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Dark Poems

Evil poetry and morbid poems about death and horror

The dark poems section is for evil, sinister, disturbing and morbid poems, including horror and Halloween themed poetry. Dark poetry about death, destruction and suffering is prevalent. Dark poems are popular, with their content capable of shocking, scaring and repulsing the reader. If you're prepared to have your mind disturbed, then take a journey with us, into the twisted world of DU dark poetry.
Published on 20th December 2014 2:01pm
Written by ChacoTaco97
Searching through the clutter
The mess my mind has become
I see an innocent person
Buried so deep down
Keep the emotions tucked away
Don't show how you truely feel
Fore if you do other will cower
Cower at the thoughts you have inside
Do what it take to suppress your hate
The hate that's felt to the world
Because you know that if you were to let it out
You'd lose anyone and everyone
It's not your fault your so sick and twisted
You can blame the world
The fucked up way it is
It pushes us to our breaking point
Till we...
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dark poem

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Published on 20th December 2014 12:01pm
Written by toniscales
Ive been dreaming lately
of car wrecks, your mouth.
That dark space where my spine
curves, starved. Wanting.

Shes murdered by the mortality
of objects but this ache never dies.
To be good at her hands,
be beautiful. Loved.

I pray in parking lots,
lick my lips at the sky.
Once, a hot surge of blood
pulsed through my snow-white dress.

My forearms brushing the sides
of my breasts, cradling and cupping,
pushing them together.
The valley of darkness there.
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dark poem

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Published on 20th December 2014 11:53am
Written by toniscales
And maybe it goes something like this.
The saint on the dresser,
her doe eyes beckoning.
The green of the walls gone too pale.
A sound like thunder
in the kitchen.
The crash of pots and pans.
This thing inside you, squirming
to be let out. The way it tastes
like rain. A suggestion of blue.
Your mother's rhinestone brooch
wrapped in browning lace and hidden
in the drawer. Bones in the corsets
flattening your spine,
children laughing in the yard
and suddenly youre crying
into the dark of...
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dark poem

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Published on 20th December 2014 11:11am
Written by Angel Night AngelNight
Its clear to me know,
You never truly cared.
I fight these demons everyday,
I turn away from the angels helping me.
I'm a sinner,
A demon has formed inside of me.
I hold back this urge to go insane.
I ignore the voices in my mind.
My wings have broken off,
Leaving nothing but scars.
A demon with an angels face they say.
Yet, I can only silently scream.
I scream for help yet no one does.
Are they scared?
Of course they are!
I calmly lead you into my trap,
Letting you get lost in my reality.
I live in this hell everyday,...
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dark poem

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Published on 20th December 2014 2:25am
Written by ChacoTaco97
Hot burning fire in my mind
My thoughts are like hot razor blades on my brain
Every second I wait is an eternity of darkness
I need to tell her but don't know how
When will this torture end
The time is so uncertain
I'm slowly dying inside knowing I don't have her
It's like a burning sun inside my mind heart and soul
Every second that I wait for my time
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dark poem

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Published on 19th December 2014 9:47pm
Written by pretty_normal
I feel my lungs in my veins
and the breaths aren't strained just painful
scours beneath the underside of my skin
forcing breaks in the pace
and uncomfortable silence
where nothing passes at all.
I'm myself featuring a selection of everybody I know
and try to be
in order to make you think
I spit out my words now
barely enough time to prove anything to anyone
I want the world to know I'm not afraid of it
as I crawl home shaking
I can't cope knowing that you have that button and I'm attached to its wire
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dark poem

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Published on 19th December 2014 4:17pm
Written by Crazy_Admirer

adult poems
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dark poem

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Published on 19th December 2014 3:45pm
Written by Crazy_Admirer

adult poems
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dark poem

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Published on 19th December 2014 3:30pm
Written by toniscales
We bury her in the dark, noisy sanctum
near the air conditioner. The earth
so hard and dry it barely crumbles
beneath your plastic shovel.
Lumps of gray hold her feathers in place,
silk and satin juxtaposed against grime and grit.
They ripple tremulously in the breeze,
mirror the softened trembling of your lips.
Your little hands cannot resist these textures,
tearing at the holes in the stories.
How love cannot save something so fragile,
doomed from the start.
How it won't erase
the black circles under my eyes,
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dark poem

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Published on 19th December 2014 2:01pm
Written by - Alistair Plint - RevolutionAL

You could, give
em five bob
as they float
rubber on tar
Call it
a taxi drive
through the
city, of hell

Like Barbara Streisand
in a bloodied

Slap some "fuck me"
on the paper
as you watch
an implosion
from a distance

I could kick that
damn newspaper
he said
had "yesterday's news"
Call myself humble
Back myself into
the dark corner
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dark poem

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DU Poetry : Dark Poems about Death, Horror and Evil

Published on 19th December 2014 10:40am
Written by Colten Sorrells SirCreepy
I was looking for some excitement, and she was looking for a ride. She was alone, walking a desolate stretch of dirt road that I often take to avoid the local pigs when I pulled up in my van. And, just like that, she hopped in the passenger seat without even a moment's hesitation, which would prove to be her last stupid mistake.

