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Adult Poems at Deep Underground Poetry, the dirtier side of poetry. Read and share uncensored poems with adult themes.

Published on 12th August 2011 8:02pm
Written by tornado
He turned her over
and raised her hood,
she was running a little hot
but not yet overheating.
With skilled hands
he felt the throb
of her heart beat
as her fiery juices circulated.
Leaning slightly forward
he lightly flicked her throttle
with the tip of a well practiced finger;
her smooth running engine
jumped time.
The sucking of air
seemed endless,
until at last her breathing regulated again.
Not one to be so quickly satisfied
his finger found it’s mark
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poet tornado

Published on 10th August 2011 7:05am
Written by naturemithya
A sweet fire tends to stroke love between us
Fragile touch plays to caress those silky curves
Trace’s of wild desire in finger foreplay
As you join in the motley underplay
With lively toss and turn in the measure
Your extreme action of unabashed pleasure;
Let me take you with the wild seductions
Covet wet slips to your liquid destination
As you exploit every angle within the bliss
Moving in the new menacing perfection
To grind passionate quivers in my delight
Sway and bounce in the joyous exhilaration;
Divine entry into our heavenly...
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poet naturemithya

Published on 5th August 2011 10:54pm
Written by Carnal
In the darkness we play with our imagination
Just exploring the textures of our skins
Eyes searching for locations where hands can comply
Tongues in it’s wildest form
As they tangle in a lustful display
My manhood swollen with an abundance of desire
It’s intention……pleasure
Your hands firmly grasps me as I slowly
As I enter your mouth
Lips securely onto my penis
Tasting the salt off my flesh
Slowly your performance pleases me
As my eyes float away in my mind
My body tenses as I free of myself
From it’s wordly distractions
Can you...
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poet Carnal

Published on 12th May 2011 2:47am
Written by let it be (Gg78)
As a child I thought I loved you 
As an adult I know the truth
We were young naive, we wanted a way out of life with parents that 
were going through the same fate we are now. 
We did it together we left, we built a life, we have that to hold on to 
We were never a mistake, we just weren't right together even back then in those loving days 
We made it work for a long time, but 
If only we didn't grow apart when we grew up, then we wouldn't be here lying to save face, for who exactly are we doing this for?  we have nothing to prove it's over lets move on,
I know...
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poet Gg78


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Published on 17th April 2011 5:21am
Written by Alex Miyashiro (alexsayssmile)
There--right there, it happened again.
Your mistake vibrates on my flesh,
No 'birds' or 'fire' can describe
this flashing, deep red nirvana.
Begging you to falter again,
parched in this salty sea.
Plain denial at 16 years;
See all the good, turn from the bad,
craving contact, to taste this world
of blinding, adult ecstasy.
Forgetting at our tender age--
Tigers pace in shadows.
I settle for your small errors,
Stuck in this teenage fantasy.
One out of one hundred thousand
girls, teeming with desire, lust
I'm not very...
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poet alexsayssmile

Published on 9th August 2010 8:04pm
Written by MDT
Love sucks,
as a teen would say
but im an adult and love still sucks
it sucks me dry
dry like an old passionfruit been left on the Kitchen table for weeks
I have allot to give, but nothing to gain
thats my pain.
Angst, it never parted from me.
Because love ate me rotton
i never matured like other young women
i tumbled and fell into a deep hole
and i self punished for a long long time,
a day stood still
and i found a heart shape on your head
my heart was dead, but your CPR worked well
and so i was...
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poet MDT

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