she laughed
and the...
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 9:51pm
Written by ManorMyth
I awake to a blood curdling scream,
So, I passed it off as just a dream.
I hopped out of bed to move closer to the door,
Dragging one foot after the other across a blood stained floor.
Although, my body didn't seem heavy but light as air.
I felt as if I was floating as I move closer to the stairs.
So, I make my way further down,
Just to have a look around.
To see my mother holding a blood soaked body,
Calling out for help to anybody.
As my mother tears rushes from her eyes,
And she cries out "How i wish i had died."...
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 7:08pm
Written by MelissaVigna
My joyous occasion at last has arrived!
I shall jump from the back to the front to the side
But I must get ready and quickly at that!
My belt, my shoes, and I need my hat

Extremely excited! But slightly unnerved
For Iíve never done something like this before
It will be in such whimsy, it will be so grand
It will be the best night in all of the land!

Try to keep up as I run out the door
I sure hope the police donít find the source!
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 4:57pm
Written by MadameLavender
(Written for the "Who Has The Most Sinister Mind, Spirit, Soul" †competition

When the pins behind my eyes
Start pricking, pricking, pricking,
The dark mask draws down
And gray thoughts come thickening.
Like thunderheads blown
On the wind, wind, windó
I unsheathe my nails
To begin the dig at my skin.
The floodgate released
And blood flows, flows, flows;
A wave of red
To the place I must go:
The walk among the graves
In silence, gives, gives, gives,
A connection to those
Who no longer live.
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 2:05pm
Written by No Name Death_comes_for_al

adult poems
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 1:55pm
Written by No Name Death_comes_for_al

adult poems
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 10:54am
Written by MelissaVigna
So there it sits upon the stair
Its leering grin shows to thin air
I carved it on October tenth
A time, enjoyed its silhouette
But now I feel it stare at me
Now I hear its silent screams
So loud the screams are of repent
Unsettling, so discontent
I pulled it from the pumpkin patch
So long deserted, long detached
I carved it up and set it out
Yet I canít stand to see it now
I swallowed fear and picked it up
I felt a pinch then I saw blood
I chucked it hard out the front door
I slammed it shut relieved once more
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 10:53am
Written by MelissaVigna
Humanity is weakened and they all must be destroyed
For with this selfish human race Iím thoroughly annoyed
Raped my lands, forget their pasts, itís coming to a head
If they continue on this path they soon will all be dead
Theyíre coming closer now than they have ever in the past
And soon the earth will open up and spit them to their deaths
Oceans rise and drown the lands
Fire rages where the water canít
All the ground is crumbling Ďround
Air is poison to you now
Gravity will fade away
And dead is all eternal space
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 10:44am
Written by Zombie_Twinkie
Slashing, slicing, cutting, bleeding.

The pain i feel for your deceiving.

Kill my heart, kill my joy.

In the end i was just a toy.

I want to forever sleep,

and watch my blood begin to seep.
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dark poem

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Published on 20th April 2014 8:45am
Written by Mz_Fallen_Angel
The shadows of lies,
they can hear my cries.
My shattered soul,
stuck deep down in this hole.
Your blood sucking Demons,
leaving me screaming.
All these nights of endless torture,
is there no closure?
There claws of steel,
making me whimper and yield.
My spirt beaten and chained
God, they can't be tamed.
I keep pleading and grieving,
but what is it achieving?
Going numb, feeling hollow,
It's getting hard to swallow.
Blurry vision, ragged breathing,
your smile so deceiving.
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dark poem

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