With a smile on my face I faked for the gearshift, slamming her head into the dash instead. The blow knocked her out cold, like I had hoped. With nobody else around, I wasted no time in retrieving a roll of duct tape from the glove box, with...
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dark poem

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Published on 19th December 2014 9:08am
Written by bmxer511901
Finally coming out honest and true.
Still hiding behind words, its what I do.
When I try to speak I just smile and shrug.
Push more shit under the rug.
Cause it is easy to get caught in your illusion.
If I belive it, it can be our delusion.
Only seeing through it when i am in seclusion.
Never fully reaching my final conclusion.
You seduce me in so bitter, so sweet.
Like a bad dream stuck on repeat.
But I only wake up, to fall back a sleep.
My dreams and my nightmares, you lurk and creep.
Your venom turning me from Jekyll to Hyde. ...
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dark poem

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Published on 19th December 2014 6:37am
Written by HadesRising
Shat forth, growling and hissing, into this cold and unjust world
To resist the infesting god and his worthless word
I am the salt on the leech and each day I defy
A faithless faith of wraiths with their moaning and insistent cries
A genesis born in sweet throes of pain
Evolution forged in the cradle to the grave
I deny your fraud, your god
On the cusp of the new dawn
I refuse your god, your fraud
To be a part of games, your pawn
A blight on this world I have become in the waking hours
I spit the bile, so vile, from my mouth, it turns...
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dark poem

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Published on 19th December 2014 6:23am
Written by toniscales
Little Miss Isabel,
I came upon you suddenly,
fresh from autopsy,
flowering with the fetid stink
of the parsimonious medical examiner.
Two moldering arcs of stitches
were embedded in your chest cavity,
twitching to sprout wings.
An embalmer sat sewing
the layer of skin and hair
back onto your tender scalp.
His foot tapped in rhythm
to the local country music station.
I was awestruck
by your singular beauty.
Five year-old magnolia
pinched of petals
in a cruel session of Love-Me-Not,
greasy-cold from moisturizer...
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dark poem

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New Member
Published on 19th December 2014 1:33am
Written by chowmaster
What is desire?
Agonizing and tormenting
By restraining, withholding, waiting, sabotaging
Is this the bleakest Hell?
What does Courage have to say today?
"Torturer! You in the Black Mask!
I know who you are! You think
You are just following orders,
It is you who are being tortured!
Cast your weapons and mask
Into the flames to burn!"
And Torturer replied,
"Fuck you."
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dark poem

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Published on 19th December 2014 00:33am
Written by HeartheBells
He's yelling again
The harsh noise scraping against my ears
Dark and rough words
Blaming me for his own faults
Blaming me for mum's death
For Tatiana's suicide
For Alexis being running
For Dmitri and Trissa being taken away
It's only me and Nikolai now
The others scattered
Like beads from a necklace snapped
Our beautiful family
A whore
A criminal
And all their children
He strikes me
Nikolai pushes him away
He yells
The abrasive Russian slurred by drink
I dash for it
To slow
He yanks my hair
Kicks my...
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dark poem

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Published on 19th December 2014 00:28am
Written by exvso8m1

Your beauty steps out of the darkness,
Like the fire on a demonic night,
In the mind deeply etched for eternity,
For all those who tried and they died...

I see through your eyes like a window,
That travels straight into the soul,
Enticed by the magic of mystery,
Of one of the most beautiful faces known...

There is no one that sparks like your fire,
The spirits have blessed you so well,
Anticipation casts the illusion,
Which holds us deep under your spell...

Your lips defined by enchantment,
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dark poem

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Published on 18th December 2014 11:03pm
Written by Colten Sorrells SirCreepy
With Halloween out of the way
You thought you could relax
But here's a Christmas story that
Will stop you in your tracks
The fat man has an evil twin
Some dare not speak his name
Instead of bringing Christmas cheer
He likes to kill and maim
He wears a chain adorned with bells
To symbolize his ties with hell
He puts bad children in a sack
And carries them across his back
Most kids he drowns, and some he eats
A few he skins alive
You shouldn't be a spoiled brat
If you want to survive
With giant horns and cloven...
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dark poem

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Published on 18th December 2014 10:20pm
Written by marina_moon
I look to my right
It's staring
Always staring
I trued to run. I tried to hide
No escape
It has a knife. Staring.
Always staring
I tried to jump.
no where to go.
It's getting closer. Staring
Always staring
I screamed.
No more breath
It was staring.
Always staring.
I was gone.
Never to come back.
It's Stare in my soul.
Always staring
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dark poem

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New Member
Published on 18th December 2014 3:54pm
Written by Eidolon_Ghost
in my head courses some things people can't even comprehend.
walk through my dreams find the countless body's call it a deadland.
take a true journey through a pretending sane mans insanity glad.
your welcome to stay because every dream in my skull is raving mad.
i'll introduce myself to your comfort as the mad hatter.
but do realize i do enjoy the slasher.
watching death displayed brings me laughter.
by all means travel to other side of my mind.
do you enjoy the bright sunny days?
walking these beautiful walkways.
see the birds sing along...
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dark poem

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