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Confused Poems

Deep Underground Poetry Community, the harder side of poetry. Share your feelings and confused, deep, dark, angry and abstract poems.

Published on 24th July 2009 3:27am
Written by Tionne
I remember that there was silence
I recall a broken promises; a lie?
then apologies; external forgiveness
the outside smiling- happy
mind screaming/heart bleeding break
what about that? what about the times...
[sigh] im confused. love?
love you are suppose to bring happiness...
but pain... pain are your stones (wall).
I lied... I hurt...
you're sorry?
(forgiven) foolishly
meant to be? why or what?
you love me? is that why you did it?
what about those things!? what about that?
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poet Tionne

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Published on 5th September 2010 7:45am
Written by MikeTheEngineer (mjs211)
She looses her words in the moonlit woods—
I cannot bear to be the recipient.  
"I guess I just don't know how to be single."  
As the loam pads our naked bodies,  
holding us up like a pedestal: proud of our nakedness.  
Infatuated with our newfound power  
to bare ourselves to nobody and feel like it's to everybody.  
Those words, sliding among the whisper sighs of leaves  
like the very breezes themselves.  
My heart knots for her.  
"I'm just so confused."  
Not confused, poor girl—your heart long since...
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poet mjs211

Published on 9th December 2010 5:04am
Written by Highway62
That distant kiss, that rainy night
the sparks kept us warm
as we stood by that awful pub
I hate how much I loved you
my heart was not mine, but ours, for us
however tangled, confused, and caught up
I look back sometimes to check if you are looking too
but then i realise...
You never looked to begin with,
and that I never knew.
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poet Highway62

Published on 10th March 2011 8:24am
Written by anandosen
No empty tables on the first floor-
Space only for more giggles from chatter,
And the sleek modular steps in wooden,
Spread upwards like the leaked cheese,
Providing an interim greeting to my eager tongue,
I am confused and I am hungry.
The silence broke the discipline-
Amidst confusing china walls,
Full of complicated and so-called craft,
Peeping me in a curious way,
While I glanced at the chrome-plated legs,
Sexier than those blonde ones downstairs.
The burger arrived in juxtaposition-
And I crushed the build with the...
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poet anandosen


DU Poetry : Confused Poems

Published on 13th April 2011 8:40pm
Written by Levi (siphondarkness)
A confused mind
can barely write these lines
only knows its time
for a change
to stop the pain
that builds inside
A confused mind
prepared to fight
doesn't know whats right
Still with the pain
wishes it would go away
needs a piece of paradise
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poet siphondarkness

Published on 22nd June 2011 10:42am
Written by x.firestarter.x (Hades)
Words dancing across a blood-stained page
Abandoned daughters floating across a scum-plagued stage
Forgotten sons pleading for love through rage
Words dancing across a blood-stained page
Words tunneling through confused thoughts
Dirty politicians warm the hilt while chilling the plot
Ignorant men of the cloth tie the worn knot
Words tunneling through confused thoughts
Words finding their way back to the broken home
Rebels shout endlessly before throwing the first stone
The abused oppressed craving to be known
Words finding their...
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poet Hades

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