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Dark Poems

Evil poetry and morbid poems about death and horror

The dark poems section is for evil, sinister, disturbing and morbid poems, including horror and Halloween themed poetry. Dark poetry about death, destruction and suffering is prevalent. Dark poems are popular, with their content capable of shocking, scaring and repulsing the reader. If you're prepared to have your mind disturbed, then take a journey with us, into the twisted world of DU dark poetry.
Published on 1st July 2015 3:02pm
Written by AngeletteNelmida
A million roads to travel,
A billion steps to take;
My only one life--should it marvel,
And demand a second life for life's own sake?

I have done things I couldn't resist,
And been to places that don't exist;
The life I've never longed to meet,
Is sitting now on my very seat.
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dark poem

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Published on 1st July 2015 11:41am
Written by IANMCL
I sit here in my shallow puddle of relinquishment.
Pondering the likes of a superior society.
I wish things were... different.
Never myself.
I change for nobody.
All of the worthless nobody's shall change for me, their rightful master.
Or so I ponder...
Maybe in a different life this glorious fantasy shall bestow it's rightful existence upon the ungrateful sods that mock me in this pathetic flea ridden scum hole, with it's backwards power scheme.

Today is the day I commence my...
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dark poem

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Published on 1st July 2015 8:46am
Written by Reavenheart
Candles cast a calming shadow overture of flickering flame
That dance macabre like the willow over glistening water in the calm winds of spring.
The shadows of demons and angels prays to  be seen.
As if telling stories of what lies within.
The calming patter of the rain can not repent the mind from humanity's sin.
The heart grows darker with each soft prayer said cold and withering.
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dark poem

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Published on 1st July 2015 6:51am
Written by DevlinDLC
The girl was just a fractured sentiment
of human emotion
gagging in a sea of blackened blood
before him
'Scarlet,' he whimpered splitting her from
throat to belly
on the grand stage of evil
surrounded by the festering rituals of puppets
intermingling with the filth of beasts and maggot rot
he drew back her crimson curtained flesh
and entertained the divine master within
like a choreographed symphony of redrum rain
drenching beneath a dozen white roses
strewn across the stage;
momentos laced in hypodermic pins for thorns,...
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dark poem

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Published on 1st July 2015 6:48am
Written by Kikiro Kazugami pixieboo

adult poems
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dark poem

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Published on 1st July 2015 6:37am
Written by HadesRising
"Now, arise, black god
Chernobog, arise!
Plague bearer, awake
This world, I forsake
Here in the darkness where shadows caress
Nightmares stir in fires and desire
Demonic details succumbing to Hell
When those of godhood clarify falsehoods
Harrow the gallows
Desecrate the hallows
Betwixt the show
Better the devil you know
Why is it tragic when the black magic
Glistens the altar of death robed fathers
Position casters' sorcery faster
When hearts of demons pulse...
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dark poem

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Published on 1st July 2015 2:28am
Written by DevlinDLC

adult poems
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 11:21pm
Written by Gothic_Brown_Eyes
The roses died so long ago,
I forgot the small of their perfume.

Their radiant glow no longer show,
within these realms of blackened roses.
A thorny bed for their petaled little heads,
each one with a headstone of their own.

Never overgrown,
time keeps them prim and proper.
Yet if you come a little closer
you’ll see for yourself,
these pretty little posers
are nothing but pansies.

Made of cloth, silk, and thread
these flowers made no bed
for how could they,
their dead.
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 10:41pm
Written by IronFear IronFears
Under a cloudy station,
I trapped my demons

It is fine to eat them,
Because they taste bad.

Cloudy as is it,
Something in the rain.

