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Published on 18th July 2009 4:16am
Written by Chibi
We are the Children of the night. We are The Ravers, The
Hackers, The B-Boys and The Slackers that you see everyday.
You see us as Matt or Rob or Chris… but we see each other as
Chibi, Rubiks, and Action. Our tags tell you who we are and
where we're from. We live in a world where the DJ is king
and the music never stops. We live in a world where there
is no right or wrong….only fun and boring. We live in a
world where the days aren't divided by light and dark…yet,
divided by sleep, but sleep doesn't have to come at night or
every night. In our world we have...
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poet Chibi

Published on 3rd January 2011 11:48am
Written by Idiong Divine (naijapoeteket)
We thought we would enjoy ourselves
Round the clock from twelve to twelve
In May, a few days to June
We were drawn out by the tune.
Democracy, cool dance, so cool
So we were taught in school.
All would become part of the dance.
That on deck, will be all hands.
And so here we are since may
Like children, waiting to play
Under the glare of the full moon
To rehearse the dance in June.
Our tongue laden with songs to sing
We would dance the night away
And forever forget our years of pain.
Now here we are, pregnant with thoughts....
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poet naijapoeteket

Published on 22nd March 2011 6:33pm
Written by Wendy (rainbow_sunshine)
Would you like to share
my last cigarette?
It's always been
my favorite one.
The flame eagerly licking
it's bottom
gets us going,
and as the invasion of my lungs
I take is slow.
Utterly indulging
this ten minute break
from the world,
I choose to use it
to take a minute or two
off my life
in exhange for the feeling
of sublime satisfaction-
the last
long cool drag
from the last cigarette
in the pack.
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poet rainbow_sunshine

Published on 10th May 2011 8:38pm
Written by petrus (TryHarderMartyr)
You were alone last Tuesday  
alone all last week  
You did not choke loud enough  
None of your cats seem to miss you  
except Mr. Muffles  
he meows your name, I swear  
Your house feels as empty as ever  
I have your will in hand  
I have forged my signature  
I will be taking your bed  
I will be smelling your sheets on a daily basis  
I am not sad that you are dead  
I only liked you a little
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poet TryHarderMartyr

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Published on 23rd June 2012 2:32pm
Written by HJSHREEVE
I, am a codeine dream,
A school girl sex gallery,
Man and beast entwined.
I am a finger short of a hand,
The madness of your painted lines,
A vegetarian at a steakhouse.
The dope fiend of pleasantville
A worm in your bowel,
Sometimes the soft centre of your cookie.
I am the unread text message,
I am what I am
The bi sexual orgies,
The images you protect,
The monster under your bed.
I am cheap Chinese furniture
Your deepest darkest hour
I am a product of poor environment ...
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Published on 28th August 2013 11:44pm
Written by KittyFromHell
She's my forbidden fruit
Growing sweet from the tree of sin
Her beauty bright
And her scent intoxicating
Pulling me closer in

She is cool and refreshing
Dripping like cool dew in the morning
I am her sun
And her bad fallen angel
Her innocence slowly dying

She is untainted and enticing
Her kisses hot like fresh cookies
Her tongue explores
Where it's never dared to be
Taste sweet like bee honeys
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poet KittyFromHell

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