It is fine to dress dirty,
When nobody looks at you.
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 9:45pm
Written by IronFear IronFears

adult poems
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dark poem

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DU Poetry : Dark Poetry - Dark Poems about Death, Horror and Evil

Published on 30th June 2015 8:36pm
Written by fear
sorrow wraps my heart in sadness black as silk
my empty screams do not echo
my soul aches with the rain of blood
my headaches flow with the time of day and night
and my pain grows with the lies that have been spoken i'm truely broken
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 6:35pm
Written by Reavenheart
How I crave the cold embrace of eternal slumber
It tears the fabric of my existence with the fermented nails of my tortured life.
I long for the nevermore of eternal night.
The blissful release of a trapped soul from this unhallowed temple.
To sleep, to rest, to be no more.
At roads end, the deepest dungeons of despair.
I find no peace here, only the rivers and valleys of horrid years beyond repair.
Cowardly I seem to much to grant myself relief.
leaving me here to pine away in hell filled grief.
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 6:33pm
Written by DarkCatalyst
Bodies skewered on stakes
Some completely burned to ash
Heads in one place,
Arms in another.
Children everywhere
Their flesh rotting,
Teeth missing,
Fingers cut..
Some with both eyes
Others with none.
Wire around their tiny throats,
Leaving deep imprints
And a mess of skin mixed with dirt.
One child,
A boy.
Eyes still open
So black they shine
But look beyond...
You see they were brown once
Then they faded into darkness.
Forever staring at nothing
A girl kneels beside him.
Then the shaking
As she...
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 6:33pm
Written by Reavenheart
I hear it calling,
the shadow of who I used to be.
I feel it clawing,
this darkness still inside of me.
Now just a shell a hollow memory.
Always lost never found
What was and will be, forever bound.
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 6:32pm
Written by DarkCatalyst
One cut
Two cuts
Three cuts
Blood beginning to drip
Onto the floor.
Five cuts
Six cuts
Seven cuts
I can never run away
From this self-hate
Nine cuts
Ten cuts
Then no more skin
And I can tell that I didn't win..
One breath
Two breaths
Three breaths
It would've ended sooner if I had a gun.
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 12:27pm
Written by Aido-Aido FallenAngle
There are two sides to Death
which make it so bittersweet.
Those lucky enough to be taken by Death
never witness the anguish thats left behind
that their family and friends suffer.
The victims life ends quickly compared to the others,
ours go on but are left empty and meaningless
and we question everything from that moment on,
Why would God do this to us?
Why did he take him?
What have we done to deserve this?
Is this all life is, a few meaningless years before we simply cease to exist?
We must go on
knowing we will never see them again....
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 7:34am
Written by WhatAboutMe
Fluffy chicks with claws and teeth
Arrest the soul from underneath,
Selecting options on a dare
And on our own we say a prayer.
Creeping through the night with vision
Bright of eye and dark ambition,
Soft of down and barbs a gleaming
The gentleness of death undreaming.
Sucking shadows of velvet night
Draw upon the beggars plight
And like the chicks with claws and teeth
Drag the soul down underneath.
Visiting the lands of fey
To seek some colour in the grey
Return again from night sojourn
So much is lost of what we learn.
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 7:07am
Written by pandaman425
I walk through a dark hallway
No hope
Just to spare
These inner demons that I fight
Asunder do I tear

As I fight this powertrip
It's tearing me apart
My bloodshot eyes see
Terrifying images

My fucked up mind
It can't think no more
My demons see me
My demons chase me

There is no light
Only my insanity
Walk through
This dark hallway
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 5:43am
Written by DarkCatalyst
She was so broken and yet nobody knew..
All the darkness that she was going through...
She says it's okay, I won't be missed..
As she drags that sharp razor across her wrist..
Her skin opens up and the blood starts to pour..
And her demons just tell her to cut a little more..
Every new cut makes the pain go away..
Little by little she starts to feel okay
But she's gone too far and now she can't stop..
The blood keeps on coming until she finally drops..
A pool of red surrounds our lost soul
And her self hatred has finally taken it's toll..
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dark poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 5:41am
Written by DarkCatalyst
Where to go?
Where to turn?
Then he came
And he molded me into someone else
I've been molded by the devil.
Twisted me,
Kicked me,
Beat me,
Cut me,
Broke off pieces,
Reshaped them,
And slapped them back on.
Taking a girl made from nothing..
And turning her into his own image
I've been molded by the devil.
He stands back and observes,
His creation,
His new masterpiece.
Then the cackling
And the awful realization hits me..
I wasn't turned into someone better,...
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dark poem

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